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Need to hire a wheelchair due to spd - how and where?

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ejt1764 Tue 17-Jul-07 13:07:42

Basically, thread title says it all ...

How and where can I get hold of a wheelchair?

LucyJones Tue 17-Jul-07 13:09:28

have you akdsed your midwife, gp?

Podmog Tue 17-Jul-07 13:10:46

Message withdrawn

Podmog Tue 17-Jul-07 13:11:19

Message withdrawn

ejt1764 Tue 17-Jul-07 13:12:11

no, it feels like I'm in between fields - I see a physio once a week, but she says she can't authorise one for me - my GP has no idea (she has told me I'm not allowed to take anything more than paracetemol for the pain) - and I'm about to see a consultant midwife this afternoon about my desire for a normal birth (vbac) ... should I ask her about the possibility of a chair do you think?

themoon66 Tue 17-Jul-07 13:16:23

We borrowed one for my dad when he had a stroke. We got it from the red cross. I think they just like you to make a donation.

barbamama Tue 17-Jul-07 13:17:23

not a permanent solution I know but if you need to get out and do shopping for the baby I know many of the large shopping centres hire them out for the day. eg Bluewater

tribpot Tue 17-Jul-07 13:19:50

Talk to the midwife, but in the meantime, you can hire one cheaply from mobility shops. Just have a look at Yellow Pages under mobility and give them a call - my local one does one for 3 quid a day. As barba says, you can hire one from all big shops / shopping centres, they won't ask for 'proof' of the disability, at B&Q they let me have one for my dh and even let me ride it back to the car for him, was great fun!

LilRedWG Tue 17-Jul-07 13:42:48

EJT - I had the same problem and the British Red Cross sorted me out - no charge either, just a donation!!! Lovely lovely people!!

LilRedWG Tue 17-Jul-07 13:45:04

Have a look for your local branch!

I had my chair for over five months!

snowwonder Tue 17-Jul-07 14:23:46

red cross hire them in my area you leave a £15.00 depoist which you get back when chair is returned

ejt1764 Tue 17-Jul-07 17:06:21

thanks very much for the information - I've contacted the red cross in my area, and they've pointed me in the right direction!

Pixiefish Tue 17-Jul-07 17:08:29

Ask on your local freecycle.

I had one in a shed ehre and naswered a request for a wheelchair. Someone in your local freecycle group probably has one you can have for free

ejt1764 Tue 17-Jul-07 17:20:00

thanks for that, pixie - hadn't thought of that!

Eaglebird Tue 17-Jul-07 19:02:21

Perhaps your local Social Services dept could arrange a loan of a chair?

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