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Prams - any recommendations for something that is good on SAND?!

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Caz10 Wed 25-Jul-07 09:34:46

We live 2 mins from the beach and have a great big hulking dog who needs regular walks. So whatever pram we get will probably need to be quite "off-roady" - any suggestions?!

We had looked at the Jane 3 wheeler, but I have since read elsewhere it's rubbish off road.


LilRedWG Wed 25-Jul-07 09:36:18

We have a Jane four wheeler and is great off-road, but admit I've never tried it on sand.

How about a baby carrier/sling for on the beach?

MadEyeMisdee Wed 25-Jul-07 09:36:53

mountain buggy terrain.

Marne Wed 25-Jul-07 09:42:41

My Hauk i'coo is ok on most surfaces as it has wide wheels on the front, hav'nt yet tried on sand but its ok off road, just a bit heavy though.

Chaotica Thu 26-Jul-07 12:39:18

Urban detour 3-wheeler is great off-road (puncture repair kit recommended, although we've never had any trouble) and works from birth on. Fine (and comfy) through woods, over fields and on hard-packed sand, but it's not so great on soft sand (what heavy wheeled thing would be?). My sis. used to get the dog to pull her and her DS in his buggy up steep hills...

preggersagain Thu 26-Jul-07 12:45:50

bear in mind that on sand it is easier to drag a buggy instead of push it, the bugaboo has a sand feature i believe where the front wheels come off and you drag it!

PrettyCandles Thu 26-Jul-07 12:50:10

We used buggies loaned by the National Trust for use on the beach and dunes near Studland in Dorset. They were Mountain Buggy style (3 large wheels, front wheel doesn't swivel, fairly rigid frame) and were excellent to push, even on sand.

MuffinMclay Thu 26-Jul-07 14:05:35

Would you be walking on mainly dry sand (stuff at the top of the beach) or the wetter stuff near the water's edge?

I have a Jane 3 wheeler and it is great on the dry stuff but hopeless on wet (just sticks to the wheels and clogs them up).

I'm a bit disappointed with it as on off-road pushchair. I bought it specifically for walking the dog, and I can only use it in dry weather (grids to a halt on wet clay soil). I get a lot of punctures too (we're on our 6th set of inner tubes in just over a year). Could be the way I push it though.

greensleeves Thu 26-Jul-07 14:06:14

a sling

MamaG Thu 26-Jul-07 14:07:44

you beat me greensleeves

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