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Low placenta

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nykate Tue 03-Jul-07 13:20:38

Just had my scan at 21 weeks and was told that my placenta was very close to cervix, but it may resolve itself during pregnancy. Anyone have this and then have placenta be in the right place by end of pg?

funnypeculiar Tue 03-Jul-07 13:28:11

I had this with ds, and it moved up fine. It's really common apparently. Read a good annology on here - imagine sticking a plaster (your placenta) onto a partially inflatyed balloon. It would probably be near the knot. Now blow balloon up - hey presto, plater moves

mufti Tue 03-Jul-07 13:28:16

yes, i did, and it moved by next scan
it must be fairly common ,as more than i person i told, told me that they had had it too

its called placenta praevia, i had not heard of it before

Dawn2820 Tue 03-Jul-07 13:28:32

mine was ok sorry to hear this, hope it works out for the best xx

meandmyflyingmachine Tue 03-Jul-07 13:30:22

Me too. All fine at 32 weeks .

fruitful Tue 03-Jul-07 14:22:43

"very close to" is good news. 80% of placentas that are 'low' at 20 weeks have moved far enough up by 32 weeks. The ones that are least likely to move are those that are actually touching or over the cervix.

thehairybabysmum Tue 03-Jul-07 14:34:02

I had this at 20 wk scan in first pregnancy...had moved up within 2 weeks when i had a rescan (for something else).

This time round it iwas covering cervix at 20 wks and i have to go back at 34 wks for a rescan.

Dr said as i ended up with a csec last time there was inc risk of it not moving as the c/s scar on the uterus can act like a bit of velcro and keep the platenta more tightly bound and so it stays lower.

If this is your first pregnancy then v. likely it will move up.

Chaotica Tue 03-Jul-07 15:53:03

I have the same problem -- partial praevia at 22 weeks (so not completely covering cervix) and I'm waiting for a scan at 32 weeks. Apparently most move, so after initial panic I'm trying to ignore the worry.

My advice is: *do not* read up on the internet about this -- it's one of those things where too much info is definitely bad (of course this advice is probably too late; in which case, just be thankful for modern medicine).

smallwhitecat Tue 03-Jul-07 15:58:12

Message withdrawn

reikizen Tue 03-Jul-07 16:10:11

Yes, mine migrated too. And if it's 'very close to the cervix' I don't think it would have too much effect on the birth anyway tbh. (Unless planning a home birth in which case you may want to look into it if it is still low nearer delivery) Covering or partially covering the escape route is the problem.

nykate Wed 04-Jul-07 08:32:46

Thanks for the reassuring words!

tokentotty Wed 04-Jul-07 08:46:52

Same here, 20 week scan showed low placenta and at the re-scan at 34 weeks, hey presto, moved completely clear. I think it's really very unusual for it not to. My midwife said not to have a re-scan too soon but much better around 36 weeks as you'll get the most definite answer then.

Leati Wed 04-Jul-07 08:54:23

I actually had this happen to me. It is common for the placenta to move up.

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