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Bleeding after sex?!

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alasia Wed 11-Jul-07 11:23:01

Ok, please don't shout at me for not going to see my MW sooner; I am actually due to see her this afternoon so I'm not sure whether to mention this or not (what do you think?) - but I'm 32 weeks pregnant and 2 nights ago, I started to have sex.
About a minute into it, I felt a sharp pain (can't remember where from, annoyingly, but I know it wasn't 'deep' inside anywhere. Anyway the pain was just like a quick thing, we stopped immediately and I noticed I was bleeding.

It was bright red blood, not a huge amount - probably only a teaspoon's worth if that, and it only bled for about 5 minutes. Does that count as 'spotting', seeing as there wasn't much blood?
It wasn't like 'normal' blood that you get from a cut; it was kind of like...well a bit like the trail snails make really! Sort of sticky - not really sticky, but sort of made a 'trail' between my fingers. It wasn't runny, is what I mean!

Not sure the stickiness is relevent or not...

I've been trying to look to see if I have a tear or a scratch 'down there' which caused the bleeding; I think that's the most likely option seeing as there was some slightly sharp pain immediately before, am I right?

I've had nothing since, apart from two tiny, light pink spots in my underwear the next day which were mixed with my 'normal' discharge.

Is this something I need to mention to my MW?

Sorry for the terrible explaination!

PS - thought I might as well ask another question while I'm here; is it 'normal' for it to feel uncomfortable in your lower abdomen when you lie on your back? It's awful when I have my MW appointments and have to lie on that bed thing, because I feel a lot of pressure and sometimes like a period pain (but only mild) whenever I lie on my back. This happens in bed as well, if I turn over for example.

Oh and last night, it really felt like the baby was going to fall out of me! hehe.

All the kicks and movements felt very muffled and low down, and now I can still feel the baby at the top of my bump (a big round thing right underneath my ribs!) but there's more pressure down in my pelvis - usually get the pressure low down a few time a day, but today it seems more constant.
And I've definitely never had all the movements feeling muffled before (or the feeling like the baby's going to drop out!)
Could the baby have 'dropped'?

teafortwoandtwofortea Wed 11-Jul-07 21:35:42

Hi just noticed you had nbo replies so didn't want to leave you stranded!

Question 1 - YES! tell your midwife and get checked out. If you have a delivery suite ring them and ask for their advice over the phone - they will tell you if it needs checking out urgently or whether it can wait until an appointment.

Question 2 - it could be that baby is still head up and what you can feel is his/her feet kicking you 'down there' - this happened to me a lot with no.2 and it doesn't necessarily mean imminent labour or a breech position at term. Also yes, it's normal to feel uncomfortable to lie on your back but tell your midwife anyway as it can be because of the baby's position.

hth - good luck

estobi1 Wed 11-Jul-07 21:49:49

Hope that you did speak to your midwife and that everything is ok - let us know how you got on.

Bear in mind if you didn't speak to her, not a lot is going to shock them. Mine made me get a mirror post delivery and have a good look at what was between my legs post delivery as I said I was too scared to look! If you didn't ask, they may be able to pop in and see you on their rounds.

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