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How on earth do you choose a pushchair?

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jellyjem Wed 18-Jul-07 14:28:29

Theres so many options I keep changing my mind. I need something light and easy to fold as I'll be using public transport quite a bit but I also want something suitable for a new born. I have a budget of £200-£300 and want something that'll last at least a couple of years. Does anyone have any suggestions, I'm just confussing myself more the more I look.

nearlythere Wed 18-Jul-07 14:35:02

don't ever assume you will stick with the same buggy for a few years! most people swap the newborn wheels for a lightweight maclaren type, alternativly go straight for the maclaren techno- ticks all the boxes!

compo Wed 18-Jul-07 14:36:49

The Mothercare citilite is lightweight and folds up small so is perfect for public transport. The seat lies flat so can be used from birth. We're still using ours 3 years on. It is only £90 so you can spend the rest of your money on something else.

oliveoil Wed 18-Jul-07 14:36:58

use a sling or babybjorn thing until they can go in a McClaren (or version of McClaren)

fold up umbrella types are by far the best imo

we had an all singing all dancing Britax with car seat which was great but used the McClaren in the main

oliveoil Wed 18-Jul-07 14:37:38

Britax one was the weight of an elephant

mcnoodle Wed 18-Jul-07 14:50:10

Agree - in hindsight big poncy loola travel system a pain in the arse on all fronts. Big, heavy, unwieldy and expensive.

Get a baby-carrier and a Maclaren Techno and save yourself the embarrassment of being unable to go up kerbs or into shops without taking out old gimmers and small children.

jellyjem Wed 18-Jul-07 14:55:44

Thanks, its so difficult when its your first trying to think of all the options you need. I was looking at the Loola Travel System so think I'll cross that one off the list now.

I'm driving OH mad as I keep changing my mind, we've already been to Momas & Papas twice and Mothercare and I still can't decide.

witchandchips Wed 18-Jul-07 14:55:59

charity shops always seem to have loads of prams suitable for the first few months in them. These are quite useful if you want to go for a walk in the park or if you want to put LO to sleep outside. you can then just give them back to the shop when its time to move up to the Mcclaren

bristols Wed 18-Jul-07 14:59:10

I absolutely agree. I have been through Bugaboo (loved it but a pain in the ar*e to collapse), Loola (collapses smaller and in one piece, but weighs a tonne) and now a Maclaren. DS is only 10 months old!

I really wanted him to face me for the first few months, hence the first two. I think the sling plus lightweight maclaren type is the best option all round. My DH wishes I had found this out sooner!

TheBlonde Wed 18-Jul-07 15:00:10

Maclaren techno is fine from birth and will last you

kerala Wed 18-Jul-07 15:09:28

Mclaren techno xt one - had it from birth and its fab very zippy easy for buses. Cost £150. Did feel abit sad that she was in it as a newborn as had to put straps on her, but made it cosy by getting a sheepskin buggy liner. Most other mums with these buggies seem to do this.

Dont make the mistake so many of my mum friends made and got £600 4x4 type buggies then end up buying and using the McClarens lightweight ones as the others are so heavy.

oliveoil Wed 18-Jul-07 15:12:52

I see people all the time in the local park with buggies that screech "I cost £4563" and they are useless looking things

too big and hefty

get something small and nippy

witchandchips Wed 18-Jul-07 15:16:24

key is to prevent dh having too much of a say. Often think they use the pram choice as a subsitute for the purchase of a sport's care that they now know is impossible. You then get persuaded into bignormous vehicles with off road capabilities, gears and go faster stripes that are fuck all use

mumofSlytherinsmonsters Wed 18-Jul-07 15:16:35

it depends what you will use it for. You already said public transport..will you need to fold it? if so you will need something that is light and something that will fold up one handed.
Will you need a big shopping basket underneath?
Will you need to use it on uneven terrain? if so a 3 wheeler is good for that.
Do you want one that you can clip a carseat to?
Will you need a buggyboard on for an older sibling?
Also, swivel wheels are much easier to use than non swivel IMO

AussieMumInLondon Wed 18-Jul-07 15:17:53



jellyjem Wed 18-Jul-07 15:19:03

Thanks for the advice, its a big help, its all so confusing for a first time Mum.

Do you think the Mclaren Techno is comfortable for a young baby though? I've had a look on line and it doesn't look like it has much padding which puts me off a bit.

I've thought about getting a sling but I already have a bad back so don't think that would be a viable option for me. Maybe I'd be better off getting a second-hand larger pram type thing whilst baby is very small so she can lie flat and be comfy for the first few months, then buy another lighter buggy when she's a bit older so I can use it on the train.

kyala Wed 18-Jul-07 15:23:43

Get what you're given? That's how I chose mine LOL
We got given a Gracco one (don't ask me what it's called LOL it's grey and red and I've seen loads of folk with one)

It didn't come with the car seat but it can do, and I've found it brilliant for the past 2 years!!

It takes 2 hands to put it down but it is possible to put it down easily if you can throw a sling in the basket underneath, as it doesn't take you to bend over it, there are extensions of the mechanism to put it down near the top of the handle!

The seat reclines right down (I only found out after nine months of using it D'oh!!) and it's really easy to maneouvre etc.

And not too expensive if you're buying new (you lucky thing LOL)
Anywho, that's my opinion! You don't need one of these fancy pants do-it-all thingy's as long as it does what you need it to you'll do fine (Oh and the basket is huuge and you DON'T need to take all the shopping out if you have to fold it down either!! Not something you'd usually think about but when it comes to putting THAT into practice not so much fun if you've got loads of shopping and a tiny baby!! LOL)
Good luck

ThursdayNext Wed 18-Jul-07 15:25:06

Love my Micralite, had the carrycot for when DS was a newborn and it's a great, lightweight, easy to fold buggy for bigger babies and toddlers. It's the only one I've had and DS is now 2.
Big wheels are really useful for getting up steps, I bump the buggy up and down our steep front steps (and on the tube) while the neighbours have to carry their macleren. Other neigbours were so impressed they bought a Micralite as well.

ThursdayNext Wed 18-Jul-07 15:28:02

Sling might be useful as well even if you do have a bad back. It's much more comfortable to put a cross baby in a sling and carry them round the house while you potter around, and leaves you with hands free.

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