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Anyone tell me what tests/scans are given these days as it's 10 years since I last had baby?!

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wendyredhead Fri 20-Jul-07 22:41:26

Only got my +++ 2 days ago so it's early days yet but just wondering.... thanks!

whomovedmychocolate Sat 21-Jul-07 16:37:55

Depends where you live, normally a dating scan and a 20 week anomaly scan. Some areas do nuchal fold scanning at 12 weeks too.

Eaglebird Sat 21-Jul-07 17:52:39

I got a dating scan around 12 weeks, then an anomaly scan at around 20 weeks.
If you want the nuchal fold test, it's done during the 12 week scan (I declined it).
I've got an additional scan at 32 weeks, as the 20 week scan showed a low-lying placenta.

RGPargy Sat 21-Jul-07 17:56:13

Congrats Wendy! I've got a slightly bigger gap than you - 17 years - and alot has certainly changed!!

I'm in kent and i had a nuchal/dating scan at 12 weeks and have an anomaly scan at 22 weeks.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 21-Jul-07 17:57:06

Also if you have a dating scan they normally refuse to give you a 12 week scan.

wendyredhead Sat 21-Jul-07 21:07:18

Seems it really varies depending on where you live. I'm in Lincolnshire by the way.

So is it my choice then between a dating scan and a 12 week scan? I know exactly when I ovulated so I suppose it might be better to wait for the 12 week one?

Eaglebird - why did you decline a nuchal fold test? What does it entail?

Sorry - so many Qs!...thanks

MegBusset Sat 21-Jul-07 21:18:29

I didn't get offered a nuchal fold scan, was offered the triple blood test instead (chose not to have it though).

whomovedmychocolate Sun 22-Jul-07 08:33:18

If you are sure of your dates they don't even offer you a dating scan IME. You probably won't even see the midwife till you are 10 weeks!

hayley2u Sun 22-Jul-07 16:02:23

well i got 2 your booking in scan at twelve weeks and another at 20 weeks but thats it.

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