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NS05 Tue 03-Dec-19 16:13:59

So sorry as I know this is an old post but were you ok? I've just been diagnosed with this and am 5 weeks with my first ivf baby worrying myself sick!

sunshinegirl12 Mon 04-Mar-19 12:26:38

I tested positive for ureaplasma nearly 2 years ago now and took a long course of antibiotics for it (tested with IVF clinic in Greece), although never re-tested to check I was clear. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant but have been scaring myself reading up about this, it seems that a lot of people carry this bacteria and it isn’t usually seen as a problem, but some websites say it can be a problem in pregnancy. I don’t think the NHS will even test for it though. But on the other hand it seems like a lot of women in America get checked routinely for this as it is known to cause miscarriage/pre-term birth, although can be very hard to treat properly and often reoccurs. Has anyone else tested positive for this?

I guess I would have to get checked out privately for this, I’ve seen a couple of places where I can just send in a sample. I think my concerns would most likely be dismissed by my GP/midwife as they aren’t overly helpful wtih anything.

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