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warning: piles-related question

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TutterJane Sat 07-Jul-07 14:20:05

back with a vengeance at 37+6

poss a sign of head-down-ready-to-go pressure?

<clutches at passing straw>

theStallionOfSensibleness Sat 07-Jul-07 14:22:32


TutterJane Sat 07-Jul-07 14:26:49


Princesspowersparkle Sat 07-Jul-07 16:48:09

I hope so too tutterjane!! I'm 38+1 and suffering the same.
Erm, are you able to use anything on them? I'm having the same issue and not sure what I can use...

boowidger Sun 08-Jul-07 00:15:05

Anusol is safe to use. IME works pretty well too!

bellabelly Sun 08-Jul-07 00:52:22

Preparation h is safe to use too, according to the blurb on the packet. Bought some today. Bliss.

Princesspowersparkle Sun 08-Jul-07 03:59:55

Merci ladies! X

eidsvold Sun 08-Jul-07 05:01:37

anusol was my saviour.

LilyLoo Sun 08-Jul-07 21:53:40

Anusol was my saviour too, although slightly embarrassed when stopped going through baggage check to the states recently when i had forgotten a 2 year old tube was in a side pocket of my handbag. wasn't the word and the staff couldn't stop grinning !"

RobinB Mon 09-Jul-07 11:27:07

have been using germaloids. Is that safe?

kittypower Mon 09-Jul-07 11:59:40

Sorry for dumb question but how do you know when you have got piles, are they v.painful?

kittywits Mon 09-Jul-07 12:01:57

When I was nearing three weeks over with my last (now 3 months) the piles were shocking as he had is head jammed into one side of my pelvis and that's where the piles were. I had to sit on packs of ice all day and keep trying to pop them back in

Eaglebird Fri 27-Jul-07 22:11:17

I've never had piles before, so I'm not sure if that's what I've got.
I've been a bit constipated recently, despite eating loads of fibrous things, fruit & drinking lots of water. When I went to the loo today I noticed some bright red blood on the paper. I'm 27+4, so I had a bit of a job looking at my nether regions, but I managed with the aid of a mirror. I couldn't see any grape-like things, but I did see what looked like a small cut.
Has anyone had this before? I'm dreading having another poo now. How will this cut ever heal? Should I put some antiseptic or pile cream on it?
Any advice would be welcome.
I've a midwife appointment on Wednesday. Can midwives prescribe laxatives / pile cream, or do I need to see a GP? Or can someone recommend something I could buy over the counter?

Gemy Sat 28-Jul-07 09:22:52


After the birth of DD I had lots of pain in that area and also had a small tear (discovered by a consultant just to be on the safe side)

It did heal once I knew what to do: I drank 2 litres of water a day without fail and when I went to the loo, I pivoted my whole body forwards so I was looking nearly at floor (this took pressure off the tear), lots of deep breathing but most importantly NEVER strain. If you do strain, the consultant said this will open it back up again.

This does mean that when you're going to loo, rushing is not an option!

This was ages ago now and after about a month of doing the above, all was totally back to normal.

The creams may help with any pain, but sounds like you just have to leave it to heal

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