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gestational diabetes

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vicky55 Mon 09-Jul-07 11:59:05

Im being induced on thursday(2 weeks early)and was wondering if anyone knows how long is the norm to stay in hospital after baby is born?And what tests they do on the baby?

BHANNAE Mon 09-Jul-07 14:39:41

If your diabetes is controlled then chances are baby's blood sugars should be fine also and your stay will be overnight. They won't let you out after 6hours though as they will have to take readings by pricking baby's heel.
I had a section nigh on a month early with my last baby as the growth scan and doppler flow came back saying he had not grown and was not recieving nutrients.
They estimated 6lbs which I was devestated about but the next day he was delivered at 12lbs 8oz!!!
His bloods were normal at every test but unfortunately he had to stay in for nearly a month due to his lung collapsing and him getting an infection which was probably related to his gestation rather than diabetes.
With my first baby I had tightly controlled
bs also and she was 9lb.I left hospital the next day with her-normal birth but early induction.
Good Luck with Thursday All will be fine.I have been given my date for next month and can't wait.

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