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Planned C-Section - anyone had one?

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lloydie Wed 18-Jul-07 17:01:23

When I had my DD 2 years ago, she was delivered by emergency C-Section and I had a general anaesthetic as she was very distressed and they had to get her out straight away, so I was asleep for the operation.

I am due my 2nd baby in a few weeks and my consultant has advised that I have a planned C-section (which I am happy with), this time though I will be awake and am just wondering what to expect.

My consultant has been really good, but his registrar, who I've just seen, I'm sure was trying to put me off. He said that because my placenta is anterior (at the front, and surely normal?!) that there could be "significant blood loss" during the CS and that "injuries can occur" and because I had a CS before (nothing I could do about that really, seeing as DD wouldn't have survived labour!) that the operation would take longer this time.

Can anyone who has had a planned C-section give me an idea of what to expect, because the Registrar has put the fear of god in me now!

I would really appreciate any reassurance you could give me.

Thanks in advance.

ProfYaffle Wed 18-Jul-07 17:09:51

I had one in Feb this year, it was fantastic. A most civilised way to give birth. It was all very calm and serene, it did take longer than my emcs last time but I believe that's because they take it slower because they have more time. There are risks of complications, as with any surgery or birth, nicking the bladder is one of the significant risks I think.

My recovery was much quicker 2nd time around. (One of my friends said the same after her 2nd cs as well) I was up and about much earlier and in far less pain, infact was walking normally (instead of shuffling like an old lady) within 24hrs of the op and left hospital 24hrs later.

hth - good luck, you'll be fine.

SweetyDarling Wed 18-Jul-07 17:10:26

My Mum had me under general and then my sister under epidural (both CS) and said the epidural was wonderful. Much better expereince all round.
Can't give personal insight though - sorry. There are lots of programs on Sky showing CSs though.

FioFioJane Wed 18-Jul-07 17:11:49

a planned section is SO MUCH nicer and calmer and recovery quicker than an emergency section

SweetyDarling Wed 18-Jul-07 17:12:07

Then again Mum went home after 5 days in her pre-pregnancy jeans, so she's clearly a freak of nature!! Both times!!

FioFioJane Wed 18-Jul-07 17:13:52

oh i get this off my mum too "I was in my size 10 jeans before I left hopsital dear"

lloydie Wed 18-Jul-07 17:15:29

Thanks very much for the reassurance. I'm sure the registrar was just being nasty! My consultant believes I should have a planned CS this time and so do I, I don't know what the registrar's problem is!

Here's hoping it all goes well and thanks very much for your responses.

lulumama Wed 18-Jul-07 17:16:33

have to say that what the registrar has said is totally legitimate

and you should be informed of any risks

a c.s , planned or not, is major surgery
but there are lots of things you can write in a c.s birth plan, that can make it more personal and more of a birth experience

an anterior placenta can lead to more blood loss, placentas are more commonly at the back of the uterus, and not at risk of being cut during a c,s

injuries can occur to you, rarely, but it is possible

and the op could take longer because of scar tissue from your previous c,s , and pssible adhesions

so he should really have explained all these things to you. as they are nothing out of the ordinary, rather than leaving you scared

lisad123 Wed 18-Jul-07 17:17:19

I had Emgerency Section last time but had epidural, it was fine. Lovely to hear DD cry, although was heart breaking watching her being taken out of room with dh following, and then having to wait to be back with her.
Im guessing if its planned this time, they might let baby stay in the room with you. Good luck

lloydie Wed 18-Jul-07 17:19:48

Thanks lulumama. I understand that he has to spell out all the possible complications, but I agree with you that he could have told me that these were perfectly normal considerations.

I honestly came away believing I would be needing a blood transfusion!

Thanks for explaining things in more detail to me, at least I can worry a bit less now.

lulumama Wed 18-Jul-07 17:23:34

a planned c,s , with knowledge of an anterior placenta, should be , in the scheme of things, really quite straighforward

hope all goes well for you and your LO xx

lisad123 Wed 18-Jul-07 17:32:59

I dont know where abous your are but as JW we dont use blood products. We have raised loads of money for machine's called cell savers, which mean you get your own blood back rather than someone elses. Anyone is welcome to use the machines, and if your worried about blood loss, might be worth thinking about.
I had a horrible reg last time who told me that if i didnt want blood and needed it he would let me die! Lovely man who made me cry, lucky for me my consultant came back in and did my csection for me.
Good Luck

doobypoo Wed 18-Jul-07 17:47:46

I had an emergency for my first and planned for my secon.the fact they know what to expect means that they will be able to take appropriate measures during the op.He sounds like a stinky reg having a bad day.Try not to worry,you will feel nervous,I was but it is all worth it and make sure you avail of pain relief after if you need it!!!GOOD LUCK

Feedmenow Wed 18-Jul-07 17:58:10

lloydie, as others have said a planned section is rather civilised, all quite calm and controlled, etc, as opposed to the normal mayhem of an EMCS.

However, before you go ahead just be really sure that it is what you want. I fell pg with my ds when my dd (EMCS) was 2. I still had such vivid, raw memories of her horrible birth that I refused to even consider a vaginal birth and insisted on a planned section. This is what happened and, at the time, I was really glad. However, 5.5 years on I soooo wish I hadn't had a second section. Planning for no. 3, I was immediately told that I would HAVE to have a 3rd section and I realised that I felt somewhat deprived of the chance for a natural labour. As it is, I now know that I can't be MADE to have a 3rd section but it will still be a lot harder for me to fight my cause.

So what I'm saying is, planned section is significantly nicer than EMCS, but just be really sure....


wolveschick Wed 18-Jul-07 18:03:51

I too had emergency section (awake tho) for DD1 and planned for DD2 but hospital took some convincing. Was told by the consultant whilst being wheeled out with DD1 that I must never have another baby naturally again as my pelvis was too small. When I mentioned this in pregnancy during DD2 the Dr actually laughed at me and denied all knowledge of this being in my notes and that the baby had actually been in distress. Got a new consultant in and I said that either the consultant at the time was wrong or my notes were so which one was it to be? Managed to get from him eventually that 1. I only had a 40% chance of a natural birth next tiime and that was without them accepting the pelvic problem and 2. that at the end of the day it was my decision. Next time I saw him he just got the diary out and booked me in. To be fair to the hospital they had a lot of bad publicity at the time plus the media was full of the too posh to push debate.

Basically it is fine. Uncertainty to a large extent is removed but v. wierd walking up there then being wheeled back! One tip-make sure you get your legs in a comfy position before the numbness takes hold as wanted to move mine and couldnt and this is a very odd feeling. Also, if the after care anything like at my hospital keep a bag within reach of you with stuff like wipes and maternity pads in it if U cant get out of bed. Good luck-you will be fine.

lloydie Wed 18-Jul-07 20:11:56

Thanks so much for all your messages. I do feel much calmer about the whole procedure now. As mentioned, if they know about the anterior placenta, then they should be able to take precautions during the op.

Thanks again. Just a waiting game now until D-day!

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