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HELP !advice needed heparin injections to prevent m/c when should i stop im cracking up!!!!conflicting info

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wayzee Fri 06-Jul-07 21:31:10

hello everyone

i really need some help and advice please story a bit complexedbut il try & keep as simple as possible. im currently 22 weeks pg had missed m/c last october got pcos so had assisted conception to fall pg again so put on heparin injections and aspirin 75mg daily to help prevent m/c on aspirin till deliver but controversy over when on heparin (innohep) till.

original consultant gone on a sabatical so trf to new consultant who to be frank hasnta clue what t do with regards to stopping or keeping them going so he has referred me back to original consultant understudy person who seems equally as clueless i have to go back and see her on monday and would just like as much info as possible she has talked about stopping it howeer the midwife in charge has told me today that mr m the original consultant that put me on it keeps ladies on it normall until they deliverthe baby and the placenta as stopping it could cause blood clots to cross the placenta and this could not be good for my baby. im just getting told completly different info & getting really stressed out over it. i just eel like i have no trust in these people & wish my original consultant was still here.

i hope this all makes sense what i would really liketo know is any advice from anyone on hepain or who has taken heparin i just wondered hen you have taken it until & why & when you have stopped it & what reasons were for this & if everything all ok when you did stop it. also dont know if im been stupid but when have baby at higher risk of clotting so if took all these blood thinning agents then stop when the baby comes are we not at a higher risk of blood clots or am i been silly??? any advce that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated im going mad. thank you......

funnypeculiar Sat 07-Jul-07 20:58:20

bumping for you - no idea, sorry, but hope someone else can help

RubySlippers Sat 07-Jul-07 21:03:21

i took heparin from 17 weeks PG because i have a history of DVTs (clotting)
i injected myself daily until the baby was born
It "thins" the blood so there is less chance of clotting and less chance of any clots passing through the umbilical cord etc
With regard to your higher risk of clotting after the baby has been born - you are right so you should ask whether you will be going on warfarin post-natally for a minumum of 6 weeks (this is what happened to me)

Also, your post is really hard to read - i am saying this gently but the lack of punctuation and paragraphs makes it really hard to pick out what you are trying to say
i had to read it three times ...
hope things work out well for you and your baby

Jossiejump Sat 07-Jul-07 21:37:04

I've been told to take it until I go into labour, but can't have an epidural within 12 hours of injecting. (don't have a pre existing clotting prob except that my m/cs were possibly due to clotting, it is differnt if you've had DVT etc when you then have to take it after the baby as well

RubySlippers Sat 07-Jul-07 21:38:38

good point about not being able to have an epidural as well

MrsErnie Wed 11-Jul-07 11:45:39

Hi there. I was on heparin (Clexane) for the first 12 weeks (recurrent miscarriage). My consultant was more than happy for me to stop at 12 weeks, but I know of someone in the same situation who carried on with it until about 35 weeks (they don't like you to take it too close to the birth). I was also on steroids for the first 12 weeks and am still taking low dose aspirin.

leCodgy Wed 11-Jul-07 12:05:48

I'm not on Heparin but have been on 75 mg asprin since finding out I was pregnant as they found out I had antiphospholipid syndrome after they took blood in my last pregnancy. It seems to me they keep changing their mind on the protocol and it will vary from consultant to consultant and pregnancy to pregnancy. In my last pregnancy all I had to do was take asprin everyday until birth and saw a consultant at 20 weeks who just explained to me about the condition. Also I had mw telling me after birth that I didn't need to take asprin anymore but still had to wear DVT stockings. This time I have an appointment with an obstetrician and a hematologist next week and i'm not sure what they are going to do. I suspect they may put me on Heparin because everybody else i've heard of with this condition seems to be on this but i'm not sure. I'm quite scared now as last time they were quite blase about it but now they seem to be taking it very seriously which is freaking me out slightly!

I assume you ahve had blood tests to see if your blood is prone to clotting? If you haven't ask for them as if your blood isn't prone to clotting then I don't understand why you'd need to be on asprin/heparin at all.

wayzee Thu 12-Jul-07 17:39:02


thanks for all your advice i seen my consultant on monday who said shes happy for me to stop heparin now but also happy for me to continue until 28 weeks if i want to but to change site from tummy to my legs which i have done but im finding it really hard to get the injections in.

lecodgy ive never had any blood tests to say that im more at risk of clotting or anything was just put on because of previous m/c but now wishing i hadnt bothered with heparin as i dont know whether i really needed it in the first place & so hard making decision when right time to stop is. im back at hospital tomorrow and think that the consultant may tell me to stop when i tell him problems im having getting injections in my legs im just nervous and frightened. what type of tests did you have to show that you had this condition when ive had previous blood tests ive just been told everything is fine.

kiansmum Tue 17-Jul-07 22:06:22

Hi, I too have been confused by different advice re clexane and pregnancy!
When i was pregnant last year i had to inject myself in the tummy every day from 19 weeks right up until 6 weeks after birth due to recurrent miscarriage.
I am now pregnant again and under a different consultant who has put me on daily injections from 19 weeks but he wants me to stop them at 34 weeks!
I'm also on 75mg aspirin a day.
When i was pregnant last time they did blood tests and found i was protein s deficient. I have now been told that any pregnant woman who had a blood test would be protein s deficient!!! I'm soooo confused.
Anyone else had the same problems???

MrsMcJnr Wed 18-Jul-07 15:00:54

Hello Wayzee I inject Clexane daily and take 75mg of aspirin. I was told by my Consultant haematologist that until 20 weeks, the Clexane is vital for the baby, after that, it might not be quite so vital though may still be necessary but at birth and beyond it becomes essential to protect me and so I am to continue throughout my pregnancy and for 8 weeks afterwards to be on the safe side. My Consultant obstetrician (who has a specialist interest in blood issues) agrees with this.

I was also told that when I go into labour, I shouldn’t inject that day just in case I want an epidural or need a section.

I am 14 weeks and have injected the Clexane since 6 weeks. I take it because I have a factor 2 prothrombin mutation and am at risk of clots. I also lost a baby in March at 10 weeks. I don’t know if that was related but Consultant thinks that it is likely.

I hope this helps and sorry that you are having a stressful time.

Jossiejump Wed 18-Jul-07 21:12:28

Have just seen my consultant again (he considers Clexane to have a better pg success rate even if a clotting disorder is not detected and would have still put me on it if my tests had come back clear)
It has been reiterated to me to continue to inject until term-I look at it that at least I am doing something that may help and that as it is a low molecular weight it won't affect the baby and only stays in my system for 12 hours.
It has also been confirmed that I will need a growth scan at 28 weeks, to check that the blood is crossing the placenta ok, meaning that the Clexane is doing its job.
Please don't get dispondent, at least this a pro active thing to do!

MrsMcJnr Thu 19-Jul-07 10:21:35

Hey Jossie – a question if I may? I am puzzled, if our Clexane only covers us for 12 hours, what happens the other 12 hours of the day when we are not covered or doesn’t it matter? I have been signed up for growth scans every 4 weeks from 24 weeks to check the placenta too.

Jossiejump Thu 19-Jul-07 22:07:10

I've wondered that-the only thing I can think of is that enough blood gets through for the LO to survive in the other 12 hours, but the 12 hours immediately after the inj are when it grows (I could be talking rubbish, just trying to think of explanations)

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