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Did you see baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks?

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Longislandicedme Sat 09-Mar-19 09:14:00

I’ve got a scan on Monday after having some red spotting last week. I had an internal examination and the doctor wasn’t worried at all as it was coming from my cervix which is very common in pregnancy due to the extra blood flow there. He booked me in for a scan this upcoming Monday just for reassurance even though there’s nothing to worry about. I will be 6 weeks 2 days and it will be an internal scan I’m just wondering whether anybody else has seen a heartbeat at that stage?

When I had my son I had a scan at 6 weeks 1 Day and seen his heartbeat but I’ve read online you may not always be able to see it?

I’m just worried that I’ll go for the scan for reassurance and if they don’t pick up a heartbeat for a reason that’s nothing to worry about I would be sick with worry.

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Pastaallday Sat 09-Mar-19 09:16:16

I did. But it's not guaranteed.

Pinkywoo Sat 09-Mar-19 09:17:00

I had one last week at 6w 2d and there was a very clear heartbeat, and the sonographer did say she thought I was more like 5w 5d as I have slightly longer cycles, good luck flowers

WinterHeatWave Sat 09-Mar-19 09:29:00

DS1 didnt have a hb at 6+3.
DS2 did at 6+0.
Both born on due date.

Teakind Sat 09-Mar-19 09:46:20

I saw a heartbeat at 5+5 but it was an ivf pregnancy so I was certain of dates

outpinked Sat 09-Mar-19 12:29:40

Saw heartbeat at 5+6.

amehh Sat 09-Mar-19 14:04:42

I'm 6+2 tomorrow and having a scan then so I can let you know? I'm trying to keep in mind it's possible not to see one and they said that they would invite me back a week later if not so maybe they might do the same for you as well?

Longislandicedme Sun 10-Mar-19 08:42:15

@amehh that would be great if you could let me know! I hope all goes well, I imagine as it’s for reassurance they would let me go back if one wasn’t visible. I hope so anyway!

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Longislandicedme Sun 10-Mar-19 08:44:15

Thank you for getting back to me with your experiences. I’m hoping I will see a heartbeat, I’ve got a private scan booked for the end of the month too when I’ll be just under 9 weeks so there’ll be a lot more to see then!

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HJWT Sun 10-Mar-19 08:44:57

@Longislandicedme I had a scan at 5+3 and saw a heart beat she said I was measuring more like 6 weeks but that was impossible as I was on my period 6 weeks before xx

windy2909 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:32:21

I am pregnant with an IVF baby and my clinic recently changed their early scanning procedures. They would previously do a “viability” scan at 6 weeks but changed this to 8 weeks, as often 6 weeks can be too early and can cause unnecessary stress.

That’s not to say you won’t see a heartbeat, but I would say be prepared and remember it might just be too early. Good luck!

Lisalou88 Sun 10-Mar-19 10:49:39

I saw a heartbeat at 6+3 however I was told to not worry if we hadn’t seen one as it’s still so early.

amehh Sun 10-Mar-19 16:02:25

@Longislandicedme Just got back and I had to have an internal scan but I saw the heartbeat flickering away smile

flumpybear Sun 10-Mar-19 16:06:23

Depends - DS was my second, went for a scan at 6 weeks and he was measuring 5+1 with no heartbeat . He was born 39+6 and was 8lb 15oz - huge compared to my first child. I honestly think it depends on when sperm Meets egg - sometimes it's later than we think and 40 Weeks isn't an exact science
Good luck, don't be worried if it's a foetal pole with no heartbeat as this may just be SME timing

Flatwhite32 Sun 10-Mar-19 16:08:35

I didn't, and I had a scan at 6+2 due to a bleed. All the sonography could see was a gestational sac and a yolk. 7 month old DD is currently napping!

ToftheB Sun 10-Mar-19 19:07:44

I had a scan a couple of weeks ago at 6+1 measured by last menstural period (although I might have ovulated late as it was my first cycle following a miscarriage). There wasn’t a heartbeat, but they could see a fetal pole. I’m going back in tomorrow to check if there’s a heartbeat now.

Longislandicedme Mon 11-Mar-19 18:19:31

Had my scan today and could see a heart beat which was a huge relief! Thank you for getting back to me, hope everything goes well for those of you still pregnant!

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Sophied98 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:56:54

I went for a early scan and baby was measuring at 6 weeks 3 days I didn't just see a flickering heartbeat she detected and we heard a very strong heartbeat within a second of finding it which was amazing news!!

Sophierella24 Thu 20-Aug-20 17:51:01

I had a scan at 6+5, wasnt an internal scan and I saw the heartbeat 💕 good luck!!

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