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Pains and legs going weak - what`s happening?

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Moorhen Wed 11-Jul-07 15:27:42

These last weeks of pg (am 39+4) just keep getting weirder...

Today I was trying to walk round my local store (I walked three miles yesterday, no trouble) when started getting strange achey pains right at the top of my legs they join my body. Sort of almost groin but not quite, IYSWIM. Made my legs feel really weak so I kept staggering/limping.

Back home now, and notice my feet look a bit red, like the circulation is going funny. Is this anything I should be concerned about, or totally normal and just pressure from LO?

AND the baby is doing some sort of mad dance inside me - feet and hands - and, I think, punching my bladder because I keep wincing and needing to wee.

Tell me this`ll be all over soon...

Princesspowersparkle Wed 11-Jul-07 16:18:46

Hi Moorhen
I'd imagine its the baby just pushing down a wee bit. I get days where I find it hard to walk cos its just too painful but thats the days the baby gets into an awkward position.
If you are concerned though give your MW a call. Hopefully it just means baby is engaging and will be with you soon!


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