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Feeling Fed Up :(

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RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 10:43:52

Morning everyone.

Dunno why, but today i'm feeling really fed up and miserable. I've even had a cry this morning too. I think i'm fed up because:

- I was up loads during the night (more than normal) for a wee. I dont know where all the wee was coming from, surely i must have drained my bladder after the first 3 trips to the loo??

- I couldn't get comfy all night and kept waking up with neck ache etc

- I'm sure my bump has got smaller and i've not felt a big kick since i felt my second kick about a week ago. I think i can just about feel bubbles etc.

- I weighed myself this morning and have put on an extra 5lbs to what i thought i weighed, although this could be coz of a big dinner last night and no having had a poo at the time of weighing (i'm 18+4)

- I'm fed up with being fat and not being able to do anything about it. Even walking and talking is really difficult because i run out of breath!

- I just dont look pg yet, but more like i've eaten too many pies.


Sorry to be all "woe is me" this morning, just wanted to vent really.

ManchesterMummy2b Sat 30-Jun-07 11:01:34

Don't worry - vent away! I know exactly how you feel.

I didn't look particularly pregnant at 18 weeks and was getting looks like "My God she looks fat". Then between 22 and 24 weeks boom - bump bump!!! And my movements took ages and ages to be regular - it's really only this week that things are really moving in there (am 26 weels now). If you're worried though, call your midwife.

Hope you feel more cheery soon,


Castanet Sat 30-Jun-07 11:06:00

You could be talking about me. Feeling fat fat fat and there's no stopping it. Yet I have barely any fat on my abdomen , just a hardish bump, but does it matter? Nope, 'coz I just look like a pie eater as bump not that big yet! I know I'm being silly and stroppy here but being constantly out of breath and having aches in neck, back etc. is not nice ...
Whinging over.
Oh, and the weather is just nasty.
Now I'll shut up.

RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 11:07:56

Glad i'm not the only one who's feeling achy and out of breath just from walking SLOWLY and talking!!

It's making me think that perhaps i should go to the gym and sit on a bike for a while or do some walking on the treadmill or some light x-trainer work. Anything to get my breath back!!!

AnnainNZ Sat 30-Jun-07 11:08:23

hello RG

WEll i read somewhere that 80% of pg weight is put on in 2nd trimester, which you're well into now.

I think my bump has got a bit smaller too, and im not feeling that many kicks, but some. Certainly not enough for dh to feel it yet, as some people reckon they can by now (and I'm nearly 22 wks!)

I have actually got a bit more comfortable in the last couple of weeks, when I was 18/19 wks I was uncomfortable sleeping, had to keep changing sides etc. Felt v bloated too. Now feel more comfy, not sure why, maybe this will happen for you too.

And I seem to have stopped having to get up to go to loo in night. Oh blimey, am starting to worry myself now!

Anyway I don't really have advice but I keep missing all the antenatal thread chat as it's in the evenings and I'm at work, so I just thought I'd pop up now and say hello

HonorMatopoeia Sat 30-Jun-07 11:08:49

Awh RgPargy, I recognise where you are but want to echo what manchestermummy said, I just looked like a chubby version of me (chubby enough at the best of times thank you!) at 18 weeks, then yes, at 22 ish weeks I developed a definite bump not a belly! Now I'm almost 24 weeks and there's no denying I'mpg. Thoroughly understand the breathlessness and lack of regular movement too. I'm still left breathless by the slightest of movemnt (perhaps it is how our babys are lying?) but I've begun to recognise patterns in babys movements, like I know she'll kick off if I have a cup of tea - that sort of thing.
Easy to say I know, but try not to worry. My midwife said that movements are not really that obvious till 20 weeks +, you'll feel them, but will be able to feel more at this time iyswim! If you're really worried make an appointment to see your mw, she can at least put your mind at rest.
PS I found I chilled a bit after my twenty week scan. Take care x

RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 11:19:22

Anna - that sounds a bit promising about getting comfy later on. I hope that is the same for me! I wake up and I'm just so tired and then have to try and function properly at work, it's not very much fun!

I thought i had stopped going to the loo at night too. I had two nights off but then BAM!! Here i am back to 1,000 trips a night lol. I really hope it eases up soon!

ManchesterMummy & HonorMatopoeia - I'm really hoping that i get a definite bump but when i think about what i was like 4 weeks ago, i've not really grown that much, just a little. My tummy was very flat before i was pg, despite being a size 22/24 so i can see a difference in my tummy, but to strangers or those that dont know, you'd never know i was 18 weeks + pg!

I know i will feel more relaxed after my 22 week scan at the end of july, and i'm sure that waiting to exchange contracts on our house purchase isn't helping with the stress either as it's being held up for something really small and stupid and we are just itching to move now.

Blimey, we have so much packing to do, it's wearing me out just thinking about it!

Jbck Sat 30-Jun-07 16:20:37

RG sorry you're feeling crappy, I'm 3 weeks ahead of you, have only really lurked on the November thread and I'm feeling more comfy at night now. I've been sleeping a bit better rather than waking at 3 then taking till about 6 to get off only to have to get up 30 mins later. I've not really been up to the loo that much tho', it'd have given me something to do when I couldn't sleep . I even resorted to getting up to watch BB* a couple of nights & that didn't put me back to sleep!
I can't believe you're a 22 from your profile & you've a lovely toyboy to pamper you. I'm fed up with the looking chubby look too even tho' I've only put on a few pounds it all seems to be lurking round my midriff & my wee pregnancy bump with a waist in the middle looks distinctly odd.
Do something nice to cheer yourself up, hairdo, nice dinner out or something, it's a really stressful time with pg & moving so it's natural to be a bit tearful. I went out & bought a new car this morning so I feel lots better.
We moved house at the end of last year & we're still getting in order, I realised the other day both times I've been pg I've had chipboard for a kitchen floor, DH got the tiles down 3 weeks before DD was born but he's been painting this week & floor getting started so hopefully it'll be done soon & it'll be lovely.
DD & I made cakes this afternoon & we're going to have a wee tea party in a minute cos I'm making the most of the time I have alone with her before the new one comes, I'll post you a girly bun lol!
Keep your pecker up or at least someone elses

MrsGolfPro Sat 30-Jun-07 16:34:53

RG - get yourself on the relevant ante-natal thread. I did and it was/still is a godsend xxxxx

RGPargy Sat 30-Jun-07 18:50:19

Jbck - thanx for you kind words. Thought i was the only one with a waist in the middle of my pg bump lol! I think a pizza for tea and a glass of wine is in order tonight to cheer myself up. Hope your flooring goes to plan and yes please, i would love a girly bun!! I seriously hope that we exchange soon - it's doing my head in!!!

MrsGolfPro - I'm on the November antenatal thread, but it was a tad quiet at the time of posting so thought i'd wallow in the pg forum instead.

Have to say that i'm feeling quite a bit better now. The PIL came round unexpectedly so they had to see me in my Waynetta Slob clothes with my hair sticking out at all angles but i had to talk to them, which meant i had to "buck myself up" in order to do so. I think this interaction actually helped with lifting my mood and since then, i've not been too bad.

On a down note, we have just emptied the loft and i found a bag of my "thin" clothes in there. I had to convince my DP that they were in fact adult women's clothes and not little girl's clothes because they seemed to be so tiny and it's been so long since i was a size 12/14 that i really dont remember my clothes being so tiny and being able to fit into them!! Oh well, hopefully by xmas next year i'll be saying a different story....

Time to order pizza i think!

loopyredangel Sat 30-Jun-07 22:29:28

Iwas huge with my first baby - my wait measured over 42 inches!!! I am 21weeks and I look and feel huge - I could do with an oxygen tank when I go up and down the stairs, I feel like I am on expedition up Everest!

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