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Ways to stay active??

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Parent19876 Mon 11-Feb-19 11:59:01

I'm 9+3 and have been horrible sickness and dizziness the last few weeks. I'm so exhausted i spend so much time in bed. But i know that's not good. Any ideas on how to combat feeling like utter shite and be a bit more active?

BendingSpoons Mon 11-Feb-19 12:01:51

I didn't try to in the first trimester. I just got through daily life as best as I could and resumed more activity when the sickness passed.

Capybaras Mon 11-Feb-19 12:06:49

Same as pp! I was so exhausted that I got home from work, made the quickest tea possible then slobbed out on the sofa all evening! Once I hit the second trimester though my energy came back and now go for at least a 30 minute walk every day and yoga and swimming once a week.

fee1234 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:21:57

I did the exact same and have no regrets, I'd come home and lie in bed and sometimes be sleeping by 8. Listen to your body, it's working so hard at that stage! I'm 24 weeks now and my energy level definitely picked up about 14 weeks.

Babycakes1989 Mon 11-Feb-19 12:28:10

Random question : how many weeks did your morning sickness start?xx

GabbyGal Mon 11-Feb-19 13:02:11

I’m only starting to think about exercise again now at 16 weeks because it’s taken until now for the nausea and exhaustion to subside and I was just doing whatever go me through the day up to now!

MeredithGrey1 Mon 11-Feb-19 13:30:14

Like most of the PPs I was the same, just resting and sleeping whenever I could.
If you want to do something though, short gentle walks might help. The fresh air always helped my nausea and the walk always made me feel a bit less achy and "bleurgh" from too much lying down and sitting still.

snoopy18 Mon 11-Feb-19 14:05:48

Did nothing in first trimester due to sever stomach cramps and just nausea and exhaustion. Second trimester did yoga kept up walking some cardio. Struggling again in 3rd trimester kept up with yoga and walking but recent weeks struggling with walking and vag pain so not doing anywhere near as much as I want to.

TwittleBee Mon 11-Feb-19 15:31:46

I feel you OP , I am 8+5 and keep thinking about how unfit I must be now. I did manage to do some squats and yoga last night but that was a real push as all I wanted was my bed and just doing the squats made me feel so dizzy (usually can power through a good few sets). Mornings are total write offs for any exercise though as I am too busy being sick.

I do remember with DS though that it was similar and it wasnt until about 20 weeks that I felt I was able to get back to fitness!

@Babycakes1989 - for me it started at 6 weeks and has really ramped up since 8 weeks

Parent19876 Mon 11-Feb-19 15:33:57

I keep thinking i should go to the pool, but i haven't been able to keep anything down today.
I also am having a hard time as I'm unemployed (although have interviews lined up!) so have been feeling extra low.

curlywurlywooo Mon 11-Feb-19 17:02:57

You don’t need to go out to exercise or keep moving especially as you’re suffering with nausea!
You can do gentle marching on the spot /walking round the house if you feel up to it and that way you’re never far from snacks and/or the toilet.
I avoided my usual morning hiit workouts during the first trimester (no nausea but had bleeding and panicked, just didn’t want to risk anything til after scan) and picked them up again (adjusted for antenatal) after my scan. I was so tired in first trimester that I didn’t have the energy for anything more than a short walk anyway. Now I’m in second trimester and being able to do a short workout in the morning makes me feel amazing. Go with what your body tells you!

spinabifidamom Mon 11-Feb-19 21:35:38

When I was six weeks pregnant I started using a exercise DVD recommended for pregnant women. I also made use of my exercise ball as the weeks went by. I used to take daily walks to the shops and library. If I felt like doing so I headed to the gym to workout. And I did spots of gardening and housework.
What about a pool based workout? If you’re interested you can try running for a month and see how you feel afterwards.

Surprisedmom Mon 11-Feb-19 23:15:12

Once you’re over the morning sickness I would really recommend aqua aerobics during the day (since you’re currently unemployed). I’ve been going and if it’s during the day it’s usually attended by lots of pensioners, so definitely at my pregnancy level. I hope that doesn’t sound rude as some of the pensioners are very fit but obviously some also have health and mobility limitations, so the class is very accessible.
Just make sure you tell the instructor you’re pregnant. In general you can do everything except I don’t do any jumps and now i’m humongous there’s no chance I can touch my toes.

Triskaidekaphilia Mon 11-Feb-19 23:20:46

I couldn't manage either. I managed to go to the gym very occasionally (had previously been going 3 times a week) but only because I was off work for Christmas for 4 weeks. I gained too much weight but I feel like I'm balancing out because I'm now at the top end of the recommended range.

MillenialMum89 Tue 12-Feb-19 00:29:10

Early on I was spinning lots and after 28 weeks, I really watched my diet and just walking to the shops was enough.

PBobs Tue 12-Feb-19 04:19:32

You're all much better than I am. I haven't had nausea - just tired - and have managed nothing. I am on my feet for 4 or 5 hours a day and do a lot of walking around as part of my work. After that and my 5am start I'm just too tired to do anything. I'm considering starting pilates though with pregnancy adaptations. I was thinking of doing it this week so I might go in and see what it's like. It's just so far outside my comfort zone but needs must.

Teateaandmoretea Tue 12-Feb-19 08:26:32

Swimming is good because being pregnant doesn't really affect your ability even quite late on as the water supports your bump. I was still in the fast lane well tbf there were a lot of slow swimmers in the pool at 8+ months.

Onestep2 Tue 12-Feb-19 10:16:59

it depends on what exercise you were doing pre-pregnancy. i had a few weeks where i could not be bothered with my normal routine and just wanted to sleep. From about 10/11 weeks i felt well enough to get back to it and still follow my pre-pregnancy routine.
im 20 weeks today and exercise 4/5 times a week. Do a mix of weights, body attack, and spin and i also do a bootcamp twice a week. i also have no intentions of stopping any exercise until my body tells me smile

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