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my feet and ankles are massive

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kittypower Thu 19-Jul-07 21:04:00

In the last three days my feet and ankles have just swelled up to be massive - they are horrible. I had my blood pressure checked the other day and it was ok so i'm guessing it is nothing to worry about but do you know if there is any way of making them go down?

NAB3 Thu 19-Jul-07 21:04:53

Keep your legs and feet up as much as possible and drink pleenty. Wear comfy shoes when you go out.

kittypower Thu 19-Jul-07 21:27:40

Won't drinking more water make them even bigger???

PurpleLostPrincess Thu 19-Jul-07 23:05:06

I have/had exactly the same but the mw said to keep drinking water, not sure why as I thought the same as you!

I find it gets worse of an evening and my skin actually hurts where its stretching and my toes look like sausages! I ended up putting my feet in a bowl of cold water and the sensation was amazing but relieving!

When I wake up in the night, my hands are really sore where they're swollen too.

rubles Fri 20-Jul-07 08:39:49

Elevate the foot of the bed if you are waking with swollen feet too, or put MORE pillows under your feet. I find mine are fine in the morning but worse in the afternoon/evening, they can get very misshapen.
When get home and am able to, I have found that lying on my side (I would lie on my back but that feels like I am being suffocated) with my feet up on the arm of the sofa (long sofa) really eases the pressure after half an hour or so.

NAB3 Fri 20-Jul-07 13:28:25

No. I can't remember quite how but it does help.

Tigana Fri 20-Jul-07 13:30:25

Extra water is supposed to help because...the retention is due to the body (wrongly?) thinking it needs more than you are giving if you drink more you 'convince' it you are not living in drought conditions and it can relax a bit.

My ankles and feet puffed up loads when I was pregnant. It was a great moment when I coudl flex my feet and see the bone structure again!! [pathetic]

collision Fri 20-Jul-07 13:31:58

I would go to the drs and get BP checked again to make sure it isnt the start of pre-eclampsia.

Lots of rest with feet and legs up.

Rantmum Fri 20-Jul-07 13:33:20

Have the baby . Unlike my tummy [sad} my swollen ankles, feet and, yes, fingers (couldn't get my wedding ring on , all disappeared COMPLETELY within a day of giving birth to ds.

Do drink lots and elevate your legs as others have said. As long at your bp is ok, then it is just a waiting game.

devonsmummy Fri 20-Jul-07 13:38:19

Someone told me to fill an empty bottle - like a coke bottle with ice cold water & roll it back & forward under your feet. Also Midwife told me to put feet up and circle them one way then repeat the same amount of times the other way - this killed at first but did seem to move fluid for a while. oooooh the memory of that feeling poor you!

clarevoiant Fri 20-Jul-07 13:43:15

I had the same thing all the way through pregnancy. Invest in some quality flip flops :-) at least your feet will be more comfy.

There isnt really anything you can do about it I'm afraid,not that I could find at the time apart from put your feet up,but that isn't always practical.

The good news is that as soon as you give birth you will spend the following 3 days on the loo peeing all that water away....

PotterCandles Fri 20-Jul-07 13:44:59

Put your trainers on and go for a walk.

One day while I was heavily pg during the heatwave last year, friends and dh arranged to do all the schoolruns for me so I could have a day of complete rest (because, among other things, I was getting badly swollen feet and ankles). But by the end of the day my feet were so swollen I couldn't put my shoes on properly and my calves were so swollen that my bootleg trousers were clinging to them. In the evening I squeezed my feet into shoes and went for a walk. Within 20min the swelling had gone down - my trouser legs were flapping again and my shoes were loose.

reikizen Fri 20-Jul-07 13:45:51

Putting your legs up is fine but when you put them down again, the swelling comes back! I found reflexology and massage helped my swelling, but not sure anything makes it go completely.

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