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Test at 18dpo

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Lisalou88 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:49:20

Got my bfp on Monday at 15dpo, took another test on Tuesday at 16dpo which was darker and then this morning I don’t feel like it’s gotten much darker at 18dpo and I’m just freaking out. I had 2 miscarriages last year and I just really want this one to work out. I’ve added a photo, the bottom was this morning and middle was 2 days ago, am I just being paranoid? Thanks

Mikewazowskismrs Thu 07-Feb-19 09:57:13

Don’t worry, these are great lines!

I was like this with my tests and I don’t think my lines were ever as dark as yours on frets! But I’m now 25 weeks smile

Congratulations !

Mikewazowskismrs Thu 07-Feb-19 09:57:33

Frers sorry!

SunnySky501 Thu 07-Feb-19 09:58:08

I’d say this morning’s test is looking good as the control line is lighter. That’s normal at 18dpo as when hcg is high the dye is pulled from the control line. With mine the test line never got much darker than you have there. I think you’re doing good - try to stop testing!

Lisalou88 Thu 07-Feb-19 10:26:15

Thank you, my anxiety is at an all time high but think I just need to stop testing as I’m just making myself worse!

CaseofEllen Thu 07-Feb-19 10:41:06

@Lisalou88 easier said than done but do try and stop testing! I was the same, testing everyday for a few weeks but I just had to convince myself that there was no need. Unless there is a reason to believe something is wrong, bleeding/severe pain etc and then you can call GP/MW.

They are all strong lines! thanks

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