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have any of you ever spoken to a counseller

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Dawn2820 Wed 18-Jul-07 12:44:03

i am going to see one i think. Alot of things have happened in my life over the past 10 months. At the moment i am not with the father of my child, going through a rough time of it, ie how will i cope, will i be ok, will i ever find anyone else etc etc.

am i doing the right thing speaking to a counseller

LoveMyGirls Wed 18-Jul-07 12:44:33

Yes you are.

Stefka Wed 18-Jul-07 14:10:02

Absolutely! I have used counseling in the past and found having the time and space to talk about things really helpful.

RubySlippers Wed 18-Jul-07 14:10:49

yes - i went through a lot of counselling whilst pregnant
highly recommend it
it can be hard work though

LoveMyGirls Wed 18-Jul-07 14:14:01

It's good to have someone who isn't involved that listens, counsellors dont tell you what to do, they dont sort it all out for you but they help you see the wood from the trees they make you feel able to make your own decisions. It's amazing, you have to keep going dont stop after the first one or two because you got upset keep going and it will be worth it.

Dawn2820 Wed 18-Jul-07 16:20:15

thank you for being supportive, it has been very hard for me to let go and speak to someone about it all, i was crying all the way through

Caz10 Wed 18-Jul-07 17:40:51

Yes, and can highly recommend it! Mine wasn't baby related but other issues, but she really helped.
As someone else said they won't tell you what to do, which I initially found a bit disappointing! But is much better in the long run to sort it out on your own, with their support and clarity IYSWIM.

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