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Thats it........its all over!!!

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iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 07:45:40

NOT ONLY have i been up since 4am and not been able to get back to sleep....

NOT ONLY have i got a stinking cold and tonsils the size of tennis balls......

but my so far symptom free pregnancy has just took a turn for the worse as my first cup of tea for the day has got me feeling like s**t

Pruners Wed 25-Jul-07 07:51:59

Message withdrawn

bananabump Wed 25-Jul-07 07:52:13

Gah! Oh there will be many days like these... how far along are you?

The cold sounds manky, you can take paracetamol you know, do you have any lemsips?

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 07:57:59

I dont know how far along i am waiting for dating scan and cant wait I took some paracetamol earlier and its helped a little bit but i still have the dizzyness when i stand up.

As for the fetching and carrying for me I doubt it very much lol I'll just have to trudge along as us poor mums do

at this precise moment ds is having a whale of a time with my hoover pipe (v loudly!) and lazytown is blaring away woohoo!!!

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 08:02:16

Is it just me or is it hot in here!!!! whoo

bananabump Wed 25-Jul-07 08:05:07

Oh you poor thing. The first trimester is THE WORST, I don't care what anyone says. I'm right at the end now and full of aches and pains etc but the sheer exhaustion and emotional ups and downs of the first trimester... god it was horrible, you have my sympathies.

And you've got morning sickness as well as a cold and a dc to look after too- no wonder you feel like shit! You'll just have to have a lazy day, snuggle up on the sofa with a book and a pile of snacks and forget about the housework as much as you can. You have permission!

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 08:13:12

3 dcs and its the 6 week hols and its dd1s bday on friday! apart from now i have had no symptoms whatsoever apart from really tender nips but that isnt always such a bad thing hehe


bananabump Wed 25-Jul-07 08:18:36

God, 3 to look after already? Ok, I give up, you win. I was going to trade you for horrible spasming lower backache, a big fat engaged head pressing on my unmentionables and heartburn, but now I'm not so sure....

Still, try to rest as much as you can with three kids running around, and look after yourself! I'm off for a bath to try and ease the backache. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of something but you can guarantee as soon as I say it out loud it'll turn into nothing!

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 08:23:57

ooooooh thats what i was like with dd2 but as soon as my bum hit the bottom of the bath i had the most crippling pain and she was born 3 hours later when are you due?

bananabump Wed 25-Jul-07 14:06:55

Due on august 4th, still a few days early yet. Well, had a bath which took away almost all pain, then had a sleep and it's still just uncomfortable so I'm guessing it's just his head pressing on things. Oh well.

Hope you're feeling better!

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 15:11:05

not long then! Are you excited? bet the days are dragging!! Awww have you thought of any names yet?

bananabump Wed 25-Jul-07 18:00:46

Yeah we're excited. The days are starting to drag now, especially with constant aches and pains, it can get really wearing on your nerves after a while. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, you've done it three times already!

Names... well, we know he's a boy, but we've had a right job coming up with a handful of names that we like. Girls names no problem, we love Charlotte, Kate, Jane, Emily... I could go on! Boys names have been a nightmare, there hasn't been ONE that has stood out as the right one.

We sort of both like Elliot, I like James, dp likes Jay, I like Daniel, dp likes Cole. None of them feel quite right, I spose we'll have to meet him and see! Any suggestions?

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 18:27:26

well i already have names swimming through my head lol, so far i have...

callum, ethan, ds is jamie although we call him jay, benjamine, oliver and cameron

iliketosleep Wed 25-Jul-07 18:28:15

oh by the way i think elliot is a lovely name!! and jacob!

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