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brighteye3986 Mon 04-Mar-19 12:11:37

I've started this thread to have somewhere for those of us who have been through the IVF/ ICSI journey and have finally got our BFP! For support, symptoms chat and whatever else anyway wants to chat about....

brighteye3986 Mon 04-Mar-19 12:12:09

@womaninkent @Positivity86

womaninkent Mon 04-Mar-19 12:18:37

Well done @brighteye3986.

brighteye3986 Mon 04-Mar-19 12:26:45

@womaninkent at least I have somewhere to post and vent and hopefully some others will be able to relate!

I had some minor spotting on Saturday- literally a little bit and light pink and nothing since. I'm not too worried as I also tested again on Saturday morning and got a very strong BFP.

Now I'm just waiting for info to come through from the midwife with my first appointment and for my viability scan on the 21st.... so much waiting in this process....

womaninkent Mon 04-Mar-19 12:42:16

@brighteye3986 That’s a good strong positive! I know-the waiting is driving me mad! I’ve got my viability scan on Thursday and if all is well my midwife booking in on Friday. Still not much nausea which is worrying but hopefully it doesn’t mean anything too bad. Been driven mad by my bladder-anybody else continually needing to go to the toilet.

brighteye3986 Mon 04-Mar-19 13:34:52

@womaninkent I had nausea before I even tested which kind of made me think it had worked! Yes I have to go about 100 times a day lol. Yesterday I was so tired.

I'm hoping I get some info from the midwife this week. I did my referral online Wednesday so really got my fingers crossed I hear something this week.

I've been a bit crampy the last few days too as if AF is coming so I keep going to the toilet and checking expecting this to all be a dream.

womaninkent Mon 04-Mar-19 13:47:40

@brighteye3986 I had really bad period type cramps all night Friday and all day Saturday-however many times you read it is perfectly normal it is still hard not to panic.

brighteye3986 Mon 04-Mar-19 14:40:21

@womaninkent I know. Everything goes through your mind like ectopic or miscarriage. I'm sure everything is fine though.

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 05:42:26

I hope your scan goes well today @womaninkent

PhoenixBird82 Thu 07-Mar-19 06:06:01

Hello, everyone. Had my BFP on March 1st, 5w2d today. I had to do a blood test. Went to do another blood test on the 4th, just to make sure that HCG numbers were progressing. They do, although I can’t find the reliable referral HCG numbers to compare if they are normal - every source has different info. And is it stupid to compare your numbers to everyone else’s? What do you think?
I don’t have many symptoms - but it’s soo early still, except for being tired, and a slight pulling sensation in abdomen, not like AF though, which I’ve been having for almost a week already.
But the thing that I am over stressing about at the moment is that yesterday night I’ve made myself an oregano and raspberrry leaf tea from the dried herbs I have. And this morning I’ve read that these particular herbs are among the big no’s during the pregnancy as they make uterus more active and in ancient times were used to induce miscarriage. And surely when I told this to my husband, he didn’t take me seriously and I felt like an overcautious idiot.
But as far as I’ve found out this morning, it’s better to be careful when drinking herbal teas, herbal mixes and black teas in general, just to be on the safer side.
I really hope I haven’t done any harm.

melissa1215 Thu 07-Mar-19 06:36:22

I got my positive on my second round of icsi, I'm. Is 9 weeks along due October 10th... it's the best feeling after the hardest journey

PrayingandHoping Thu 07-Mar-19 06:53:33

I got a positive blood test last Friday after first round of IVF (private), feeling very lucky after such a long journey.

I'm 5 weeks today, due 7th November and have first scan 21st November. Eek.

Have had nausea building since weekend on and off. Oh joy.

Have any other private people registered with their midwife yet? I'm back to my clinic for my scan and they are medicating me until 12 weeks so I haven't hurried to do it.

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 07:11:03

Welcome @PrayingandHoping @melissa1215 and @PhoenixBird82 and congratulations!

@PrayingandHoping I have already registered for midwife as the like to see you between 8 and 10 weeks. So if you leave it too late they may not be able to do certain checks/tests.

@PhoenixBird82 I'm 5+3 today so we are very close. I've had nausea and some cramping. Nothing too bad to worry about though. I have my viability scan booked for 21st March so have my fingers crossed until then.
I wouldn't worry too much about the tea issue as long as you haven't been drinking loads of it I'm sure it will be fine. I think the NHS website does say to keep herbal teas etc to a minimal where possible and the max to drink in any day is 4...

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 07:11:26

For anyone wondering...

PhoenixBird82 Thu 07-Mar-19 07:25:53

@brighteye3986 Thank you for a word of support and for a link. And thank you for creating this thread particularly dedicated to FIV/ICSI. I don’t differentiate myself from the women who fell pregnant naturally but being around the women who went through the same experience and can understand you, certainly makes it easier.
Having had a long journey to obtain this positive result makes all of us cautious and more scared, I guess. I think once I am into 2nd semester I might feel more sure about the things and worry less.
We are close indeed. I also have my first scan on the 21st. Can’t wait... another TWW here. 😉

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 07:36:13

@PhoenixBird82 I started this for exactly those reasons. I have been TTC for almost 4 years and never had a glimpse of a BFP. I got my BFP on the 26th feb and have done another 5 tests since then to check it's still real!

I know many people have their worries in pregnancy for various reasons but felt like a thread needed to be started for IVF/ICSI so we can support each other after everything we have had to endure to get here.

I have my fingers crossed that everything works out for all of us.

And no worries for the link. It's quite a good one to look at for all food/ drink relating things to avoid during pregnancy. I was told on day of ET of the things to avoid by the clinic as technically you are already pregnant, it's just the hoping that it sticks.

I had a little spotting on Saturday and when I say little it was about the size of a pea and nothing else when I wiped. Not sure if it was the pessaries though. It was 2 weeks after ET. I'm not too worried as I've still had positive tests after and nothing since so think I may have caught myself when putting it in.

Symptom wise I have really sore boobs which stopped for a few days but have come back with a vengeance. Nausea every morning. Occasional sleep insomnia where I'm awake from 4/5 in the morning no matter what time I go to sleep. But also feeling exhausted- so it's really messing my body up. I'm someone that likes my sleep. Oh and the afternoon/ evening bloat! I'm not too bad in the mornings but come lunchtime I look like I'm 6 months gone already!

PrayingandHoping Thu 07-Mar-19 09:21:17


Ok I'll pop into doctors this afternoon. I just didn't want to confuse anything! But at same time I had a friend who realised late she was preggers (naturally) and it took her weeks to get a scan. I don't need an early scan nhs as I get one at my clinic so was unsure

Do you know what tests the midwife does week 8-10?

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 09:33:15


womaninkent Thu 07-Mar-19 10:40:48

Thanks @brighteye3986 and hi @prayingandhoping and *@phoenixbird82*.

@phoenixbird82 I've seen a number of places that give HCG figures but they all stress that you can be anywhere within a wide range and still be having a perfectly healthy baby. My What to Expect says: wk 3, 5 to 50 mIU/L, wk 4 5 to 426 mIU/L, wk 5 19 to 7,340 mIU/L, wk 6 1080 to 56,000 mIU/L, weeks 7 to 8 7650 to 229,000 mIU/L, wk 9-12 25,700 to 288 mIU/L.

womaninkent Thu 07-Mar-19 16:29:05

I’ve just had the scan and all seems well. I saw the little heart beating!

brighteye3986 Thu 07-Mar-19 16:44:00

@womaninkent congratulations! Glad everything went well.

I am so nervous for my scan. I'm scared something will be wrong even though I'm getting every symptom possible and no heavy bleeding etc. I suppose it's all part of being pregnant.

womaninkent Thu 07-Mar-19 16:52:44

@brighteye3986 thanks! I was exactly the same. I think it’s perfectly normal.

Saltisford Thu 07-Mar-19 21:23:34

Hi everyone - just checking in! I’m 9 weeks on Saturday and have my midwife appointment tomorrow. Earlier my husband and I watched the fertilisation video from the embryoscope! Has anyone else got this? So weird!!!

I was over the moon about getting my first BFP and have had my 7 week scan and everything, which was perfect, but I had a bleed just before that and brown spotting ever since! This is obviously putting me on the edge! The fertility clinic signed me off though and my gp isn’t concerned...!!

womaninkent Thu 07-Mar-19 21:33:52

@saltisford I haven’t got a video. What an amazing thing to see. Glad to hear it’s going well. If the GP is not worried about the bleeding I’m sure it’s fine.

brighteye3986 Fri 08-Mar-19 11:51:27

I'm really crampy today. I get worried every time I go to the toilet. I'm 5+4. Anyone else been like this?

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