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41 weeks and feeling miserable

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Scubes Mon 23-Jul-07 10:26:58

Hi all

First baby, 7 days overdue, not finding it much fun anymore! All the girls in our antenatal group have given birth early and are enjoying the delights of the early days and muggins here can't help feeling a little envious.

Have tried all the methods (and I mean all of them but to no avail. Appt with midwife on Wed for sweep but really hoping things will start before then. Not even getting any niggles.

Have had to email family and friends and tell them to stop asking me if I've had the baby! - like I'm not going to tell them when we do.

Words of encouragement required!!

vonsudenfed Mon 23-Jul-07 10:36:56

Poor you - I know just what you're going through! DD was 13 days late, and it was the longest two weeks of my life. I was huge, too big to do anything at all, and fed up. And I got so cross with all of the phone calls, that I refused to answer the phone.

The only help I can suggest, is keep making things to do, just for a day or two in advance, seeing friends, going out for lunch, whatever you can manage, as at least you then have something to look forward to - and if you don't make it, then hey ho.

Have you tried clary sage oil? That came the closest to working for me... But it won't be that long, it just feels like it.

vole3 Mon 23-Jul-07 10:37:32

Have you seen the thread on first timers and were they on time or not?
You are in good company by hanging in there a bit longer, but things will happen soon.
Best thing I can suggest is just carry on as normal and try not to worry about it. By carrying on with your normal routine ds/dd is guaranteed to want to disrupt it for you!
My ds decided to start his entrance whilst I was in a wine merchants buying for the headwetting. Truly his fathers son as he didn't want to miss out on the winetasting!

Let us know when things kick off and good luck for when they do [hug]

cazzybabs Mon 23-Jul-07 10:38:32

I was 11 days late with both of mine - enjoy it...lets face it you are not pregnant very often! Make sure you gets lots of sleep because you sure as hell won't for the next month!

jogodan Mon 23-Jul-07 10:42:03

Hi Scubes, keep your chin up Baby will be here before you know it and although you think your ante-natal friends are enjoying it all just now, they're probably so knackered already!! Rest up as much as you can. We're 10 months into our first child's life and I don't really remember much about the later stages of pregnancy but since he was born, I haven't stopped!! It's all great fun but hard work too!! AND it really does pass so quickly. Enjoy having your baby inside for these last few days - my friend just had a wee boy last week and I was quite envious of that lovely closeness she had when he was inside. I'll certainly be having more. You're probably a bit uncomfortable and hardly sleeping just now but it will all be over soon and before you know it, your baby will be crawling and babbling and waking up through the night for a drink or, in our case, just because he wants to play!! Good Luck when baby arrives

SydneyB Mon 23-Jul-07 10:48:41

Scubes, know exactly what you're going through. DD was nearly 2 weeks late and I nearly went insane with all the phone calls/texts etc. Actually took quite a bit of glee from turning phone off and then listening to messages from ever more excited/panicked friends assuming things were happening and then calling them back days later telling them nothing had happened. . It will happen! Just watch as much telly as you can, doze as much as you can and try and relax. Or just stare into space for an hour or so. Will be the last chance to do so for months and months. Hang in there.

Biglips Mon 23-Jul-07 10:54:51

iiivveee bbeeeeeeen there and yes ITS CRAP! (12 days late!).....but once your baby comes along and you hold her/him in your arms, it be worth the wait

Moorhen Mon 23-Jul-07 11:18:28

I feel your pain! Am currently 41+1. Had sweep on Saturday which doesn't seem to have worked. Cramps keep not turning into anything.

Cross, bored, getting worried about the baby and booked for induction on Thurs which would rather avoid.

And am also being driven insane by well-meaning friends and relations. Not least my mum, who called me this morning at 7.45am (bear in mind I was awake between three and half six so was finally and happily asleep) to ask if last night's cramps had turned into anything. I know she's terrified because I'm her child etc, but AAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!

Scubes Mon 23-Jul-07 11:54:34

Thanks ladies,

Completely understand how you are feeling Moorhen! Was also awake between 3 and 6!

I think it's hard not being able to make things happen but I'm trying to convince myself it's Mother Nature's way of getting me through what is about to come - I love kidding myself!

Friends and family are getting so impatient but how do they think we feel?! I've done so much baking over the last week to keep myself occupied that we don't have any more space in the freezer - plus I wont let DH eat any of it until after the baby is born!

Moorhen Mon 23-Jul-07 11:59:39

What is it about 3 and 6? Honestly, for the last week I've been lying awake during those hours, bored and cursing the fecking dawn chorus.

I made a cake yesterday and it sank. Complete disaster, so much for the domestic goddess bit. Luckily DH is a fab cook so rather than fill the freezer I will just sit back and let him take over all the catering when (if?) LO deigns to put in an appearance. Shall spend time buying things on the internet and posting on mumsnet instead.

I swear this is Mother Nature's way of making us less nervous about the birth and more desperate to get it over with. Huh.

foxybrown Mon 23-Jul-07 12:05:15

Oh its crap isn't it! I was 12 days late and got very down, nothing seemed to work - I started to eye up the caster oil - bleurgh!

But 11 days ago I had the most lovely daughter and she was so worth the wait!

Good luck, it WILL happen!

miniegg Mon 23-Jul-07 12:08:08

less nervous about the birth?i'm just getting MORE nervous! the longer I have to ponder it, the worse it gets1
i'm six days overdue with my first baby now and just beginning to get a bit miserable. Scubes, most of my antenatal class girls have also popped now and i'm so envious of them!
it's the uncertainty that's difficult, wondering every day if it's going to be THE DAY. yeah, i'm always lying awake between about 5am and 7 or 8am. i think cos it gets light and the planes start roaring in. We're under the heathrow flight path -hurrah!
baking sounds a nice idea. might give that a go. and am resorting to solitary trip to the cinema this afternoon to watch Harry Potter! quite looking forward to it.

Moorhen Mon 23-Jul-07 12:12:03

Am getting more nervous about the baby (I just want him OUT OUT OUT so can see with my own eyes that he's OK).

But slightly more prepared for the actual labour bit, because however horrible it is I figure it must be better than being this pregnant for ever.

I could be wrong about that. We shall see...

foxybrown Mon 23-Jul-07 12:13:18

good plan miniegg! a treat a day until the birth day.

i was the last one on the june AN thread. it made me both and !!

Scubes Mon 23-Jul-07 13:14:35

Do you also feel like it's not even imminent? I'm sitting here feeling absolutely fine, no period type pains, no backache, no nothing except for a few jabs from baby just to remind me they are still there! If I wasn't so fat I might not even believe I was pregnant

Have just taken a batch of rolls out of the oven so am considering eating all of them I never do the cooking so at least this is turning me into a Delia Smith!

Nixies Mon 23-Jul-07 13:45:24

I know how you feel - hang in there! I was 12 days late (induced), was utterly miserable and had also tried everything including 2 very costly acupuncture sessions, 2 sweeps etc etc etc!

The only consolation i can offer is my little boy is now a week old and is an angel, sleeping and feeding well and quite sturdy - can hold his neck well .. I'm certain this is because he was 'well cooked'!

Moorhen Mon 23-Jul-07 17:07:11

Have just spent the pm in hospital (slightly suspicious discharge, TMI I know but they wanted to rule out infection) and had a second sweep while was there.

Turns out am now 3cm dilated without being in labour or having had any proper pains.

This baby just doesn't want to come out!

Scubes Mon 23-Jul-07 17:31:24

Oh Moorhen, that's wierd - what happens now if you are 3cm dilated but no labour?

I've just been to friends house and have sat eating fresh pineapple together! Now my lips and tongue are tingling but still no labour signs

The wait continues!

miniegg Mon 23-Jul-07 17:38:09

know what you mean scubes about not having any signs it's about to happen. I got quite excited yesterday as I had half an hour of constant, quite strong period type pains and i really thought it might be HAPPENING but then they disappeared and i've not had anything since.
i feel absolutely fine physically except really tired. i think we set too much store by the "due dates" we are given by the health professionals and I do know that the baby will come when it's ready but it's very hard NOT to focus on that due date and how far you've gone beyond it.
arrrghghghghghg! i can't imagine another week of this!
for one thing I am putting on even MORE weight by comfort eating cake etc!

Moorhen Mon 23-Jul-07 17:52:14

AFAIK, I am meant to sit at home and wait until my waters break or I'm in enough pain to want the good stuff from the hospital.

V weird. Obv am pleased to have reached 3am this easily, but surely SOMETHING noticeable should be happening by now?

Scoffed half a pineapple this morning and will have the other half after dinner - not sure it does anything at all, but I do love it so is not entirely a waste of time.

miniegg Tue 24-Jul-07 08:18:26

morning scubes and moorhen - any updates?
i had some period pains in the night but they were quite mild and as usual this morning things feel absolutely normal.
seeing the midwife late this afternoon and I suppose she might offer a sweep and book an induction date.
luckily i have a nice busy day planned today or i think i'd go stir crazy.but nothing in the diary for the rest of the week as I thought i'd have a baby by now!! arrghghghghg.

Scubes Tue 24-Jul-07 09:06:05

Hi miniegg

No news this end! Poor hubby even tried the most natural method for induction and is most annoyed it didn't work

Seeing midwife tmw for sweep but very anxious about possibility of induction which they have said they will book me in for by end of the week. I've had a couple of period type pains but nothing to get excited about.

Hubby's birthday tmw so he's going to work from home and keep me company.

Our antenatal group were meeting for hot chocolate every week and it's hard knowing they are all at home with their babies and I'm still waiting. Billy No Mates!

Moorhen Tue 24-Jul-07 09:46:47

Nothing here either, tho did have a show this morning (proper one this time). Midwife due any minute for sweep No 3 and had some cramps like yours, miniegg.

But no, I'm still Billy No Mates too . And more to point, am using up my maternity leave waiting for baby not HAVING baby, which considering I worked to end of week 38 on purpose to have as much time with him as possible is quite galling. Oh well.

CaraLondon Tue 24-Jul-07 10:39:49

My midwife has confirmed that it is tinned pineapple you need, not fresh - not sure why, but she said that fresh pineapple just doesn't work in her experience. Hope that helps - am just off to buy some myself.

Had sweep yesterday and had mild contractions until evening, then nothing overnight or this morning, so I sympathise.

I too am using up my maternity leave waiting for baby not having the baby - I worked to end of week 37 to have as much time with her - grrrr!

Still, worth it in the end; and nice to have DH bringing me breakfast in bed every morning - which I know just isn't going to last!

Moorhen Tue 24-Jul-07 10:57:38

Tinned? Really? Right, I'm off to the shops.

Sweep Three was painful-ish (mw did say she was going to "really stir things up a bit") but bearable, and she was absolutely stunned I'm not in labour yet. Body clearly getting on with things quite nicely on the quiet, so trying not to get too impatient.

And had contraction as she was leaving, so fingers are crossed and teeth gritted.

Other problems cropping up due to late arrival: we had booked flights to Italy to spend a week on the family holiday (villa on mountainside half hours' drive from airport with a pool and childcare on tap from adoring relatives; sounded ideal) thinking baba would be six weeks old. He'll be barely four weeks if he arrives in next couple of days; still do-able but getting a bit touchy.

DH's parents were down this weekend and so have missed him - they're from the North and visit about once a year. So now we'll have to trek up there asap.

And DH was due to go to mate's stag night in two weeks. I still think he should go, but he's not sure about going away for the night and leaving me with a newborn. Bless him.

Obv will forgive the little critter the minute he shows up, but he's being very awkward

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