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Boots 'mum to be' Vit. supplement with ginger-anyone tried/taking re. morning sickness?

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rascals Sun 01-Jul-07 08:14:40

Don't know how new on market this multi vit. is -Boots mum to be'breakthrough formula'with folic acid,might have been around for a while.
But was wondering has anyone tried it or taking it & felt it helped their morning sickness?It has 50mg ginger extract in it(equiv.1000mg ginger roor)& says on box the ginger element is to calm & soothe the stomach.
It is quite expensive but don't mind paying if it does help sickness
Anyone taking/tried & noticed a difference?

lillypie Sun 01-Jul-07 08:44:59

hi don't know about this supplement but i definitely found ginger helpful for morning sickness
especially ginger beer

conkertree Tue 03-Jul-07 09:33:51

I am not a fan I'm afraid - i tried it for the same reason and then had this funny taste in my mouth not long after taking it - only realised once i took a different multivitamin that it must have been the ginger - it made my kind of burp a bit - sorry if tmi - and the funny taste came then and usually made me feel sicker.

i really like ginger normally - so next time i would take a multivitamin and then a different form of ginger on the side when i felt sick.

MrsBadger Tue 03-Jul-07 09:38:22

I found ginger worked better if I could taste it rather than taking it in tablet form.

My morning sickness was worst in Jan / Feb and the Bottlegreen ginger and lemongrass cordial made up with hot water and a teaspoon of honey was fantastic, but the thing that really worked was snacking like a demon (rich tea finger or boiled sweet every 20min) as I felt fine when I was actually eating.

PBirdy Tue 03-Jul-07 10:33:50

I take those Boots Mum to BE multi-vitamins. I must admit that it wasn't the ginger component that attracted me to them. I still got morning sickness. I only threw up a handful of times - maybe 5 or 6 - but I had about 2 weeks where I was just constantly nauseous. I still get a bit of nausea every now and then and a bit of dry retching in the morning. I am 14 1/2 weeks - so only just in the 2nd trimester.

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