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BFP - Anyone else due February 2020?

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hannibanan1 Thu 23-May-19 09:39:57

Hello ladies,

Early days, due my period today and had a BFP since DPO11. It is progressing and my period hasn't arrived so I'm hoping this is a sticky baby! Anyone else recently this week got their BFP? Be nice to have a little group going x

Esmerelda123 Thu 23-May-19 17:25:02

Hey! I got my BFP on Saturday at 13 DPO! Had to take 4 tests to believe it! How you feeling? Xx

hannibanan1 Thu 23-May-19 20:22:47

Congratulations!! I feel good, a little of a loss of appetite in the morning (I usually eat cereal but not fancying it atm).

How are you feeling? Is this your first pregnancy or do you have other little ones? Xx

Esmerelda123 Thu 23-May-19 21:17:33

Congratulations to you too! No this is my first one, I feel kinda like my period is coming! Just like PMS symptoms and a lot of CM and bloating 🙄 have you been to dr or anyone yet? Xx

mimicracra Sat 25-May-19 11:23:04

Congratulations ladies! I'm due on 1st Feb, sadly had a MMC in October. However I do feel cautiously positive. Got my BFP this week at 11 dpo. Wishing all a healthy next 9 months.

Charlotte9876 Sat 25-May-19 14:36:22

Hi all, can I join in? I got a BFP on frer at 12dpo on Tuesday, and another at 15dpo last night (plus a load of ICs in between 😂). I won't believe it though until I see a positive digital though.

Ovia puts my due date at 8th feb and fertility friend at 30th feb (not sure why different, they both have the same data...)

First baby for us, I'm 32. What are we supposed to do next? Not sure how long to wait before I try to contact the doctors. I figured maybe on Tuesday as that'll be a week after AF should have arrived.

Anyone else spotting? I have been on and off since probably 8dpo now. Not a huge amount, just brown when I wipe (TMI). I've surfed around on Mumsnet and it seems lots of others have had this so trying not to be too concerned.

L00byL0u Sat 25-May-19 15:50:03

Hi I'm due 2nd feb so 4 weeks tomorrow, first one for me and I'm 33. Really went to tell people but feel it's to soon. My other knows and my best friend.

I'm going to the doctors Tuesday but mainly because I have IBS and not sure if the cramps and constipation I've had is due to pregnancy or my IBS. Plus I did nights this week and that never helps my IBS. I'm going to stop those as soon as I can another reason to visit my GP. So exciting though.

Esmerelda123 Sat 25-May-19 15:59:16

Congrats everyone smile I’m due around 28th of Jan.
what’s everyone’s symptoms? I keep panicking as I only really have constipation and the odd cramp. Boobs aren’t that sore just nipples feel like PMS and no nausea! Makes it feel less real lol xx

Charlotte9876 Sat 25-May-19 22:22:43

@Esmerelda123 I feel like I have no symptoms at all. Every so often I think I'm nauseous, and yesterday I felt like my mouth had a lot of spit in it, but at the same time I think I'm only thinking they're symptoms because I'm looking for them!

I feel like normal, which I'm sure I'll be wishing for as the weeks go in, but right now it makes it not seem real!

L00byL0u Sun 26-May-19 13:57:33

I can't believe it and worried it's not real or not going to stick. 4 weeks seems so early to be positive especially as I only finished the pill on 28th April.

muddypuddlejumping Sun 26-May-19 14:40:11

Hello can I join too? Got my bfp last week after trying for a very long time for #2. Missed my period Thursday so all is going okay so far but despite this being my second, the mild cramping and aching are still making me worry a little! 🙈
Anyone got any symptoms yet? I've got a little nausea and seem to want to eat healthily (so taking advantage of that!) and I'm exhausted!

tisonlymeagain Sun 26-May-19 14:40:37

Hello everyone. Tentatively stepping in as I got my BFP this morning on a FRER at 10dpo. This puts my due date at 5th February 2020. Still can't really believe it but have done two more tests (an IC and a Sainsburys) and both came up positive so I guess it's really happening. This will be my third child, but I've not had one since 2007 shock. I am 40 this year and this will be my first with my DP.

No symptoms yet other than sore boobs but that's normally for me anyway, and just experienced a lot of creamy CM. Also got headaches today - not sure if that's a symptom or not.

I am not telling my DP yet - he is away until tomorrow and our DC are here for a few days, I want to do it when we're alone. I'd also like to see it on a ClearBlue Digital first - when do you think it would be best to try that? I've got two, I just don't want to waste them!

Here's my BFP at 10dpo.

muddypuddlejumping Sun 26-May-19 14:53:06

@tisonlymeagain I've now done 8 tests in total 🙈🤣 I did a clear blue digital in the evening of 12dpo and it came up 1-2 weeks but my first response was also very dark so maybe wait a few more days to be sure? I've got another one to do next week too!
Good luck keeping your secret!

tisonlymeagain Sun 26-May-19 14:56:39

I'll probably cave and try tomorrow @muddypuddlejumping and I'll save the second one until Wednesday, which hopefully it should show by then as I'd like to be able to show DP that way. It's so hard keeping it a secret but I want to tell him face to face not over text, and also to have a quiet non-rushed moment to do it in.

muddypuddlejumping Sun 26-May-19 15:01:52

I totally agree @tisonlymeagain it'll be lovely to share that moment properly! I don't blame you not waiting - I've done so many 🙈

L00byL0u Sun 26-May-19 15:09:12

I've done loads too! I work in healthcare and have access to them, which doesn't help I don't think.

RebootYourEngine Sun 26-May-19 18:50:39

Hello ladies.

My period was due yesterday but didn't come so I used a cheap test and I got a really faint line so I then used a clear blue digital and it said pregnant. Due date is 1st of Feb.

This is my second but ds is 15yrs old so it almost feels like it's my first all over again.

I had severe morning sickness with ds so I am hoping this one is different.

tisonlymeagain Sun 26-May-19 18:53:10

Congrats @RebootYourEngine! Yes, it feels like the first time for me too! Fingers crossed the sickness stays away. I felt sick but never actually was sick with either of mine.

NavarnaJ Mon 27-May-19 03:31:14

Hi all

Can I join? I am due the 31st Jan 2020 after conceiving on our 4th round of IUI.

This is my my first baby and I am struggling to sleep both in the day and at night... I have no idea what to do. As soon as I relax I get restless legs, something I’ve struggled with for many years before falling pregnant, and now what seems to be insomnia where I wake at 1am and can’t get back to sleep. Anyone else struggling to sleep? Since I know this is the time where we sleep best due to be so exhausted from growing a small human...

Any ideas?

tisonlymeagain Mon 27-May-19 06:31:37

I am @NavarnaJ but I think that's excitement and because my mind is whirring all over the place. I hope it settles down for you. Things tend to get a bit easier for a while in the second trimester!

I just did another test (okay another two) and it came up on the FRER and pleasingly on the ClearBlue digital which I wasn't expecting yet as I think I am only 11dpo. I am taking that as a good sign!

Charlotte9876 Mon 27-May-19 18:10:01

So not sure if my bfp is going to be short lived 😞 I've had cramps this afternoon and now the brown spotting I've had has become red - not heavy but definitely no longer 'old' blood. I just filled in an online nhs questionnaire thing which led to me getting a call back and hospital appointment in an hours time. So not looking good, but the excitement was fun while it lasted!

tisonlymeagain Mon 27-May-19 18:35:46

Oh no @Charlotte9876 I hope that everything is okay. I have everything crossed for you. Please come back and update us. Will be thinking of you x

L00byL0u Mon 27-May-19 20:43:28

@Charlotte9876 sorry to hear that, fingers crossed for you.

VaselineOnToast Mon 27-May-19 21:03:13

I'm due early Feb too. I have just missed my period but have suspected for about 2 weeks or so that I might be pregnant as I could feel my uterus doing crazy things (it's my 2nd so maybe I'm feeling things earlier??)

I'm trying not to get too invested at this early stage though, just in case. We'll see how it goes.

VaselineOnToast Mon 27-May-19 21:12:08

@NavarnaJ Congratulations!
Do you think the insomnia might be related to feelings about your pregnancy? Of course you are probably elated but it's common to feel some anxiety too.

I've suffered from insomnia in the past and the only thing that has helped significantly is letting go of the anxiety-inducing thoughts and feelings I was often having. Plus herbal tea and relaxing on the couch before bed, then reading a good book whilst in bed. I know all of this sounds incredibly obvious but I find it so helpful!

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