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Aromatheraphy oils - which ones should be avoided?

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estobi1 Wed 11-Jul-07 21:38:24

I have just rediscovered a box of lovely sanctuary shower and bath stuff that I was given at Christmas and they contain Jojoba and some other really gorgeous smelling stuff - can I use these during pregancy (25 weeks) and are there any oils that should be avoided? Someone once told me to avoid lavendar but I have seen elsewhere that this recommended. Please let me know what you think so that I can enjoy my showers - feel too fat to get in and out of the bath!

Tommy Wed 11-Jul-07 21:44:36

I think that most bubble baths and stuff are OK because the oil is so diluted.

Lavender is the only one (or maybe tea tree as well?) that is safe in pregnancy

claraq Wed 11-Jul-07 21:47:33

I think rose oil is meant to be safe - I am havign a pregnancy massage in a couple of weeks and I am sure she said this is what she would use.
Yes I was told by a midwife trained in massaging with essential oils (just been introduced for women in labour at our hospital) that things like bubble baths are fine as so diluted.

LeafTurner Wed 11-Jul-07 21:53:08

Lavender isn't recommended in pregnancy - i remember really missing my lavender oil ! But to be honest I can't see it would do any harm !

You should avoid Clary Sage oil as that can bring on your period, and there a few stronger ones that should be avoided but not many people have them as they are very expensive !

I'm not sure where my book is now - but I'm sure if you google an arometherapy site there'll be a list there to avoid !

Jbck Wed 11-Jul-07 21:56:27

I had bought Clary Sage to burn near due date to bring on labour, DH went for a long soak one night & used my oil burner. I came upstairs & asked him which oil he'd used & he said the nice smelling one, p*d myself laughing when I explained what it was for.

LeafTurner Wed 11-Jul-07 22:01:43

I'm not keen on Clary Sage I must say - I do use it at thet time of the month - but it's not one of my favourite smells.

kerioke Thu 12-Jul-07 10:57:25

i think pretty much all shower gel and bath products are ok during pregnancy and if they are not i am certain the manufacturer would have printed advice on the bottles, packets etc.

in regards to oils during pregnancy the general rule of thumb is *'fruits' are ok 'flowers' are not,* with a few exceptions of course. i find mandarin a perfect one for pregnancy as not only am i certain it is harmless to my twiglet, but also it is a mood balancer, which is always useful with my hormones!

hth xx

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