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is this okay?

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rascal1979 Sat 14-Jul-07 20:18:10

Got a stitch like pain - nothing bad - on the top of my belly just under my ribs....anything to worry about???

Cotton1 Sat 14-Jul-07 20:22:51

Hi Rascal1979. I'm currently back and forth to my EPU at the moment. I had a stich like pain which sounds similar to what you are having, and they told me i only needed it worry if it was constant and quite bad. Also if there was a problem it would more than likely be lower in your stomach.

rascal1979 Sat 14-Jul-07 21:02:49

Thanks Cotton - Think it may be because I was hungry and maybe a little wind had my tea (made a roast cos really fancied it but went off it as soon as I sat down - managed to eat a fair bit tho)gonna have a lie down and see if that eases it.
Thanks again

PurpleLostPrincess Sat 14-Jul-07 23:05:58

I've been getting stitches all the time with this one, mostly on the right side. I googled it and apparently its quite common but this is my third and I didn't get it with the other two!?

Hope it has eased off xx

sparklygothkat Sat 14-Jul-07 23:06:55

I have this contantly, but am 23 weeks pregnant and I think the baby is pushing up under my ribs.

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