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Help stop my brain aching

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Scampynoodle Tue 17-Jul-07 16:45:37

Can anyone help? I'm 13 weeks now and it feels as if I have had a headache for every bogging day since conception.

Course, I'm avoiding the usual painkillers, having the odd paracetamol when I get desperate (with little effect). I also drink plenty of water and scoff all day. But is there anything else I can do? Naps help temporarily (but leave me acting like a right grouchy cow). Oh, and I've just rolled off the sofa after laying with a frozen pork chop against my forehead in the hope that it would cool my fevered brain. It didn't but I do now smell like the Tesco deli counter.

Any suggestions (that don't involve decapitation) would be gratefuly received.

Ta, like


RGPargy Tue 17-Jul-07 17:03:07

I was gonna suggest drink more water. You should be having at least 2 litres a day, more if you can manage the trips to the loo!! However, i am very guilty of just about managing 1 litre most days.

aikigypsy Tue 17-Jul-07 20:45:39

Lots of water is good, but if it's a migraine type thing the best thing for it is... caffeine! Have a cup of coffee! (I don't know, it works for me).

BetsyBoop Tue 17-Jul-07 21:26:07

the bad news - I had a headache most days with both pregnancies & never found anything that really help - 4head (that headache thing in a stick format) was the closest thing I found to relief (like you didn't like taking paracetamol unless absolutely desperate)

the good news - both times I started feeling better about 14-15wks so fingers crossed it's the same for you.

Alfie72 Wed 18-Jul-07 00:00:26

I went for acupuncture- worked a treat.

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