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Got my c-section booked in - Tell me your tips!

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SuzieBishop Wed 10-Apr-19 13:05:33

I had a horrible tear & pretty bad preclampsia with my DS 2 years ago so this pregnancy has been consultant led and have been booked in for a section. Can anyone give me their tips for recovery and anything specific I should be taking in my hospital bag to help with this?
Thanks very much

Hollowvictory Wed 10-Apr-19 13:13:03

No special tips, I was in hospital for a month after mine and had to have another operation and various other things,but thats very unusual .
Check what happens if you go into labour before the date of the section.

sockatoe Wed 10-Apr-19 13:19:02

Don't use your foot to help a pushchair up or down a step confusedconfused
Accept help. If it's not offered, ask.
I had a horrific 1st birth, 2nd was emergency section. It was a really positive experience for me, the staff were so relaxed and friendly it was lovely. I hope yours is similar after your bad time with your first. And with time to plan, hopefully it will be easy on your other child too.
How exciting!!! All the best grin

outpinked Wed 10-Apr-19 13:22:03

Take all help offered, don’t push yourself and allow plenty of time to heal. Expect to be in pain for the first few days at least, accept all of the pain relief! My DP had to help me on and off the toilet, had to help me shower and had to help me get in and out of bed for the first 5 days. I also walked with a hunch and laughing was the worst, it felt like I was going to burst open!! It’s fine after the first few days though but very easy to then try pushing yourself which sets you back a while.

Make sure you get humongous knickers so nothing touches the scar and also get some windeze tablets to help with trapped wind, it’s very painful and common post c-section.

Flamingosnbears Wed 10-Apr-19 13:29:01

I've got mine booked in also I'm taking a breastfeeding cushion to hold on the area if I need to sneeze or cough
Peppermint cordial or oil or teabags (whichever I can find) as this helps relieve trapped wind
A nightie as you can't wear pj's as you'll have a cathater in after op and I really don't like the hospital gowns
Lots of fruit smoothies to help with constipation and keep things loose (sorry tmi)

lordofthefries Wed 10-Apr-19 13:34:45

I have an EMCS, so wasn’t prepared at all. But the things that helped me was to take all the help possible, get sports caps on drinks because I struggled trying to sit up to drink, make sure you try and prevent constipation whether it be what you eat or some laxatives, you might experience wind pains as well. And wear big granny pants to cover your scar, you don’t want anything touching it

Blastandtroph Wed 10-Apr-19 13:45:23

Peppermint water - vats of it!

When in hospital, try to limit codiene based pain relief to the first 24 hours as it will constipate. Liquid morphine is best.

Make sure you take regular paracetamol too and have this ready at home.

All being well, you may be home within 18-24 hours post section.

user1493413286 Wed 10-Apr-19 13:51:53

Big pants, clothes that don’t have a waistband where your scar will be, preferably a shirt dress nightie so you don’t have to pull it over your head and can just unbutton it.
Make sure you have paracetamol and ibroprufen at home for when you’re discharged.
Try to get them support lined up for after your DP goes back to work as you might still be struggling and even someone to come and run a hoover around or help a little is great.
I also found that a baby sling was much easier to manage at first than a pram.

sawyersfishbiscuits Wed 10-Apr-19 13:57:34

I had two Emergency c sections due to awful experiences with Pre eclampsia and the 3rd was a planned one. It was a walk in the park compared to the other two!

I was absolutely terrified and throwing up. Once the lovely anaesthetist had calmed me down and the nurses had cracked a few jokes things went brilliantly.

Just try to relax (I was an utter basket case). This was the first birth that I was actually awake for and it was so incredible to see my darling boy being brought into the world.

Good luck OP xxx

itsabugchicken Wed 10-Apr-19 14:07:42

Get lots of help with older dc. My DH took 3 weeks off and I felt it made a huge difference to my recovery. I really could just rest and get up and about when I wanted to. Rather than having to chase a toddler around by myself!

Also special c section pants. They were about £25 for two pairs I think and I did think I was being ripped off but they were hands down the best purchase. I used to get the other pair straight in the wash when I put a clean pair on, in fear of running out. I felt that even the really big cotton pants would get caught on my stitches and freak me out. But these pants had a special material on the band on they were so good. I wore them for ages too.

Good luck op, my c section was absolutely fantastic with a great recovery vs my natural birth.

dreamyflower Wed 10-Apr-19 14:18:34

I've had one emergency and the I bad an elective 5 months ago. The elective was amazing. I was on enhanced recovery so left 24 hours later with my ds. I was having a shower 12 hours later. My hospital gave me a leaflet on how to prepare. They were on the ball and very organised. Recovery was longer than the emergency but that was because it was my second section in 18 months and I had a toddler I was lifting when I should have been resting. Don't be afraid to take pain killers and rest as much as possible. Breastfeeding can be harder and I found I couldn't wear trousers for a while so wore maxi dresses (in November!). I hope you have a positive experience. 5 months later and I'm recovering well- my scar has healed again well and my strength is coming back in my core. X

dreamyflower Wed 10-Apr-19 14:18:55

And then I had not bad! Predictive text.

JLW24 Wed 10-Apr-19 14:23:50

I was not prepared for the trapped wind I experienced! Get some peppermint water or drops to help with that. You'll also need giant pants and loose clothing. I also found I got very very hot after the operation so I wished I had a hand held fan and maybe some cooling spray as you can't get up and cool down any other way! Bring cool and warm nightwear to be on the safe side. Best of luck. My c section was brilliant - I felt so lucky to be completely calm and alert to welcome my little one into the world

riotlady Wed 10-Apr-19 14:27:00

Get a squatty potty for pooping after!

And try not to worry too much, my c section was a lovely experience

DameFanny Wed 10-Apr-19 14:28:09

Yy to pants that go up to your tits and peppermint oil. Also if you need to stop a sneeze, press REALLY hard on your philtrum - the bit between your top lip and nose - until the urge goes away.

And since abdominal surgery gets everyone really interested in your bowels, up your fruit and veg intake to make the first poo easier

OutComeTheWolves Wed 10-Apr-19 14:28:30

Laxatives and painkillers!
They are my only tips. For what it's worth though I found a planned section to be a really positive experience.

BigRedBoat Wed 10-Apr-19 14:33:03

Get a nappy station set up with everything at waist height, you won't be able to bend down or reach up high for a few days. Getting in and out of bed was quite painful for the first week - take your time and keep up with the painkillers. For me each day got a bit better and I really turned a corner after 2 weeks.

Morgan12 Wed 10-Apr-19 14:34:24

Windeze, windeze and more windeze.

OverMoon Wed 10-Apr-19 14:39:41

Good luck! I had an emergency c section but I still loved it.

1. Giant pants, as everyone says. Huge granny pants for hospital. But I would also add, some pretty/lacy/patterned high waisted pants, for a few weeks after when you want to feel nice again. I’m a year post c-section, scar completely healed, and I still cannot abide the low-waistband knickers I used to wear pre-baby - the waistband sits right on my scar. Treat yourself to some nice high waisted pants for after, you might be wearing them for a long time.

2. You’ll likely be in hospital for 2-3 days after. Can someone look after your older child so your husband can stay in the whole time with you and baby? I found it so hard and painful to shuffle down the bed to pick up my baby in the night, and I couldn’t stand up to change a nappy for the first couple of days, plus you’ll need help going to get your meals. I’d recommend having your partner with you in hospital as much as possible if you can.

MollysLips Wed 10-Apr-19 14:47:00

If they make you remove your own dressing in the shower the next day, don't panic that you'll accidentally catch one of the stitches and unpick your scar, ping ping ping, bursting open your stomach and leaving you skidding around in your own intestines in the shower cubicle... Apparently that's impossible.

And if you get stabbing pains the next day, you're NOT actually dying, you've probably got trapped wind.

(I feel for the poor nurses that had to look after me.)

lorisparkle Wed 10-Apr-19 15:06:07

I have had 3 ELCS, although many years ago now.

My main tip was food! I was starving after my 1st ELCS and did not have any snacks. It was after the meal time and the midwives forgot to get me the toast they had offered. So for my second and third ELCS I packed a bag full of healthy and yummy snacks and drinks. I felt so much better!

Secondly after my second and third although I took things slow and accepted all the pain meds going I tried to act 'better'. I got up and showered as soon as possible, used nice smellies, put on make up and wore comfortable but nice clothes, and moved around as upright as possible. Compared to my first mentally I felt so much better.

I requested a bed by the window and a bed with an attached crib, again mentally the light helped and physically it was much easier to breastfeed.

ELCS can be very positive birthing experiences. I chose a cd to listen to, had skin on skin very early and even before the current 'fast track' system I was out of hospital with my third really quickly.

SinkyMalinks Wed 10-Apr-19 15:17:39

I had an emcs after preeclampsia and obstructed labour. Was fine - out within 2 days, only had morphine liquid the first day and stopped all pain killers within a week.

Walking around and pushing pram from discharge. Drove at 8 days.

I’m booked in for an elective next month - there was no choice in my mind!

Agree with high pants and clothes off your waist - I have yoga trousers I wore last time and have got out of retirement for discharge this time.

Littleraindrop15 Wed 10-Apr-19 15:26:47

I've got my elective tomorrow!! I've packed huge panties, lots of snacks, I brought some allevyn gentle border plasters as they are cushioning and will be easier to peel off after surgery and avoids pulling compared to the soft pore dressings, so I will be handing one over to the surgeon. I have also brought tena lady pants so that when the bleeding starts it can catch it better and I don't have to keep getting out of bed as I've had spd as well during the pregnancy. I've brought a nightie so I don't have to pull down and easier to go loo. My husband has brought a strong dog rope/lead to tie at the bottom of the sofa in case he isn't around to help me get up. Box of windeeze and peppermint tea. Also past three days I've started to eat bran flakes in the morning to keep my bowels soft. Also baby changing is on top of a cabinet that is quite high with a nappy caddy(amazon £10) of everything for changing the baby without bending down.

Im sorry am not sure about the pain relief and how hard its going to be afterwards just what I've over prepared and planned for D-day. Hth

3ChangingForNow Wed 10-Apr-19 15:27:03


I echo huge knickers, snacks, sports drinks, and someone with you to lift baby for feeds. I personally would pay for private room so that someone can be in with you overnight. The only bad thing I experienced was being unable to get baby when they were crying for a feed on the first night. Midwives came to help quite quickly but I think it depends on the hospital

Shelbybear Wed 10-Apr-19 18:13:32

Big pants! Not just big pants but buy a size or 2 bigger. I'm a size 6-8 and bought size small or xsmall and they were uncomfortable. I had to get my mum to go get some, she bought me size 12's and they were perfect. Big and comfy but not falling off.

For recovery, seriously don't do too much. I felt better after a week or so and started helping with the washings and that night I was in agony, don't over do it even if ur feeling gd.

At the first sign of an infection get a swab from ur doctor. My midwife sent mine away but it had dried out when she took sample, it needs to be the wet gooey stuff (sorry tmi). I waited another few weeks hoping it was going to clear up but didn't.

Good luck!

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