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Please say something lovely to me...

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Scampynoodle Tue 10-Jul-07 16:49:37

...because if I have one more day of feeling as if I've been sandbagged there's no telling what I'm going to do with my family size packet of ginger biscuits.

Since getting pregnant (I'm 12 wks now) I've spent every waking bloody moment feeling sick, exhausted, dizzy and out of puff. I know that these symptoms fade by 16 wks (ish) so I'm hanging on in there but, blimey, it isn't half getting me down. Until the symptoms kicked in (about 3 minutes after getting back up off the bed)I never sat still and had far more frisk than I knew what to do with. I've gone from easily running 10k three times a week and doing manic aerobics to having to sit down when I climb the stairs. And shouldn't there be laws against sleeping this much? I swear, my eyelids are starting to heal over.

So can someone say something nice to keep me perky? While I'm (finally) chuffed that I'm pregnant I'm also wildly frustrated that I seem to have turned into Thora Hird (before and after her trip up the heavenly stairlift).

Monster thanks in advance


mother2b Tue 10-Jul-07 16:52:12

it'll go soon

does that make you feel a bit better?

mother2b Tue 10-Jul-07 16:53:17

it'll prob go before 16 weeks, i recon 13 weeks, mine went at about 11/12 weeks and now just get the odd bit

thomcat Tue 10-Jul-07 16:53:44

You're bloody funny

You're allowed to sleep and be all pregnant and mad!

You're lucky and special and wonderful when you're pregnant.

It's bloody great having a bump that is all yours and your alone to feel move and kick etc. Only you get that pleaseure, how wonderful is that.

Scampynoodle Tue 10-Jul-07 17:13:32

It's working, it's working! Keep going...

I love the idea of being allowed to be mad. It doesn't work for my husband though. Oftentimes I apologise to him for something I've done that's completely,inexcusably insane, teling him it must be my hormones. The thing is, he claims he can't see see how I'm any different from my pre-pregnancy state. Doh!


pigleto Tue 10-Jul-07 17:16:23

You are going to have a baby. Of your own. And it will be the best baby in the world and better than anyone elses and you will love it even when it smells. The sleepy thing goes at the same time as the pukey thing IME. You'll be fine in a fortnight. Go to bed.

LittleLupin Tue 10-Jul-07 17:16:49

I spent the first trimester asleep. Even at work . Had BAGS of energy in the second, and although I was a bit more knackered in the third, that's only because I had a giNORMous bump!

Oh and all pregnant women are slightly loony. It's your perogative . have you put your laundry in the fridge, and dinner in the dishwasher yet?!

thomcat Tue 10-Jul-07 20:26:31

I'm going for the totally mad look! This evening my neighbour knocked and she had my filofax in her hand. I looked a tad perplexed and she told me she'd seen me drive off with it on my roof and then watched as it and all the contents of it got strewn all the way down the road and all over ther pavement and grass verge and peoples front lawns. She'd gathered it all up for me bless her!

Oh and yes, last week DH found DD2's trainers in the bin!

filthymindedvixen Tue 10-Jul-07 20:27:44

cheer up, in 18 yers' time, this will all be a baaaaaad dream .

Hope you turn a corner soon..

miniegg Tue 10-Jul-07 21:52:34

scampynoodle, eight months ago, i was also super fit, running long distance every week - then like you, I was totally felled by pregnancy. I felt dreadful till 16 weeks.
BUT ever since then, being pregnant has been wonderful.
forget the fitness, and just get through this period as best you can. When the horrible symptoms go, being pregnant is amazing. You get seats on the bus/train/tube. You get loads of attention. You resign yourself to losing your figure (temporarily) and eat what the hell you want. For months. Deal with the consequences after! You feel special. You meet new people.
And when you get to the last bit (where I am now - baby due a week today!) you'll be AMAZED at how everybody, from taxi drivers, to shop assistants, to random people on the street, wants to know when your baby is due and wish you luck and share their baby stories with you. And how excited you'll be - even if you never thought of yourself as the mumsy type.
Grit your teeth, and think of the sunshine that's about to break over you...

sazzybee Tue 10-Jul-07 23:14:21

Ahh that's lovely miniegg. But you didn't mention the very best bit - that after it's all over, you get a fab teeny person to take home with you, your body returns to (relative) normality fairly quickly and you can walk again! Four months on and I still take extreme pleasure in being able to run up the stairs

TheMuppet Tue 10-Jul-07 23:27:04

SN - feel like you do but won't know if i'm BFP till tomorrow morning.

It'll pass tho

silkcushion Tue 10-Jul-07 23:33:08


I am 23 weeks now and I felt rubbish until week 18.

Shocked by how hard pregnancy hit me and how pathetic I was - crying at a kitten on tv, forgetting what I was saying in the middle of a sentence when I was running a meeting at work, collapsing into bed at 7.30pm every night, vomiting day and night

BUT ...

Now I'm lying in bed and I've got loads of squiggling going on inside me and I know it's my little girl and I feel ecstatic.

Hang on in there

theressomethingaboutmarie Wed 11-Jul-07 11:12:04

Hiya Scampynoodle - the best thing that I can tell you is that it gets better! I was sick as a dog day and night for about 3/4 weeks and didn't think that I could take much more. Started to feel the baby kick around 16 weeks which made it all start to seem worth it.

Take the time to indulge yourself during this tricky stage and go for those ginger biscuits if that's what you want. Your body is going through enormous changes so do what you need to ride the waves.

Mrswizz Wed 11-Jul-07 12:31:17

Don't worry Scampynoodle, I felt exactly like you then it went off at 16 weeks and then the small movements started and its so charming. I'm 20 weeks now and enjoying pregnancy although my first 16 weeks threw me and I lost all my old running fitness. Now its still a bit of an uphill struggle to exercise but exercising gently is fine. At least I feel like my old self and am not falling asleep constantly.

Meglet Wed 11-Jul-07 13:42:33

Don't panic. You will feel better soon. Like you I was super fit before pregnancy and was always on the go. I was so tired and nauseous I took it really easy in the first trimester then worked out gently twice a week for the rest of it. Now 8 months on and after a pesky c-section I am back to fighting fit again, I was at the gym 12 weeks after the birth. I am so pleased I didn't stop exercising completely as it keeps me one step ahead of my DS and keeps those endorphins going.Just do what you can and don't beat yourself up if you aren't feeling up to it.

Scampynoodle Wed 11-Jul-07 14:51:19

Coo, you are all angels! Your advice is fab, thank you. It is so good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I soooo want to enjoy being pregnant so I guess I am just disappointed that right now I feel yuk. It took me several weeks to some to terms with the fact that there is a baby on the way (Oh. My. God.) and now that I have I don't want to spend any more time spilling drool over every pillow and cushion that I own. I swear, there is nowhere that I won't sleep. I'm like a bloody dormouse.

As for running, I know that's gone to pot for now so I try to be cool with walks and swiming on the rare day that I can manage it. Mind you, I plan to scamp again once the nipper has arrived, ideally with one of those three-wheeler pram thingy things so that we can both feel the wind in our hair. Heaven!

Thanks again, pickles. It's good to know that a puffless run up the stairs may not be so far away after all.


Alfie72 Fri 13-Jul-07 09:56:35

Miniegg- what's your secret ? I never get offered seats on the tube or bus unless I stick my gut out and make deep sighing breathing noises !! people just pretend they aint seen you.
It'll get better Scampynoodle, honest it will. You do just have to relinquish your body for 9 months to the little person, I am focusing on that and all I can say after the birth, is personal trainer here I come and the hubbie can pay for it !!!
Just remember the end product will be so worth it !!!

Mrswizz Fri 13-Jul-07 12:41:17

Yes Alfie, it is really interesting to watch what people do to try and avoid looking at you when on the tube. They all pretend not to notice, it's so obvious. I've had a seat offered to me a couple of times, but it isn't the norm.

Alfie72 Fri 13-Jul-07 17:22:41

Aint it frustrating Mrs Wizz ? I now make sure I sit in a priority seat on the bus or just ask people if they wouldn't mind moving. I have bump rage !! I went to Brighton for the weekend and people were so polite and accomodating. People are just ignorant sometimes and I have to say women have been less accomodating than men !!! Pfft !!

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