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October 2019 thread 3

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Claireb2203 Thu 04-Apr-19 12:54:46

Hi ladies, our last thread is full so thought I would start a new one smile

KateMcCarthy Sat 28-Sep-19 17:35:02

Hello mums-to-be!

I'm Kate, and I'm looking for a generous London-based pregnant woman who may be interested in helping me with my infant observation course, taken at the British Psychotherapy Foundation, by allowing me to observe her & her baby for an hour once a week from birth up until his or her second birthday (excluding holidays). Day-to-day I am a therapeutic practitioner in Great Ormond Street Hospital, but I would be coming to your house as a student and learner about baby development.

Offering to be an observation family is a very generous gesture and many mothers find this to be a rewarding experience. Beyond agreeing to a regular, weekly time-slot of one hour, there are no obligations on your end and baby and family are encouraged to continue about their ordinary lives during these hours.

If you are interested in helping me, I would really love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you!


Jodie6 Sun 04-Aug-19 00:45:03

Hello everyone, just wanted to see how everyone is going.

I now have acid reflux at least everyday and my feet seem to have increased by a size due to the heat and I'm starting to realise that Time is flying by quickly.

How is everyone doing?

Rememberallball Mon 15-Jul-19 22:38:31

Hi @YorkshireIndie, the stitch up under my ribs (probably from everything from my abdomen being pushed up into that small space) is a pretty much permanent fixture now and I get uncomfortable if I sit so I’m on my hips (so on the sofa with legs swung up next to me rather than stretched out in front of me). Other than that I’m not overly bothered by niggles etc and my back is coping remarkably well!! Still sleeping on my back because I don’t get comfortable on my side in bed and, when I do settle on my side, I turn on my back as soon as I’m asleep!!

YorkshireIndie Mon 15-Jul-19 18:17:49

Is anyone else starting to get uncomfortable. My back is aching all the time now and my feet are a law unto themselves

YorkshireIndie Tue 09-Jul-19 10:00:35

Rememerball that sounds like a complete ball ache! I have brought some notes that need typing up from an event I attended.

😍 at washing baby clothes. Just cleared out some drawers in my bedroom so we can start storing all the baby clothes we are buying/given

Rememberallball Tue 09-Jul-19 09:50:24

@YorkshireIndie, just think, on,y another hour and you’ll be finished!! Good luck with the results and hopefully it’s nothing to worry about after today!!

I’m not doing the standard GTT as I can’t drink the glucose solution due to previous surgery. Instead I've been doing 4 finger pricks a day to monitor my blood sugars. Today is my last day for this test period but the consultant wants me to repeat it every 2-3 weeks till the twins arrive.

YorkshireIndie Tue 09-Jul-19 09:43:24

It is always nice to have more people join this thread!
Has anyone had their GTT? I am an hour into my 2 hour wait and I have already lost the will to live

MrsWalkz Tue 09-Jul-19 09:13:25

Hi all

I'm totally new to this and due 19th October (originally was 15th)

This is baby number 5 😳 although baby number one was unfortunately stillborn at 37 weeks.

I have only just told some family and we haven't told anyone else. It was quite a surprise and I keep finding myself not wanting to say I'm having another. I have hidden it quite well and even played a netball match at 19 weeks 😂🙈. Can't be hidden now and I'm starting to become less embarrassed I suppose.

I've not long become self employed again so feel really silly for having let this happen, my youngest is 7 and feel unnerved at starting again although I do realise that it will be like having one again since the others are all so capable and self sufficient. I feel silly that me and husband won't get time to ourselves again as family support is quite limited as we aren't very local.

I'm planning on working as far as I can in order to ease the burden of no income from my business at all! So far pregnancy has been pretty easy as all the rest were. I'm very lucky not to suffer from any sickness of anything. Just feeling the effects of running and business and a house so more tired but nothing I haven't coped with before.

I have bought one clothing item 😂😂 and hidden that as we are keeping the baby's sex a secret (even from our kids). I suppose I'm very blasé about everything I need as it isn't my first rodeo and I realise we usually buy far more than what we actually need. I think I will get everything when kids go back to school in September and I have a little more time on my hands (I'm a driving instructor so am hoping quite a few pupils will have passed by then).

Anyway, I am thankful to have found this thread that allows me to be honest about how I'm feeling and without judgement or hiding my bump lol.

I've rambled I'm so I'm sorry lol.

Glad to read views and opinions of women in same few weeks of pregnancy 😁

Rememberallball Tue 09-Jul-19 00:11:45

Thank you @newbabyyy2019; so far I’m coping - because I can’t do anything else but cope!! I’m making sure not to stress about it as there’s nothing I can do to change it so have to trust my consultant (which I do) and accept they will tell me as soon as they believe things are changing.

Today I’ve done a lot of washing and now have baby clothes drying on the airer in the kitchen ready to start packing my hospital bag!! Twins is exciting but you need so much more stuff for 2 - a pack of nappies only last them 1-2 days so I need dozens!! It’s also exciting knowing I get double cuddles and smiles!!

Good luck for your next scan and appointment and let’s hope we both get good news xx

newbabyyy2019 Mon 08-Jul-19 21:19:30

Oh wow, so sorry to hear you're having so many problems as well, I hope you're coping with everything alright, I know I didn't at first, it's so much info to take in at each appointment! It's a very stressful time! Exciting though that you'll have two little babies!!
You'll have to keep us updated on how everything goes! Hopefully we will both get past the 30 week mark 🤞🏽

Rememberallball Mon 08-Jul-19 16:27:32

@newbabyyy2019, I hope all goes well at your next scan.

I’m 27+4 today and, on Wednesday, will be having my 6th scan in 8 weeks. I was always due to have 4 weekly growth scans as expecting twins but, at my 20 week scan twin 2’s femur length was on the short side and their abdominal circumference was under the 5th centile so I needed referring to Fetal Medicine consultant unfortunately, because of plans that could not be changed, I was not able to be seen by them for 2 weeks. I also had to have a repeat anomaly scan as they weren’t able to visualise all the cardiac structures and great blood vessels.

First Fetal Medicine scan was positive with twin 2 measuring approximately on the 15th centile while bigger twin measured on the 50th. Two weeks later at the growth scan, t2’s measurements were down again so another referral to Fetal Medicine for 26 weeks but, as estimated weight, abdominal circumference and femur length were now all low, I was also transferred to ‘small for gestational age’ clinic. At the 26 week scan the disparity between the twins is now around 30% and t2’s growth has significantly slowed in comparison to t1 (t1 gained 259g in 14 days and T2 gained 83g in 14 days).

Consultant did Doppler studies and measured liquor levels round both babies which are, for now anyway, ok. She discussed amniocentesis test with us but said the risk of extreme preterm labour it presents currently outweighs the benefit of knowing the results. She also discussed that, the most likely cause of the growth problems is placental insufficiency most probably related to my age!

For now everything hinges on how things are at each scan, whether T2 shows any signs of compromised health due to the placenta, how the Doppler studies and fluid volumes are and, as a side point, how T1 is getting on. The hospital’s current goal is to get both twins above 1kg (2 weeks ago they were estimated at 922g and 652g) and to 30 weeks. They will review those goals this week!!

If you ever want to chat by pm you’re more than welcome to message me xx

GinMama1 Mon 08-Jul-19 09:59:08

Oh @newbabyyy2019 that does sound stressful, fingers crossed they have some answers soon.

@Erismorn welcome, and yes there's a facebook group. Send me a message and I can add you.

BabanOnTheWay Sun 07-Jul-19 15:16:23

@newbabyyy2019. Im sorry for my delay, im only sporadically on this site. Wow u and baby really are going through it arnt u. Im sure they are doing everything they can and will continue too to make sure that all turns out super 😍 it is lovely being able to see the little squidges on a regular basis so enjoy that part 😍 stay positive hun 😘
@Erismorn welcome 😁

Erismorn Sat 06-Jul-19 09:38:02

Can I join you please? I've been looking for an October group ☺️. Is there a Facebook group as well?

I'm due 22nd October, so I'm 24+4. This is baby number two, I have a 5 year old DD. Sonographer was quite confident this one is also a girl.

newbabyyy2019 Sat 06-Jul-19 09:13:12

Thank you, to be fair the hospital I'm under has been amazing and on the plus side I get to see the baby every week! At my last scan she had the hiccups and you could see it whilst they scanned me, also love feeling her kick and seeing it on the screen it's so surreal! I'm not due to go on mat leave until 38 weeks 😂 but there's no point in me changing that until I know more, I'll probably change it though.. The heats been a struggle, my hands have been getting so swollen I can't wear my ring anymore after waking up to swollen hands and a purple finger from my ring the mad panic for half an hour trying to get it off was enough for me to realise I need to just not wear it until after the baby's here 😭

SunshineSophia Fri 05-Jul-19 22:27:42

Aw newbabyyy2019 sorry to hear that! Sending you lots of best wishes and good luck!! It's scary but I'm sure they're taking good care of you - it may just be a precaution smilesmile

I had my maternity leave agreed - now the countdown is on!! I'm (fingers crossed) going at 37 and a half weeks. How about everyone else?

Not sure if I'll make it though - I'm exhausted! It's too hot, my feet are swollen, my back hurts, I'm tired all the time... also I don't recognise my belly button anymore :'(

YorkshireIndie Fri 05-Jul-19 20:57:48

Nothing to add NewBabyyy2019 but sending you hugs and wishes x

newbabyyy2019 Fri 05-Jul-19 19:36:34

Thank you for your reply I suppose it's the not knowing what to expect each time I have an appointment. I don't mind sharing more information although it's very long so bare with.. so everything seemed perfect I had early scans, 12 week scan and a gender scan with nothing worrying seen then I had my 20 week scan and they noticed the baby's femur bone was small so I got referred to fetal medicine. At my first fetal med appointment they did a more in depth scan which showed all the long bones (so arms and legs) were all below the 5th centile and that the blood flow was less than it should be (they did some weird sort of Doppler on it) They decided they would scan me every two weeks and offered me amniocentesis to rule out anything serious causing the growth issue. I had the amniocentesis and those results came back all okay so was told the growth was more than likely due to the placenta, then they also noticed that they couldn't find a left kidney and the umbilical cord only has a single artery which they said could point to bladder and kidney problems. At my scan this week they also noticed that the bowel was bright and did more tests to find out what's causing it (I don't have results back) they have now said they want to monitor the baby more closely so will have to go in each week incase anything deteriorates (mainly the placenta and growth) as that can be dangerous they said they're trying to get me to week 30 and if nothing has deteriorated then they'll try get me to week 34 so fingers crossed nothing gets worse but the not knowing how each appointment is going to go is quite stressful especially since they seem to find something else each time! I don't want to get it in my head that the baby's coming early as there's no telling that it's going to get worse if that makes sense?

BabanOnTheWay Fri 05-Jul-19 18:48:39

@newbabyyy2019. Hi, gosh i just read ur post and my heart goes out to you. I have regular check ups with the maternal medicine team so i understand how difficult and overwhelming it all can be at times and u can often feel like your just a guinea pig but i guess you just have to trust them and know that all they want is good health for you and your baby. Can you give any more info on your circumstances ? No probs atall if you dont feel like sharing 😘 wow though, its very exciting that you will have your little baby soon 😍

newbabyyy2019 Fri 05-Jul-19 18:14:23

For some reason I didn't get notifications about more messages on the thread.. I'm 26+4 weeks now, can't believe how fast it's going! I've got to have scans every week now incase they need to induce me early due to a few problems which is quite scary, the specialist in Fetal med said they're trying to get me to week 30 so that was quite scary hearing how early I could have this baby but trying not to worry myself, obviously things can change and I might be alright although I have been told I won't go full term.. Anyone else having regular check ups or any problems with their pregnancy? I don't seem to have anyone to talk to who are having similar situations to me..

Sw2102 Wed 03-Jul-19 14:38:02

Handed in my forms last week and got given my mat1b yesterday ready to hand in. Had a 25 week appointment even though it's my second pregnancy and some places apparently don't offer that if it's not first baby. But it was nice to hear heart beat. Got to book my GTT and whooping cough vaccine..So fun to come. Next appointment at 28 weeks. Getting a bit more real again now! The heat is not fun. I'm part time since my last mat leave but I'm in work tomorrow and Friday and not looking forward to it. Not that being at home with a toddler is easy but there is a fan and a sofa so that helps!

YorkshireIndie Wed 03-Jul-19 10:32:06

Sunshine I did my request last week when I handed in my Mat1B form.

Urgh got to go for a training session tomorrow and it will be torture

username95 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:13:58

Oh I forgot to say, this is my first pregnancy!

username95 Wed 03-Jul-19 10:12:45

I've been looking for an October thread! I'm due 12th October so 25 weeks (and 4 days to be specific) and am currently sporting a nice bump which moves constantly!

@SunshineSophia I have already submitted my Maternity request. I just wanted to be organised so did it about a month ago haha!

@YorkshireIndie I've also already bought the 'big ticket items' such as the car seat and pushchair, maybe a month ago. (Wasn't planning to so early but they were all really good deals so I had to!)

It's great to read through and relate to some women at the same stage as me!

GinMama1 Wed 03-Jul-19 09:49:21

Ugh it was so hot on Monday I had to go home from work! I need a constant supply of fresh air - plus ideally a paddling pool and ice cream.

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