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anyone else due 12/07/07 and had enough

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nadinetd Sun 01-Jul-07 21:10:47

11 days to go but its my 1st so prob go over, anyone else?

SpeckledHen Sun 01-Jul-07 21:38:32

am due following day with my 3rd. Went 12 days over last time. Feel v heavy and have heartburn. Wouldlove to wear nice clothes and feel fit again. Nadinetd out time will come!

nadinetd Sun 01-Jul-07 21:45:13

the annoying thing is because im so big the midwife and family and friends kept saying your have him early so i have expected to but it doesnt look like it now, as long as he is born healthy thats the main thing x

Rainbowdays Sun 01-Jul-07 21:46:14

Not me this time, but I was due with my first on the 15/7/03, and he arrived 3 days early on the 12/7/03, so I will start hoping for and early arrive for you too!

SpeckledHen Sun 01-Jul-07 21:52:17

Nadine this last bit of pgncy is hard. But I know we need to emjoy restnig and doing all kinds of stuff now that we will be unable to do when baby comes. In my case taking advantage of maternity leave to clear out house and sort lots of stuff out - getting to shops (and giving stuff to charity ones) harder with baby in tow. Get the breadmaker and pasta maker I got at Christmas out and learn how to use them. That type of stuff. And rest, rest , rest. ......All will be well .....

nadinetd Mon 02-Jul-07 07:53:29

thanks very much, evrything is all set anbd ready to go the nursery is complete, me and dh have had a play with steriliser, and monitors, "1-2,1-2" we r all set, just need the baby now, i am absolutley petrified though! so scared of the birth dont know if ill be able to handle the pain x

twoplusone Mon 02-Jul-07 09:08:07

nadinetd and speckledhen.. come on over to the July Antenatal thread..

I am due the 15/07/07 am also anxciously awaiting los arrival.. he is number 3

lucy1978 Mon 02-Jul-07 09:17:07

hi nadinetd, i am due on the 12th july and yes i too have had enough.i also am very big, having another large baby and i was told it would probably be early but here i am approaching 39 weeks and very uncomfortable and fed up! just hope i do not go over due!!!!

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