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Sorry desperately need help with girls name!! please help.

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fees Mon 09-Jul-07 20:06:25

Please help me find a girls name to go with Louis and Alfie we have a longish surname, quite like

but Dh doesnt!!!!! he likes tilly after his childhood dog that bit him and left a huge scar on his leg!!! I don't mind tilly but really would like something a bit different - please help me x

JARM Mon 09-Jul-07 20:07:21

We are going for Emma

TaylorsMummy Mon 09-Jul-07 20:07:30

matilda? shortern to tilly


FioFioJane Mon 09-Jul-07 20:07:42

tilly is lovely, its the pet name for matilda.

go for it

I always wanted tilly but it doesnt go with my surname so I called it my rabbit instead

janeite Mon 09-Jul-07 20:10:21

I like Martha. Don't like Tilly much; wasn't she a cartoon character or something?

Beauregard Mon 09-Jul-07 20:11:24

Matilda is lovely shortened to Tilly and Mattie

Constance or Connie for short
My friends little girl is Primrose,really suits her!

Posey Mon 09-Jul-07 20:12:10

What letter does your surname start with?

Califrau Mon 09-Jul-07 20:13:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mazzystar Mon 09-Jul-07 20:14:11

I really really like Mary. As I am not one of her parents I guess my opinion doesn't really matter.

Polly? My mum suggested this for dd, forgetting for a moment that ds is called ollie.

hatrickjacqueline Mon 09-Jul-07 20:14:37

Message withdrawn

elasticbandstand Mon 09-Jul-07 20:14:47

martha my dear, from the beatles..

is tilly popular then.
how about matilda

Hulababy Mon 09-Jul-07 20:15:23

I love Matilda, shortened to Tilly

Also love Martha on your list.

DoubleBluff Mon 09-Jul-07 20:19:06

Marth ais gorgeous was on my list as was Mathilda ( Tilly for short)

edam Mon 09-Jul-07 20:21:24

Marth and Matilda would both go with Louis and Alfie. I know a little girl called Ivy - was a bit taken aback at first as it reminds me of a great-aunt but now think it's rather sweet.

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:08:53

thanks everyone! I also like Nancy but dh hates it because of Sid & Nancy, Matilda is lovely but there seem to have been a few lately - Our surname begins with H. My gran died a few months ago and she knew i was pregnant would like to honour her but her name was Patricia just can't think of a baby as a little Pat!!! quite like Patsy but all the friends from Aus say NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! why is this such a hard thing to do as a child who had abs. no prob. naming several tiny tears (although four of them were called julie or debbie) i thought i would have no problem finding a name especially a girls name!!! ohh now when i look a Nancy I really love it!!! Any tips for persuading dh?

fingerwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 21:12:23

Nancy is great, especially because of sid and nancy!
I love all the names on your lsit actually.
How about Esme, Elsie, Betsy, CLover, Daisy?

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:31:34

Thanks - Esme is sweet I don't know much about Sid & Nancy well not much about Nancy anyway wish i could convince DH! He did have a bet with me that if it was a girl I could call it and if it was a boy he would name it (thinking he only produced boys) so really it should be tough t#ts i will call our baby girl what i want but hes a stubborn old mule and i know he will call her something else if i do choose Nancy, primrose or kitty - he quite likes Jemima? but Jem is urrghhhhhhhh (sorry anyone called Jem) can't help be reminded of the cartoon Jem - Jem is my name no one else is the same JEM!!! she would defintely strop, flick her hair and wear far too much make-up mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

IAmAwenSoNobOffIWasHereFirst Mon 09-Jul-07 21:32:45

Good choice JARM

fingerwoman Mon 09-Jul-07 21:34:55

I am trying to convince my dp to go with Mavis if we have a girl. He is mostly ignoring my pleas now though lol
how about you choose the first name and he gets to choose the middle name?

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:36:14

Polly is cute but my sis had a friend called polly and we all called her polly poo pants!!( because she sat on a rusty outlet pipe wearing a white swimsuit) very funny never forgotten that!!! thanksX

hatrickjacqueline Mon 09-Jul-07 21:37:17

Message withdrawn

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:41:13

Yes sorry JARM great choice I couldn't have it being name of dh fave ex but i think its lovely!! Mavis is sweet wasn't the girl in Dennis the menace films called that though? the wee ginger girl with glasses she was funny, i do think of a tabard wearing dinner lady though even though what about Maeve?

Aero Mon 09-Jul-07 21:42:30

I like Martha from your list. Elspeth is nice too.

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:44:22

Wow!!! great idea I need to come up with something reallly shocking then!! not that i think Scout is bad Kitty Scout is great - well done you X

fees Mon 09-Jul-07 21:46:05

thanks aero Elspeth I heard that last year and kliked it but i have a problem saying it and ds2 has bit of a lisp so he will really struggle with it!!

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