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Is anyone else 9+ weeks?

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xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 11:25:47

Hey lovelies!
I'm currently 9+2 weeks and looking for anyone who is at a similar stage as me! I'm constantly looking on these threads just for someone who can share this journey with me, it gets kind of lonely without a pregnancy friend!
I have my booking in appointment on 24th and my 12 (although I'll be 13 weeks) scan on 7th June... which seems such a long way away!
Anyway please feel free to say hi 👋🏽

Dreamsunshine Sun 12-May-19 11:43:28

Hi! I'm 9.4 weeks although not sure I'm a great buddy at the minute I'm a nervous wreck lol I've no booking appointment or date for scan yet... in my hospital they do both at the same time now! Also apart from feeling tired I've no other symptoms!! I've had no nausea or sickness. My nipples were sore for about 2 weeks but that is gone now. Although the past two days I've sort of lost my appetite, not nauseous but struggling to finish a meal. How have you been keeping?

xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 11:48:52

@Dreamsunshine I'm a nervous wreck too, just seem to be covering it pretty well at the moment haha.
Oh really? At least it's 2 birds 1 stone! I was worrying waiting for my appointments if they'd ever come through!
I was having some sickness although that seems to have calmed down now, my boobs are really up and down with pain. Yesterday were pretty bad but today not so much, it's been that way for a week or so now. I'm the same though, sometimes I wonder if I'm even pregnant!
I had a few early scares with pain etc so have had a couple of scans, my last one was at 7+4 and saw baby's heartbeat which was lovely and got a picture. Now it just seems this wait to 12 weeks scan is the most daunting thing yet! My appetite is really up and down too, all my symptoms seem to come and go!

Dreamsunshine Sun 12-May-19 11:55:26

Awh that's lovely you got to see your wee babys heart beat! I'm really tempted to book a private scan to see if everything is ok. I'm paranoid that I've had little to no symptons. So worried. Though I've had people reply on some posts saying this can be normal too. I never realised the worry women go through in pregnant... I have a whole new empathy lol

xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 12:05:57

I'm so tempted to book a private one too for when I'm 10/11 weeks. I go abroad on holiday in 2 weeks and then when I'm back have my 13 week scan so I'd like to know baby is ok before I go away, but on the other hand I'm worried I'll find out something's wrong and I won't be able to go away (I'm going to Santorini for my brothers wedding so HAVE to make it). Thinking it may be best to leave well alone and just hope for the best. But I'd deffo do one if I wasn't going away! Nothing better than checking little bean is cooking nicely.
Yeah I've seen people say it's really normal too and maybe just one of the lucky ones! My sickness was quite bad for a week or 2, so I should be grateful it's settled.
Have you noticed your stomach bloating yet? I swear I'm starting to show already! Can already tell I'm going to be a whale later on 😂x

Dreamsunshine Sun 12-May-19 12:15:33

Thats exactly why I want to do it. I have my friends wedding so I am away for a week when I will be 13 weeks and don't know if I will have a scan before then. So think I will book one before I go. Yes my stomach was bloating really bad but I think it isn't as bad now although I still feel big ... don't know if it's in my head or not lol have you told anyone your good news?

TTc2019BabyNo1 Sun 12-May-19 13:05:27

Hi!! Please could I join!! I’m just over 8 weeks but I also have my 12 week scan booked for 7th June 😊!! It can’t come soon enough!
How exciting you’ve had an early scan, I feel like I should book a private early one because i’m so worried about an anembryonic pregnancy at my scan 😞!!
I too have had no symptoms (probably why I’m worrying so much that there’s no baby), i’ve had no sickness, no sore boobs, nothing other than tiredness but that could be work tbh!
I took another test the other day to make sure I definitely was still pregnant 🙈! I’m told there’s nothing to worry about with no symptoms but still can’t help but panic!
This wait is the worst... good luck with your scans ladies and enjoy your holidays! At least it will help pass the time 😃 x

PinkSpring Sun 12-May-19 13:14:09


I am 9 weeks today and due 15th December.

Have been suffering with HG but oddly feeling ok today, but it happened in my last pregnancy - one day felt fine next day felt crap.

Had my booking appointment and scan is 3/06

Dreamsunshine Sun 12-May-19 13:25:26

@TTc2019BabyNo1 I also took another yesterday just for some reassurance lol yes I also have been told not to worry about no symptoms but yes I'm thinking about it all day every day. Lol I have been online looking today about a private scan I will let you know if I go for it! Congratulations on your pregnancy ladies x

xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 13:27:57

@Dreamsunshine you're tempting me to book one too! 😂 my stomach seems to have bloated a lot and I'm showing slightly already! We've told family and some close friends but going to wait till my 13 week scan to announce it to everyone else. Although going to have to announce it a week earlier to everyone at the wedding because they'll realise I'm not drinking and I won't be able to hide my stomach in my bridesmaids dress! Have you told anyone yet?

@TTc2019BabyNo1 ah yay scan date buddies! At least I'm not the only one willing for the date to come haha. Yeah Ive heard it's very normal to not have lots of symptoms, I'm shattered too and that's my main symptom at the moment. I have POAS since my obvious 'pregnant' on a clear blue but I am soooo tempted 😂

@PinkSpring yay congrats! Oh you poor thing. My few weeks of sickness was bad enough so I dread to think how you're feeling! Hopefully today is a sign of better things to come. I've heard all 1st trimester symptoms start to elevate around 9 weeks so here's hoping! How was booking in appointment? I've no idea what to expect! X

WildFlower2019 Sun 12-May-19 13:43:17

I'm 9+1 smile

PinkSpring Sun 12-May-19 13:43:47

@xoxhayleyxox it's about an hour, lots and lots of questions about your health, partners health, family health, lifestyle, etc.

Then urine sample, blood test (three vials), height and weight.

Also get given info for medical exemption card and then my scan date came though about three days later.

Nervousdave Sun 12-May-19 17:48:35

I'm 9+1, had my booking in appt on Thursday and have my scan on 3rd June smile
I've been feeling rough pretty much the whole time. Not always actually sick, but it's been like a horrible hangover for the last 3 weeks.
We won't be going for a private one scan, but I absolutely can't wait for the 12 week scan, to know everything is actually fine and all going well.

TTc2019BabyNo1 Sun 12-May-19 18:53:51

@PinkSpring what is HG? Sorry not quite up to date with the abbreviations! Sorry you have been feeling rough sad

@xoxhayleyxox yay! Scan date buddies, mine is 9.40 in the morning! Let me know how you get on!

@Dreamsunshine let me know if you book a private scan! I am really tempted but not sure I want to spend the money! I guess I just have to be patient 🙄!

Is anyone else showing anything yet? This is my first and I actually have no clue when I should start showing but i’m guessing not this early! I swear i’ve now got a belly! I don’t know if maybe i’ve Just been eating more (DH is always onto me to eat more to help the baby) so maybe it’s just food!
I’m also a bridesmaid soon but luckily my dress is fairly floaty so hopefully people will just think i’ve put on weight 😂

It’s nice to hear all your stories and how you’re all getting on, do keep giving us updates!! X

xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 20:50:25

@PinkSpring oh that will be fun with my medical history! Hope they've booked extra time for me 😂 but no that sounds fine, thank you for running me through!

@Nervousdave I felt the hangover from about 4-6 weeks then it settled! Now it's just the second I get hungry I feel sick so have to just make sure I eat the second I wake up etc! Yep, roll on 12 week scan!

@TTc2019BabyNo1 mine is at 10:15am so do let me know how you get on, as will I! Not too much longer to go now (she says).

Soexciting Sun 12-May-19 21:11:25

Can I join. My scan is also on the 7th June (9am) which also happens to be my birthday!
Had a very early scan at 5 weeks but haven't had a scan since so scared I am going to have bad news on my birthday.
Booking on Friday afternoon so thanks for the heads up about what it entails.
I am counting down the days so nice to have some counting buddies!

Soexciting Sun 12-May-19 21:15:05

Can I join. My scan is also on the 7th June (9am) which also happens to be my birthday!
Had a very early scan at 5 weeks but haven't had a scan since so scared I am going to have bad news on my birthday.
Booking on Friday afternoon so thanks for the heads up about what it entails.
I am counting down the days so nice to have some counting buddies!

Soexciting Sun 12-May-19 21:15:36

Sorry for the double post can't get used to the app!

xoxhayleyxox Sun 12-May-19 21:40:34

@Soexciting ah another one! You're first then at 9am! How strange we're all kind of within an hour of each other on the same day too. Do let us know how it goes. How many weeks are you currently?

AryaNoOne Sun 12-May-19 22:18:37

Hi everyone! I’m 9 weeks exactly today, really nice to hear from others at the same point-ish. My booking appointment is 20 May, no scan date yet as I think it’s scheduled at or after the BkAp here.

I’ve been pretty nauseous since week 6 and tired too so I’m looking forward to week 12 for the scan and because I’m hoping the symptoms will get better then or soon after!

Soexciting Sun 12-May-19 22:31:59

@xoxhayleyxox I am exactly 9 weeks today due date is either 14th December or 16th December. It's so exciting that we will all be going in on the same day. A lucky day for all of us.
Is this everyone's first?
There is a nice December due date Facebook group if you haven't joined it already.

Dreamsunshine Mon 13-May-19 14:46:51

Hi Everyone... So I couldn't wait any longer. Went for a private scan last night and there was baby and they said everything was fine! Going by my dates I thought I was 9.4 yesterday but they measured me as 10.1! So relieved, got a few photos to take home aswell. Hopefully everything continues to go ok! Xx

TTc2019BabyNo1 Mon 13-May-19 18:12:55

@Dreamsunshine that’s great news!! You must be so relieved!! I’m please everything is fine smile! I really want an early scan now!!

@AryaNoOne hi!! Welcome to the 9 weeks club! Hope the sickness subsides for you!!

@Soexciting I think I recognise your username from one of the TTC threads? Scan pals 😃!

I forgot to ask everyone, what are your expected due dates? I know you don’t know for sure until the scan but...?

Dreamsunshine Mon 13-May-19 18:39:51

@TTc2019BabyNo1 thank You! So relieved. I thought my due date was 11th Dec, they have brought it forward a bit to 7th Dec now. I guess I will find out at the 12 week scan how accurate that is! I've had a sore head lingering around all day today.

xoxhayleyxox Mon 13-May-19 20:14:25

@TTc2019BabyNo1 mine is currently 13th which is a Friday, let's hope that changes! 😂

@Dreamsunshine So glad everything is ok! You've really tempted em to go for one, but I'm going to try and stay strong as I only saw little bean 2 weeks ago. What does your scan look like? Mine literally looks like a jelly baby!

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