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advice needed please

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pinkys Mon 23-Jul-07 14:26:22

hiya, not sure if right area to post...........

well i am soo confused, i came off the pill 5 weeks ago, which was a sat., on the wed i had light blood spotting for 4 days, and that was it, i havnt had anything since, i have done 3 pregancy tests but coming back negative, i dont want to keep testing, but i cant understand why it hasnt came yet?

this is the first time we've tried to concieve, so not sure on everything, could i be pregant but still too early? im thinking so much stuff like, i might not of became pregant in the first few weeks but might be now? and too early too tell, as i wouldnt of known when im ovalating as just c ame off the pill?

i was on cerezzte the mini pill, and have been told u get ur cycle back alot quicker then ladies on the normal pill, so im soo confused, how long shall i wait untill i go to the doctor?

meandmy Mon 23-Jul-07 14:32:07

prob too early too tell

Naetha Mon 23-Jul-07 14:41:40

It may be that your cycles are re-adjusting after coming off the pill and that your period is on its way, just is taking its time.

I know it may be a tough wait, but how about leaving it another 3/4 days to a week and then testing again if no AF?

pinkys Mon 23-Jul-07 14:48:05

well yeh i thought that, but i b a week late on wednesday, so i thought i try again on wednesday?
its so hard just to keep waiting, as i really wanna be pregant, but the stress is probably holding it off too

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