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What do you miss most while pregnant?

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SurreyisSunny Tue 07-May-19 11:22:55

I’ve become slightly obsessed by brie. When I chose my lunch it’s although the Brie baguette literally jumps out. I’m also going to France next month on holiday and it’s going to be hard. I’ll make up for it I’m sure through eating pattiserie!

Also being able to buy nice new summer clothes. The shops are full of gorgeous stuff none of which will fit!

Tobebythesea Tue 07-May-19 11:28:08

Smelly blue cheese....and red wine to wash it down with. 3 months to go!

Bluebell9 Tue 07-May-19 11:30:04

I clicked on the the thread to say Brie! I really really miss it.

DeadDoorpost Tue 07-May-19 11:31:49

Eating without feeling sick. Drinking without feeling sick or giving myself hiccups.

You can have brie if it's cooked though. That's the only thing I hate... love brie but not when cooked. It's not the same.

PretendNothing Tue 07-May-19 11:38:35

Wine! And running.

Leleophants Tue 07-May-19 11:39:27

Coffee. Enjoying real good coffee. And red wine.

YesimstillwatchingNetflix Tue 07-May-19 11:39:30

Just feeling well and able to do everything I want to do.

PrayingandHoping Tue 07-May-19 11:39:36

Currently medium rare steak!

Cooked through steak I have found is really not worth eating.....

ToftheB Tue 07-May-19 11:41:03

First pregnancy, pate and wine.
Second pregnancy, coffee brew

NeatFreakMama Tue 07-May-19 11:43:14

Blue cheese and wine!

VapeVamp12 Tue 07-May-19 11:59:21

Brie also.

ineedanewjobplease Tue 07-May-19 12:07:27

I had deep fried Brie when I was pregnant and that was enough to satisfy my craving smile

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Tue 07-May-19 12:08:18

Thorough cooking should kill any bacteria, so it should be safe to eat cooked soft cheeses, such as baked brie or deep-fried camembert, or dishes that contain them.
Hard blue cheeses, such as stilton, are safe to eat without cooking in pregnancy

NowWeAreSuckingDiesel Tue 07-May-19 12:09:28

You can have coffe and cooked brie. You can also have some blue cheeses, like Stilton.

There's so much information about this stuff.

NowWeAreSuckingDiesel Tue 07-May-19 12:10:16


MustardScreams Tue 07-May-19 12:11:21

I ate soft cheeses, rare steak etc all through pregnancy. The risks are absolutely tiny. It’s more dangerous to get in a car than it is to eat Brie.

Babycakes1989 Tue 07-May-19 12:12:43

Wine. Cider in the sun with a cheeky weekend fag🤤 although will hopefully give up being an occasional smoker now. Camembert , Brie 😍 mmmmmmm.

soulrunner Tue 07-May-19 12:15:37

Not being a target for well meaning advice from every Tom Dick and Harry.

Teddybear45 Tue 07-May-19 12:17:11

In France women are not advised to stop eating mould ripened cheese. Why? It’s because usually in the UK and US soft ripened cheeses are ripened for less than 60 days thus introducing a listeria risk. In France it’s longer for some types of cheese which is believed to kill the bacteria involved.

You really need to do your own research here and maybe talk to a French medical professional when you are there. Almost all types of French cheese are made of unpasteurized milk and French pregnant women will not avoid it.

PregoBaker Tue 07-May-19 12:18:36

Bacon 🥓
First thing I went off when I realised I was pregnant, not touched it since!
only a few weeks to go!!

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 07-May-19 12:19:59

Pinot griot and I only had two glasses on a Saturday. Also sleeping on my stomach.

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 07-May-19 12:21:00

You can have coffee 200 mg a day of caffeine is fine.

NowWeAreSuckingDiesel Tue 07-May-19 12:21:29

If you want blue cheese

fee1234 Tue 07-May-19 12:23:01

Pate!! Considering packing it in my hospital bag

octonoughtcake3 Tue 07-May-19 12:24:42

Alcohol. Didn’t bother me at all last time round but this time round it is.

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