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What position is he in?

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D2Jenx Sun 15-Jul-07 23:11:32

I am very confused. I was told at 35 weeks he was 1/5 engaged, then at 37 weeks i saw a different midwife (the usual occurance) who said he was still engaged. I am now nearly 39 weeks and although i still ache down stairs i have noticed the above my belly button is filling up again (as it went down for a while). I havent a clue if it is his bum or if he has moved and its his head protruding out. I have had no signs at all that he wants to come out which is so disheartening. I have had enough now .....anyone with any information or guidance???

Chirpygirl Sun 15-Jul-07 23:20:54

I wouldn't pay too much attention to what teh midwives are saying TBH. I used ot get variously 1/5, 3/5 and fully engaged...until they realised she was actually breech.

Don't forget you can go into labour as the head fully engages so it's not necessarily going to mean that you will be stuck being pregnant for the next 3 weeks. And lots of people don't get warning signs until they go into full on labour.

Probably not a huge amount of help but it will happen!

jabuti Sun 15-Jul-07 23:33:21

from what i learned here from other posts and from what i read, babies can engage and come out of it. and being engaged doesnt mean labour is near... and i also read many posts here of women saying their baby only engaged when they were in labour.

some mw are quite good in detecting baby's position, but the only way to know for sure is through a scan.

37+4 here, so yes, paying lots of attention to this kind of info

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