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Pregnancy rant thread - let those hormones fly!

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sweetkitty Tue 10-Jul-07 16:19:13

This is my rant, told everyone about the new pregnancy and as well as the congratulations I've had the following: (3rd DB have 2 DDs already)

1) most asked, was it planned? WTF what a thing to ask, no we have absolutely no clue about contraception almost everyone has asked this I would never ask someone something so personal as to whether they were using contraception or it had failed. Have come back with "yes DP and I had loads of unprotected sex around ovulation"

2) so are you wanting a boy? yes if it's a girl we will be really disappointed not bother naming her and lock her in a cupboard. If I was going to be that upset with a DD I wouldn't have another baby.

3) where are you going to put them all you only have 3 bedrooms? what does everyone else do? A few years ago you would get 6 kids in one room.

4) what if it's twins? we'll sell one on ebay

5) oh you'll have your hands full/are you mad etc etc I mean how are you supposed to answer that.


so does anyone else want to join me in a pregnancy rage?

cupcake78 Tue 10-Jul-07 16:26:27

I had a lovely hormonal moment for most of yesterday and it felt great!!

Feeling alittle calmer today but can completely understand.

ConnorTraceptive Tue 10-Jul-07 16:31:44

hi SK thought i'd follow you from the ante natal thread, stalk you a bit

We haven't told anyone yet but i'm sure we'll get similar (probably from mil) especially as it wasn't exactly planned.

I could be wrong but i'm anticipating a snotty comment about the baby items we sold at a car boot sale last year as we had so much stuff (some of it bought by mil)

thomcat Tue 10-Jul-07 16:37:08


I'm sick of hearing

1) Blimey you must be a glutton for punishment

2) Gosh you're going to have you hands full

3) I don't know how you'll cope, I don't envy you one bit

4) Do you know what you're having

5) Gosh you're huge

6) when are you due again?

thinking of having a t-shirt printed actually saying

No, I'm not mad I'm happy to be pregnant thank you
Yes it'll be hard work but whatever
It's either a boy, or a girl
I'm supposed to be huge, I'm growing a baby in there ffs
Arounf the end Sept - it'll be here when it's here

Ahhhh that feels better

sweetkitty Tue 10-Jul-07 16:38:34

hi connor I just thought I would start a thread where we could all get our frustrations out.

I think people think we are lying when we say this one was planned, it's as if they are trying to catch us out or something. Even my Mum said "oh a nice surprise then" If someone said to me oh it was unplanned I would say on a nice surprise but I would never ask I think it's a bit rude but I must be in the minority. I think it's because we have 2 children why would we need a third?

mother2b Tue 10-Jul-07 16:38:57

i also got a lot of the was it planned, wtf, how rude!!!
it wasnt planned but that doesnt mean its not coming into a loving family, we did want children, we were just going to leave it another couple of years

also had the what if its twin and DP used to tell them he could also do a warentee on it cos he had another spare

but the whole was it planed thing really annoyed me

oh and people making comment on how young i am, im 20, will be 21 next month ffs its not im going to be the youngest mum, in fact i think its a good age to have children

Nbg Tue 10-Jul-07 16:39:02

Snap TC

Also add

"so when is dh having the snip?"

and thats said in all seriousness.

kyala Tue 10-Jul-07 16:39:55

Me too! Am sick of random stranger's feeling the need to know what the gender of my child is?!! WTF do they care really?

I am starting to get the odd little smile from people now though, I like that, just having someone smile at you just cos they know what you've been up to!! LOL

rozzyraspberry Tue 10-Jul-07 16:42:32

Sweetkitty - we haven't told many people yet as planning on waiting until after the scan in 3 weeks time.

However, as I currently have 2 DS I'm expecting some of the same comments as you've had re are you mad, was it planned, and are you hoping for a girl! I know it's coming so I'm prepared but I'm sure by the 100th time I will be getting very pxxxed off!!!

Mind you there are days when I think I'm mad myself

sweetkitty Tue 10-Jul-07 16:42:38

MIL told me last time that I should get DP to control himself and that his sister should get him some condoms for his birthday. Erm we had 2 children in 10 years think we can work out where they come from FFS.

Thomcat - I'm also thinking of getting a t-shirt printed do you think theres a market for maternity t-shirts saying "no it's not twins on here now piss off and bother someone else"

cupcake78 Tue 10-Jul-07 16:46:55

Thomcat I was feeling just the same yesterday.

I am getting it from both directions there are those who will not leave me alone and just want to own me like I am public property. Then those who keep congratulation me on being pregnant.

I am 29 weeks!!! where have they been looking - obviously at my arse.

I have hayfever and two people have said you need to take something for that - If I could I would.

So they have been looking at my arse as well!!!

I will never be happy, sick of people knowing and not happy about those who don't - thats hormones for you.

ow82 Tue 10-Jul-07 16:51:35

I love it SK - that's why i've told a total of 10 people, 6 live in other parts of the country, 2 are my friends 1 is DH's boss and the other his friend who couldn't give a monkey's arse! lol.

sweetkitty Tue 10-Jul-07 17:00:32

thomcat - you look stunning pregnant and the DDs look adorable

thomcat Tue 10-Jul-07 17:02:47

Arrr thanks sweetkitty, just about to log off and leave work and that was a really nice way to leave MN for the day!

Made the rant definilty worthwhile

FCH Tue 10-Jul-07 17:06:15

Just joining in to say - a female colleague at work (who I don't know very well) TOUCHED my bump when I arrived for a meeting yesterday, and she is not the only one so could that t-shirt also read "and yes this is still personal property - hands off"? What is it with these people - they would never consider manhandling me normally fgs!

skidoodle Tue 10-Jul-07 17:19:21


someone asked you when your dh was having the snip?

that's one of the rudest things I've ever heard.

I can't believe so many people are making such comments when people are having a 3rd child. 3 children is pretty average, no?

I'm only 5 weeks, so nobody really knows, but good to be warned in advance about the groping and inappropriate questions.

Was it planned? ffs, that is never a question to ask. if it wasn't and it's unwelcome news you'll only know that if you're a sister or best friend and you won't have to ask. otherwise the only right response is to assume it's great news, as one way or another it is.

ow82 Tue 10-Jul-07 18:03:09

apparently DH was asked today by a college 'are you mad you'll have 2 under 2 - (DS will be 2 or 2.1 max) followed by how will you cope?' DH's answer 'i'll be away with work a lot'

my responce 'oh really you think do you??'

re the tummy touching thing - I hate it had a night of it when DS was due - why do people assume that any/all bumps are public property? I don't pat other womens bump's so don't know why they see fit to pat mine. lol.

Jbck Tue 10-Jul-07 18:48:32

My t-shirt will be similar
A Yes I know I'm over 40
B Yes it was planned
C No we've not been trying since DD was born 6 years ago.

Most surprising was a midwife actually made really tactless comments.
I'm a real hater of bump touchers, close family or friends if they show an interest & I feel like it maybe, but random half-strangers no way. One of the lovely girls at work said would I be offended if she didn't want to touch my bump as she's a bit freaked by people who do that, she's quite a touchy feely person normally so I was surprised but told her I'd be delighted. I will of course offer to let her touch it when it's moving madly one day just to see her face
I had a mega crabby day on sunday & apologised to DH & DD for being so grumpy but I couldn't help it, about 20 minutes later I ranted at DH I'm pregnant & hormonal what's your effin excuse!' I forgot he's just a man.
Rant over I'm back to normal today.

Zola78 Tue 10-Jul-07 18:48:34

sweetykitty, I feel your pain. I went for my 13wk scan and all is well so we told my MIL she asked if we were winding her up. Followed by it's a bit close. Followed closely by this is going to take sometime to get use to. Hmmmmm!

Zola78 Tue 10-Jul-07 18:57:25

This will be my 3rd child. My other two are under 3yrs old. These comments make me feel irresponsible and stupid. When in fact I am very happy with my decision. Kill joys the lot of 'em.

Imawurzel Tue 10-Jul-07 19:02:09

Has anyone got any comebacks for when people do touch or do you just grimace/smile sweetly/swear under your breath?
I'm going to remember one if people say gosh your big. i'll say well i am pregnant whats your excuse?
Well maybe not, thats sounds harsh doesn't it?

winemakesmummyclever Tue 10-Jul-07 19:02:15

Aarggh!Soooo glad that other people hate having their bumps rubbed. I thought that it was just me being hypersensitive about my personal space. When carrying ds, I developed PUPPP and spent the last 2 months of the pregnancy threatening to disembowel anyone who attempted to touch my incredibly itchy & sore bump with a bottle brush!

Hi SK and Connor

sweetkitty Tue 10-Jul-07 20:52:28

The worst ever is when you go overdue and you are huge, sore with SPD, sinusitis, bad heartburn and insomnia and someone phones you up and says "any news?" when you say no they say "why not" because I fucking well love feeling like this and am deliberately not going into labour!

I've had 2 under 2 and it's not that bad. I will have DD1 3.8y, DD2 2.1y when DB3 is born so thats why I'm getting all the comments. Pisses me off as the people who comment aren't the ones getting up in the night or doing anything for the children so they can sod off.

My mum is the best though she said when I announced I was pregnant with DD2 that she was worried she would have to "step in" so stepping in is not visiting me for 7 weeks before the baby was born and visiting twice in the first 6 months of her life.

Don't get me started about my Mum

MamaMaiasaura Tue 10-Jul-07 21:46:08

SweetKitty - with you on the ranting.. started a threard today about stupid effing commments. When we announced pregnancy at least 2 woman decided to go on and on and on about miscarraige. No congratualtions - just went on about what can go wrong. I ended up physically covering my ears It isnt that i dont know what can go wrong, I just dont want to be told in graphic detail when i announce my happy news to someone.

aikigypsy Wed 11-Jul-07 04:16:14

My favorite, sort of along the lines of was-it-planned, is when people get this very confused look on their face and say:

"Is that a good thing?!"

I also don't like it when people automatically assume I've already ditched the man involved and/or that he'll run off in no time. Just because I've been single for a long time. Grr.

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