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Glucose Loading Test results show Gestational Diabetes - Any tips?

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PostiveThinkingRainbow Mon 10-Jun-19 12:49:37

Hello Ladies,

I have just a phone call to advise my glucose loading test came back with a level of 8, the cut off is 7.8, so they have decided to put me down as having Gestational Diabetes.

I was just wondering what other peoples levels were and any tips?

Mank thanks.

Loops1987 Mon 10-Jun-19 13:02:09

I've had GD twice. I can't remember with my first but my second baby I got 8.2 after the GTT.

Take a look at as it has brilliant information and diet advice. Also have a look at the Facebook group 'gestational diabetes uk mums' run by the same person.

It is really scary and overwhelming at first but I've had 2 GD babies and it almost becomes a way of life!

OctoberGirl91 Mon 10-Jun-19 13:43:22

This was same as be I got levels of 8 with cut of being 7.8 I have been diagnosed 3 weeks. Ow and had to go on metformin because I can't my fasting levels down to 5.3 before meals but seem to be co trolling them after meals.

Look at a Low GI Diet, 1/2 your plate need to be vegetables or salad and 1/3 stretchy carbs and 1/3 protein, it's honestly been a minefield! I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my third and never had GD before can't wait for delivery for some cake 😍

I was also told seeded bread and whole grain carbs. X

DuggeesWoggle Mon 10-Jun-19 15:36:55

Can I barge in? Just been diagnosed today sad

Trying not to blame myself but hard not to. Dad has type 2 and I'm late 30s and had a 9lb+ baby last time so apparently they are all risk factors. I have been eating too much chocolate etc but by and large most of what I eat is quite healthy, lots of whole grains, veg, protein etc so hoping that dietary changes won't feel too overwhelming. Will just be gutted not to have my chocolate and cakes, especially as booze is off limits too sad

I'll never have been so healthy!

PostiveThinkingRainbow Mon 10-Jun-19 16:32:18

@Loops1987 thank you will have look at the webpage and start coming up with a plan.
Is really no chocolate/treats at all or is more seeing what your levels let you get away with?

@OctoberGirl91 Very similar readings to me, I got 5.3 after fasting and then 8 after the drink.
It's very disheartening as I'm only 20 weeks so have a long time of sensible eating ahead.
Do you think snacking inbetween meals is a no no?

@DuggeesWoggle what were your readings after your test?
It's horrible to think we are going to have to be so careful what we eat, hopefully after a while it will become easy.
I have my official appointment with them on Thursday to discuss my plan etc.

Loops1987 Mon 10-Jun-19 16:53:24

There are ways - there is some degree of seeing what you can get away with but bear in mind your tolerance will change as your pregnancy progresses. The website has some brilliant ideas and ways of getting around it. The chocolate cheesecake recipe is really good!

I'm on the app so can't see other posts but you're very unlikely to be able to eat bread, especially later on in pregnancy, and the main content of your plates should be protein and 'good' fats with a little carbs, definitely less than 1/3! Lots of green veg to fill up.

Please, please don't blame yourself, really anyone can get it! I was and still am a healthy weight/bmi and the only reason I was tested was because my dad is borderline type 2 caused by medication he takes.

In my first pregnancy I was on metformin from about 30 weeks, second pregnancy metformin and insulin at nighttime.

Makegoodchoices Mon 10-Jun-19 17:00:50

I had it, it’s rubbish!!
For me I couldn’t have any ‘normal’ carbs, which was a struggle. Particularly at breakfast.

I had veg, meat, fish, nuts, pulses, eggs & cheese until the end. I used the South Beach Diet phase one recipes - there’s a website called kalyn’s kitchen which was helpful.

Sugar free jelly after lunch and no added sugar angel delight after dinner made with full fat milk kept me off the sweets.

I had lentil soup for lunch a lot. And almonds and babybels for snacks.

Good luck x

Makegoodchoices Mon 10-Jun-19 17:02:29

Pomfluff Mon 10-Jun-19 20:28:34

My advice is to eat 150g of healthy carbs (wholegrain, any fruit except bananas etc) per day even if you may need insulin to control sugar levels. This is the lower limit to keep your pancreas working. I went on a drastic low-carb diet in my third trimester and even though it was great for my sugar levels, it stopped my insulin production and caused havoc during my post partum GTT. I could have spared myself so much stress if I’d just eaten a bit more normally.

Also, it turned out that I never had gestational diabetes but a previously undiagnosed glucose intolerance. I only had the 2hr glucose test and failed the first hour limit by a narrow margin. My numbers stayed pretty much the same after birth but improved steadily as I became more active and got more sleep.

Moses92 Mon 10-Jun-19 20:39:24

Hi OP, hope you are OK, it's very overwhelming at first! The hospital should give you a blood monitor, my trust asks me to test 4 times a day, fasting and then 1hr after each meal but your hospital might be different. I actually passed the test at 28 weeks, but glucose showed in my urine at 32 weeks midwife appointment so I had to do it again sad I have been diet controlled since 32 weeks and I am 37 weeks tomorrow. You will probably have some extra scans to check baby's growth. As I am diet controlled it is very likely I will still be able to have the birth that I want, and they will let me go to 40 + 6 before they start talking about induction. I am absolutely militant about what I eat because I don't want to be induced and I don't want to end up on medication so I literally batch cook variations of protein, carb and veg and eat pretty much the same thing every day as I know they do not spike my blood sugar. The website and Facebook page mentioned by pp are very good also

PixieDust26 Mon 10-Jun-19 20:55:54

I got told I had GD 5 weeks ago, tried diet control at first but levels were always slightly higher so they put me on 3x metformin a day. I have to test breakfast/lunch/dinner and re test 2 hours after the meals. I was the same as you literally just over on the test.
My GD team at the hospital discussed all the foods with me, how to try and control it, more growth scans and being induced around 38 weeks.
My diabetic nurse was really reassuring and explained it's nothing that I have done and it's just one of those things.

DuggeesWoggle Mon 10-Jun-19 21:34:39

I didn't get told my levels Rainbow, maybe they will tell me on Thursday when I go for my appointment. Not sure how much carbs etc to eat until then - I had smoked mackerel, salad and some spelt/quinoa type mix left over from last night's dinner. Then I had an apple and some nuts. Just had 3 oatcakes with peanut butter and a small glass of milk as I was ravenous.

It's all a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment as I have no idea what my levels are or how to monitor them and as a result don't really know what I can eat at the moment. Just going to try and stick with healthy meals based around wholegrains (but less of), protein, veg and healthy fats and no obvious sugars.

I eat healthily most of the time but I think this is going to feel really tough sad

Winchester2019 Tue 11-Jun-19 15:44:51

Hello @PositiveThinkingRainbow,
I had gestational diabetes with my son who is now 13. Apparently , it may have been due to my grandma who had diabetes. I was about 7 stone before I was pregnant and 9 stone the day I gave birth. I found it hard to control despite eating a very healthy diet but I did manage it. I was induced at 38 weeks and my son weighted 7 lbs 8 . I did have very regular hospital visits and always woke up feeling very dehydrated no matter how much water I drank.

The induction is something that I wouldn't recommend. I reacted very quickly to the induction and my uterus was contracting to the extent that I had to be given medication to break up the contractions ( not sure what it was called)
My labour still lasted 38 hours and I tore very badly. Doctors since have commented on my poor care when reading my notes .

I would advise anyone to consider a C section rather than being induced at 38 weeks . I think being overdue and being induced to another matter from what I've heard. My son was perfect when he was born and has never had any health issues.

Wishing you the best of luck xx

Winchester2019 Tue 11-Jun-19 15:50:43

I should add I was 9 stone pre birth and 7stone 7 lbs when I left hospital a few days later. I did have a test some months later , there was no sign what so ever.

Highviolet1 Tue 11-Jun-19 21:02:54

If you are that close to the threshold you should be able to diet control. I started cutting everything out and then slowly reintroduced my favourite carbs to see what sent my over the limit.
My biggest advice: get walking
I could go out for a pub lunch with chips if I did a long walk home. If I drove, I would be over the cut off point when testing.

starryeyedsnowgirl Tue 11-Jun-19 23:41:39

Look at the gestational diabetes uk website and join the Facebook group. It is brilliant- well researched advice and support from others in the same boat. Often NHS advice on gd is outdated. If you follow the advice you may be able to avoid drugs, though you might not. Even though you were boarderline it is usually progressive so will get worse as your pregnancy goes on.

The advice there is reassuring- you’ll be fine if you follow it.

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