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Could these be Braxton Hicks?

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Moorhen Mon 02-Jul-07 17:32:03

Am 38+2, and until today had been sure that hadn`t had any BH at all. Then read something on MN that sounded familar.

Basically, every now and again it feels as though my belly, esp the lower part, has become rock hard and is very... full, I suppose is the only word that really fits. Almost as if LO is bracing himself against my spine and REALLY pushing out. Only lasts a minute or so and then subsides.

However, it doesn`t hurt at all. I have got a little bit of back pain and some nausea, though.

Could these be BH? I do hope so as I'm desperate not to go overdue!

lulumama Mon 02-Jul-07 17:36:49

yes, sounds like it !

your uterus is gearing up for the big day

natural induction tips on here!

sex & nipple stim are two good ways to help ripen the cervix and strenthen contractions

and you can have lots of raspberry leaf tea

try visualisation too, of the birth you want, can be done in the bath, with some candles, to make a lovely , calm environment

Moorhen Mon 02-Jul-07 17:42:15

Thanks lulumama! I spose I got confused because I always thought they were like proper contractions, eg blardy painful!

lulumama Mon 02-Jul-07 18:14:19

BH are often painless, and it is only the bump going rock hard that gives them away

but they can be painful, esepcially towards the end of pregnancy, and then it can get confusing

real contractions, true labour, develops a rhythm and a pattern, with the contractions getting stronger and closer together

cantseemyfeet Tue 03-Jul-07 21:46:05


I am 37 weeks and getting BH loads this time. I hardly had any with first 2 but this one seems to have me on my toes with the amount of BH ive had in last 4 weeks. They have def got stronger since i started with RL tea (which gives me heartburn)so I am really hoping its a sign that babe isnt going to hang around much longer. I drank gallons of RL tea with 2nd and it made no difference and I ended up being induced 10 days after due date so fingers crossed....

EdieMcredie Wed 04-Jul-07 11:31:21

Ive been having BH since 20 weeks and I am now 30. Sometimes they really take my breath away and I have sometimes had many in an hour but MW says all ok and basically a good thing. Some of mine can be a tiny bit painful, bit like period pain.

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