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I am driving myself mad...

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twoplusone Tue 03-Jul-07 08:43:16

All I can think about is having the baby..

I know it will come when it is ready.. but I am ready NOW.

All I can think about is having him. Keep trying to keep myself busy, pottering around the house, creating jos to do, playing with ds whilst dd at school, then running dd here there and everywhere when she gets in.

I know that my body is getting ready to deliver the new arrival, by the changes that are happening, and all the twinges, stiches, period cramps, backache..

Sorry to moan just needed to get it off my chest..

BTW I am 38+2wks.

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 08:53:28

oh I was like that two, its horrible isn't it, you feel like you just can't settle

marchbunny Tue 03-Jul-07 10:40:59

Hi Twoplusone

I feel exactly the same as you, am getting very impatient, so many contractions and aches but nothing happening. Hoping this means my is body getting ready and when it happens we won't be hanging around too long.

Keep trying to convince myself to really enjoy these last few days of being pregnant, as I am pretty sure this lo will the last. Am trying to keep up with you all on July thread - I am sure the action will kick off soon. Take care xx

scorpio1 Tue 03-Jul-07 10:54:07

thats actually a lovely first post

it won't be long now, get some rest in and read a book or something. do things you can't do with a small baby in tow!

i washed the baby's clothes and things, passed the time and i got to think about him in them!

Good Luck!

frazzledazzle Tue 03-Jul-07 11:49:21

I was like you with DC3.I was really impatient for her to arrive and was getting painful braxtons and niggles that would come and go.

It was frustrating but all the niggles must have been doing something because it was my easiest labour by far.

Good luck and get the rest in while you can!

twoplusone Tue 03-Jul-07 12:21:58

Scorpio- All his clothes have been washed ironed, put away, and re put away.. lol.. Pram has been disinfected, scrubbed and the insides washed.. as has the car seat and carrycot. Moses basket washed and ready, cot put up.. not made though, as thatis a few months away, from being used.

I have even scrubbed my cellar!! Started to wash the floors by hand now instead of using a mop.. lol i feel like a woman pocessed. If it wasnt for ds being a very very active 3year old, ythink I could and would just throw myself into a book and lie in bed all day reading, sleeping (my 10yr old entertains herself and I can get dh to run her about..)

It wont be long till lo is in my arms snuggling up and I can smell his baby smell all day long.. Then whinging about sleepless

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