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cantseemyfeet Wed 11-Jul-07 23:52:15

hi all,

I know this topic has probably come on a dozen times but I was wondering if anyone had any good(safe) tips to help bring on labour. I am 38 weeks at the moment so im not rushing but I was 10 days overdue with last and had to be induced, I REALLy dont want to be induced this time. I know about the raspberry (bogging) tea which I am drinking, the pineapple(which midwife says you would need a LOT OF), cant bear the thought of nipple stimulation and will only have sex as last resort(I am the size of a tank) am going to kick the butt out of curries next week but I did try all of these things last time and nothing worked. Any tips will be grateful..... Oh and as im fairly new to this site can SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what TMI means also the D before h,s and d which i gather is husband son and daughter. Im not quite with it at the moment and I get baffled with all these letters!!!!!!!

AlwaysWatchingCastawayAt2am Thu 12-Jul-07 00:05:46

My first labour was definitely encouraged by (very functional, hysterical but not very sexy) sex. My second started after a very long slow walk down a hill and up again. I totally thought it was braxton hicks until my mum pointed out to me that i was having them very regularly...

tmi is to much information. d is dearest or darling or something like that.

orangehead Thu 12-Jul-07 00:33:09

The pineapple worked for me but it has to be fresh coz its the enzyme in it. I eat a whole one, then felt very sick but worth it coz my waters broke that evening. Good luck

Balls Thu 12-Jul-07 00:36:54

For me it was sex - and actually it was great - esp as I knew I wouldn't be getting it for a while afterwards! And it helps with cervix dilation.

whokilledharrypotter Thu 12-Jul-07 00:42:22

Sadly nothing short of the baby being ready to come out will really work.

Some women have longer pregnancies than others. It's not necessarily a bad thing actually (though it may feel like it right now). Your baby will be much healthier for a extra few days inside.

Good luck

NorbertStanleyFletcher Thu 12-Jul-07 00:42:25

Can I quote my lovely irish midwife?

"the only thing that is going to speed up getting that baby out is the thing that put it in"


Sorry - but that is it

mymama Thu 12-Jul-07 00:43:52

1st labour - sex - one week early - went into labour that night.

2nd labour - lavender bath 10 days late - apparently they used lavender on the maternity wards in the good ol days to induce labour so I gave it a try and it worked - labour that night.

3rd labour - 3 weeks early - neighbours across road had a huge screaming, punching fight in street about moving out and drugs - labour that night.

Would recommend first two, not sure you can organise 3rd method

Leati Thu 12-Jul-07 00:56:24


Seriously when you are walking nature is doing you a favor because the babies head is pressing on your CX and causing you to dialate. Not a marathon but slow long walks...a couple times a day.

ladymac Thu 12-Jul-07 01:16:29

Ask your midwife if she will give you a sweep - then have sex. Doesn't matter if you are size of a house, you just need that sperm to get things going.

Princesspowersparkle Thu 12-Jul-07 01:19:59

Hi Ladymac- glad to see I'm not the only loon still up! How early will your MW give you a sweep? Am 39 weeks on Fri and have MW tomorrow.

AussieSim Thu 12-Jul-07 04:25:32

In Germany the midwives have a cocktail of schnapps and some kind of oil and a couple of other things, though they only recommend it at 40 weeks. Maybe there are some MNers still in Germany who can give the details.

Last time I did pineapple, walking, curry, a bath and acupunture. I think it was probably the acupuncture that did the trick - v relaxing too!

jabberwocky Thu 12-Jul-07 04:40:11

Have you tried eggplant parmesan?

Egypt Thu 12-Jul-07 05:19:38


Egypt Thu 12-Jul-07 05:22:57

i think basically anything that gives you the sh*ts will do it!

ladymac Thu 12-Jul-07 11:09:33

Sorry princess, thought nobody was about so went to bed! From my experience, midwives are usually happy to help you try to start things off from 38 weeks onwards. But try to get plenty of rest before the big day. Don't wear yourself out trying to bring labour on!

estobi1 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:18:52

Speed bumps did it for me. Tried curry, lots of sex and was about to start on pineapple but a trip over some speed bumps did the job. I woman who had her baby at the same time as me used castor oil which I don't think is recommeneded but did the trick. As the others have said, don't wear yourself out trying! You are going to be tired get rest now.

As for the ds/dh/dd I always thought it meant darling - could be wrong but would be interested to hear! No idea as to what TMI means

ChippyMinton Thu 12-Jul-07 14:20:55

Get down to ikea, buy a large quantity of flatpack furniture. Assemble it late into the night. Have baby next day. Well it worked for me - twice

twoplusone Thu 12-Jul-07 14:25:13

I have tried most of these things and have decided that babs will come when he is ready.. we are going out tonight though, have told dh we are walking there and back, I have a pinapple ready and waiting.. (two.. ) then I have told him we are having sex tonight.. I am just being impatient.. babs due in sunday..and he is number 3..

twofalls Thu 12-Jul-07 14:29:14

You know, I wouldn't bother. The baby will come when its good and ready and I don't think anything you can do will help. Really. I tried every single blooming trick in the book (and some that weren't) and still absolutely nothing.

Walking, sex, different food stuffs, RLtea, reflexology (which was lovely by the way), speed bumps, etc, etc, etc

By the time labour came around I was exhausted!

cantseemyfeet Thu 12-Jul-07 21:20:24

Hi guys,
Thanx for all of the replies. Am having a curry tomoro night then off shopping on Saturday to stock up on eggplants and pineapples! Will reluctantly give in to have sex if none of the above work but under duress!! I recon I will have to walk instead of getting the bus but I live at the bottom of a hill and with a two year old who walks at snails pace it is usually at least an hour just to get to the shops. By then I am hyperventilating and 2 yr old is screaming because he is as tired as me, but hey ho if it works it will be worth it. Im not in a tearing hurry to get baby out now its just I really dont want to have to be induced, I had no idea how painful it was BEFORE you actually had proper contractions so if I can entice the baby out a few days early it would be better. Good luck to all the mams due this week.

jabberwocky Fri 13-Jul-07 01:39:14

Also, you know you don't have to actually have both of you there for the, erm, necessary sex part

mymama Fri 13-Jul-07 08:30:34

mymama Fri 13-Jul-07 08:31:15

jabberwocky - how does that work?

honeyapple Fri 13-Jul-07 08:47:50

I thought it was the prostoglandins in the semen that worked, not just orgasm...

jabberwocky Fri 13-Jul-07 13:39:34

Hmmm, I thought it was mainly the orgasm....well, all I'll admit to is that I went into labor within 24 hours with ds1 and dh was none the wiser but I was 40 weeks so maybe it was just a coincidence.

at mymama

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