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SPD - crutches?

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zephyrcat Wed 25-Jul-07 09:13:53

I'm sure I've seen on here before that people have been given crutches to help walking with SPD. I have a physio appt on Friday and am wondering if this is something I would discuss with them or if it has to be a GP - the mere thought of crutches feels like heaven at the moment...

Smithy Wed 25-Jul-07 09:17:54

Yep - I had crutches for SPD, still painful but it did relieve the symptons and make it "bearable"!

LilRedWG Wed 25-Jul-07 09:21:47

Yes - physio will be able to sort you out! As Smithy said it will still be painful but you can transfer some of your weight to your arms and therefore off your pelvis!

zephyrcat Wed 25-Jul-07 09:49:24

Thank goodness for that! At the moment I'm using the pram to weight bear on but being in front of me it's probably doing more harm than good!

Diplidophus Wed 25-Jul-07 10:01:25

I had them too. Problem was tat it was thne impossible to use them with pram etc (although they are great for shepherding toddlers!).

I didn't need them for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy - on a positive note!

thehairybabysmum Wed 25-Jul-07 10:10:01

i can really recommend accupuncture...helped my SPD in both my last and current pgs.

This time round i started it earlier as hoped it would have a preventative effect and so far so good.

It doesnt get rid of it, i'm still aware of it and have to be careful but it really lessens the pain!

LoveAngel Wed 25-Jul-07 10:26:21

I was on crutches for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. It wasnt fun, but there was no alternative as I couldnt walk a single step without them by thaty stage. They were my best friends by the time I went into hspital to have my son. I was sad to see them go! ;-)

LadyMacbeth Wed 25-Jul-07 10:28:44

I had crutches for my SPD. Hope you're coping OK.

zephyrcat Wed 25-Jul-07 10:31:13

If Imanage to get my hands on some it will be heaven but it also means that dp will possibly have to give up work for the remainder of my pregnancy (about 10 weeks) as I have 3 little ones and need to use a pram (apart from the fact we live 3 floors up and I can't do stairs!!)

I'm trying to find out if we would be entitled to any help for him giving up work as he is panicking about money and I am panicking about being stuck at home for 10 weeks with 3 little ones!!

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