Brown/pink mucus discharge 10 weeks

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hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:29:35

Hi all,

I am 10 weeks pregnant today, since Thursday night I have had some brown/pink mucus when I wipe and a little bit in my knickers. Called hospital and they said not to worry unless it turns to bright red fresh blood and then to call them back.

The consistency is like snot but either brown or light pink. I know brown means old blood but the pink stuff is worrying me a bit more. The EPU just said to wait for 12 week scan.

I did have something similar when I was pregnant with my 1 yr old at roughly the same stage so I wasn't too worries initially but it's going on longer and it's definitely heavier than it was last time.

Anybody experienced this and had a good outcome or does this sound like the start of the miscarriage process?

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Iggi999 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:32:07

This answer won’t reassure you but it won’t make you despair either - I had similar to what you describe both with miscarriages and with my two successful pregnancies. I know that doesn’t help, only in as much as all could be very well so try not to worry.

catdogcatdog Sun 17-Mar-19 18:32:45

I've had this with my 2 healthy pregnancies.

sophied1983 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:34:24

Spotting can be a healthy part of pregnancy, or a sign of miscarriage. It's so tricky to know. Have you had any cramping? Are your pregnancy symptoms still there?

hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 18:59:37

@lggi999 thank you, I definitely feel like it could go either way, do you mind me asking how long it took to progress to proper bleeding when you had your miscarriages? Just ignore me if that's too personal.

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hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:03:15

@catdogcatdog thank you for replying, I read somewhere if you had it with one pregnancy you are more likely to have it in subsequent pregnancies too so clinging on to the hope it turns out to be nothing this time too.

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hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:05:22

@sophied1983 I haven't had any mega strong symptoms anyway, just a bit queasy and totally worn out but that doesn't worry me really as I was the same last time with my daughter (lucky I know!). There's just no way of knowing is there, need to just be patient and ride it out. Thank you for replying.

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Iggi999 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:18:27

Well in my case when I had bleeding with the first one my EPU did blood tests over a couple of days which showed that the pg was not going the right way sad and I started bleeding in a week. The others I had the pink discharge from 5 weeks to 8 weeks (when I would have had a scan) and it took ten days after that with one and the other I had an ERPC following a scan. So it’s not necessarily quick I suppose.

Justanother123 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:37:02

I had this - the way it was described was that the cervix is very vascular - more so than normal especially around the 3 month mark. Any slight disturbance can cause it to bleed. I had browny discharge at about 11 weeks and had a reassurance scan where everything looked fine. There was no bleed found anywhere and they said it was probably my cervix and it’s so so common. Xx

hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 20:53:21

@lggi999 thanks for replying, I'm really sorry you had to go through that, so glad you have your 2 babies. I have just had my first blood that looked quite red and fresh so I'm not feeling so hopeful now. Off to bed to try and get some sleep and see what the night brings.

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MsTSwift Sun 17-Mar-19 20:56:03

I had this both times two healthy girls hope it works out x

hmyh23 Sun 17-Mar-19 21:40:30

@MsTSwifr thank you! Not feeling very hopeful tonight as the bleeding has progressed to fresh red blood but going to try and get some sleep and then call the EPU again in the morning and maybe they will see me.

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Iggi999 Sun 17-Mar-19 23:21:55

I wish you all the best. You are still in with a fighting chance don’t let our bad experiences make you feel the same will happen to you! Chances are good that everything is fine. Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

hmyh23 Mon 18-Mar-19 07:42:30

Thank you, I called the EPU again and they are going to scan me tomorrow morning so it will be good to know either way. Hardly any bleeding overnight. Keeping everything crossed, I'll certainly come back and let you all know.

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hmyh23 Mon 18-Mar-19 19:19:34

So after hardly anything over night and all day I'm now having dark red/brown mucus type discharge every time I wipe. I was starting to feel a bit more positive after barely anything all day but now thinking the worst. Roll on 11am tomorrow to have an answer.

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catdogcatdog Mon 18-Mar-19 19:55:16

Thinking of you OP & praying for a good outcome thanks

hmyh23 Tue 19-Mar-19 15:47:09

Good news, all looks fine on the scan! I got the shock of my life because I was so convinced it was over. The midwife said there's nothing worrying on the scan so hopefully it will just stop and isn't going to be a regular thing 🤞

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MsTSwift Tue 19-Mar-19 15:49:30

Good news!

Iggi999 Tue 19-Mar-19 16:31:46

I’m really pleased for you! Relax a bit now!

hmyh23 Tue 19-Mar-19 17:51:27

Thank you 💓. I don't think I'll relax until it stops but I just need to ignore it and carry on I suppose. If something is going to happen I can't prevent it anyway I suppose. Just praying it stops asap.

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Supj Thu 20-Feb-20 23:39:46

Hi hmyh23! I know it’s an year old post, I am going through the same situation. Can you please tell if everything went fine during your pregnancy.

Sona3 Wed 21-Oct-20 11:58:13

Hi hmyh23
I know this post is old now but I am going through the same problem. Was everything fine with you afterwards?

Acull93 Sat 21-Nov-20 22:31:27

Sorry to jump on this post!

I am pregnant for the first time and am 10 weeks. I had an early pregnancy scan the other day due to spotting and shoulder pain and thankfully all was ok!! However i am still spotting on and off. It is just when i wipe and can be there for a day and then go again. It is usually very light pink and has been brownish once with a snot like consistency (sorry for too much info) I'm just wondering has anyone else experienced this? Not constant but one day there and another day gone. Everytime i wipe and see the slight pink colour i panic all over again (even after an early scan saying all fine) I'd love to hear from other mums!

Thank you

MrsR1706 Thu 25-Feb-21 15:01:40

Hi, I am experiencing similar. How is everything for you? X

Jennileigh Wed 07-Apr-21 14:37:37

Just wanted to see how you are all getting on?
I'm 10+4 weeks with the same kind of spotting. It's lasted 6 days now. I rang on the first night and they didn't seem concerned at all. It went away a few days later and comes and goes now. It's so slight that I don't know whether to be worried or not.
Thanks 😊

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