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Gall stones after gall bladder removal and 26 weeks pregnant - any experience

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Pheebe Sun 22-Jul-07 10:51:48

Hi All

Am posting in the slim hope that someone has had experience of this. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and had my gall bladder removed last year. I've been getting pain and discomfort again in the same place and went in to be monitored on Friday night as the pain was so severe. Baby is fine but doc suggested it might be another stone in the tubes that are left Should find out tomorow if my liver function is affected.

Has anyone had any similar experience? How it might affect baby, what will they need to do, will I need to have another op or worse the camera down the throat again??

Naetha Sun 22-Jul-07 11:11:42

I had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago, and I'm so glad I decided to get it done, as I was starting to get a LOT of discomfort and pain.

The pain and discomfort you're getting at the moment - is it acute (like you used to get 5-6 hours after eating a fatty meal) or just continuous niggling pain? If its the latter, it could be the baby pushing against the titanium clips they use to seal the bile ducts afterwards.

However, it sounds like its the former from what you say which indicates another stone. In all honesty I don't have a clue what they may do, but if its causing you constant pain, they may want to remove it before it gets any worse, which would probably mean another op. In theory, an ultrasound should show if there's a stone still there, rather than an endoscopy or anything.

Best of luck - let us know how it goes and you have all my sympathy!

Pheebe Sun 22-Jul-07 11:15:51

Thanks Naetha. I have been able to feel 'something' for weeks, not painful, just very aware of it like I was just after the op. Friday was the first time it was really, take your breath away painful and lasted so long.

Did you have the GA and keyhole op? It was such a relief when I had it done, I had no idea there was a chance of the stones recurring!

Glad you're feeling better anyway

Pheebe Sun 22-Jul-07 12:38:23


tortoise Sun 22-Jul-07 12:42:10

No advice for you but they are a few of us suffering with gall stones.
I just started this thread here
Hope all works out fine for you.

Naetha Sun 22-Jul-07 18:08:01

Yeah I had GA and keyhole - was surprised how easy it was. The main worry was how bean would fare (was 15 weeks when I had the op) but s/he didn't bat an eyelid and I can now feel it squirming around

I know stones can form in the bile ducts, but that is very rare - hopefully it will be something nice and simple, but I really hope you get this sorted soon

Just remember that you can (within moderation) take codeine for the pain during pregnancy (although less recommended close to birth) which usually did the trick for me when I had an attack. Don't let yourself suffer in pain!

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