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October 2019 thread 3

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Claireb2203 Thu 04-Apr-19 12:54:46

Hi ladies, our last thread is full so thought I would start a new one smile

2018isanewyear Thu 04-Apr-19 13:02:40

Fab, is there a list going of due dates ect? I have only recently joint so sorry if I have missed it?

Claireb2203 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:04:14

There was on the previous threads, hopefully someone might add it to here as I don't know how too grin
I'm due 3rd October

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:24:25

I am due the 7th October

Hope everyone is ok today?

Dyra Thu 04-Apr-19 13:35:18

I think the due date list we do have is hopelessly out of date now. Think we stopped doing them within the first couple of pages in the second thread. Guess we could make a new list.

As for the uniform question from the last thread, I'm quite fortunate in that I wear scrubs. So I just pick out the correct size for the day! grin

Dyra Thu 04-Apr-19 13:39:05

Oh the list is forming! I shall aid it along.

Dyra, 25th September, 1st baby (shhhh)
Claireb2203, 3rd October
Fluffyunicorns86, 7th October

Highlight, Copy and Paste as you will.

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:53:23

anyone any advice on how to hide a bump? I know is a strange question but I have certain people I dont want to know at the minute with my history

GinMama1 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:57:53

Picking up from the last thread...
@Nextchapter19 I have weird spots on my chest which I'm blaming on pregnancy hormones. My skin is generally quite dry and itchy as well.

@Claireb2203 no nothing except eating really! I'm into watermelon at the moment.

Claireb2203 Thu 04-Apr-19 14:03:53

@Dyra thankyou for the list

@fluffyunicorns86 Baggy t shirts is all ive found to cover up, not very flattering.

I second the itchy skin, especially my legs

secretlyhermione Thu 04-Apr-19 14:05:31

I have my scan in exactly one hour and half, so will able to give a more precise due date then. Hoping everything is ok, pretty excited to see the little bean again!

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 14:14:25

Thank you @claireb2203 I was thinking that and baggy jumpers aswell I think I read somewhere scarves aswell

Peacock14 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:26:29

Hiya! I didn't join in the last thread but want to on this one. I'm due approx 25th.

Woolly17 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:27:37

@fluffyunicorns86 oversize shirts are good, especially if you team it with slim trousers. Or very a-line dressed, teamed with a bit of a heel. I manged to look pretty impregnant till about week 20last time.

Peacock14 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:27:45

@secretlyhermione uh very exciting! Hope you get on ok

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:38:24

thank you @woolly17 will look into all these ideas

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:51:02

also for those who have had your 12 week scans did you get told where your placenta was? I didn't but I really want to know where it is

Dyra Thu 04-Apr-19 16:00:18

I didn't find out the placental position either @fluffyunicorns86, and I forgot to ask. It's also not in my notes, which makes me think it's something that wasn't checked. But then there's still loads of time for it to grow and move

Peacock14 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:03:24

@fluffyunicorns86 is the position important then? Naive as this is my first baby!

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:10:13

Thank you @dyra I forgot to ask also ad not on my scan or in notes got another scan at 16 weeks make ask then.

@peacock14 it can either be posterior (at the back) or anterior (at the front) just really want to know

Dyra Thu 04-Apr-19 16:13:17

As for red spots, I swear my psoriasis is getting worse. Fortunately it's not it's not too itchy, but I swear I'm developing new constellations of plaques on my skin that weren't there a few weeks ago.

Hiding a bump..... well....... I'm successfully hiding anything resembling one under a thick layer of fat atm. But I would not recommend that tactic to anyone else.

Claireb2203 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:14:55

I never got told about mine either, maybe they do it on 20 week scan

Dyra Thu 04-Apr-19 16:20:06

It's also low or high as well as anterior or posterior. smile Low means it's closer to the cervical os, so you might develop placenta praevia, or bleed a little.

angel0071987 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:33:19

Dyra, 25th September, 1st baby (shhhh)
Claireb2203, 3rd October
Angel0071987 - 4th October
Fluffyunicorns86, 7th October

fluffyunicorns86 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:44:41

Forgot about low and high 🙈

GinMama1 Thu 04-Apr-19 17:46:00

Anterior means you are likely to feel movement later. Mine was written on my notes last time but no one actually mentioned it to me.

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