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Antenatal classes

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SueW Thu 19-Jul-07 00:09:11

Following on from the AIBU thread, NCT or any other antenatal classes, tbh.

What format would you prefer? Please assume all course costs are the same. In the case of residential, additional costs would be incurred for meals, refreshments and accommodation. On other courses there may be a small charge for meals & refreshments, you may have to bring a packed lunch, contribution to a shared lunch or it may be suggested you attend a local pub/restaurant.

8 x 2hour evening sessions

Intensive course (whole weekend, local)

Intensive course (whole weekend, residential probably not close to home)

Intensive course (2 consecutive weekdays e.g. Mon/Tues, Tues/Wed, Thurs/Fri, etc)

Intensive course (two weekend days a week apart i.e. Sat/Sat, Sun/Sun)

Intensive course (two weekdays a week apart - please state preference)

Any other format - please state e.g.

4 x 4 hour Saturday/Sunday mornings/afternoons

funnypeevesculiar Thu 19-Jul-07 20:44:41

Assume you mean that the 2 hours a week evening option isn't an option?

One, then four (ie weekend & local the priority) - for me, I think that getting a full day off is often tricky - ignoring legalities - and no-one wants to use up precious holiday time just before going on maternity leave..

insywinsyspider Thu 19-Jul-07 21:00:30

We did 2 consective Saturdays - advantage of full days is you really get a chance to get to know the other couples, we all had our packed lunches together and no one was rushing home because they had work the next day.

I agree with funnypeevesculiar about weekdays I'm doing a refresher course for dc2 due in dec and will have to take some mornings off work to go, I've booked the holiday but dh won't be able to afford to take the time off. For dc1 you need dh/dp to be there, they are your voice on 'b' day (thats assuming everyone works Mon to Fr tho....)

SueW Thu 19-Jul-07 21:20:20

Yes, it's a big assumption that people work M-F isn't it?

I taught a 4 x 4hr Sunday course. Some people thought this wasn't a good idea, it being a church day but one couple only have Sundays available due to work commitments.

Another friend of mine worked for a company where the working week was Wed-Sunday with M&Tu standard days off because their business was based around football matches.

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