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Got the fear

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MrsPsquiggle Fri 29-Jun-07 13:06:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

popeye123 Fri 29-Jun-07 13:46:42

i'll just ask you this....when were you expecting your boobs to stop stop being constipated..and to stop feeling so rough? why can't it be now? would you really rather be throwing up for the next 7 months?
your body does get used to being pregnant so this does sound normal. BUT it is also extremely normal for you to feel like this. there's always going to be something to worry about while you are pregnant so start getting used to it you count the days until the next scan/appt., that all goes well and for about 1hr you feel reassured and then off you go again counting the hours until the next one. then you start to feel the baby move...then you don't. OH - its such a rollercoaster.
i had IVF - had a scan at 6 & 7 weeks.THEN i still went on to do about another 10 pregnancy tests even after the 13 week scan ! cost me a fortune All DID go well though and now proud Mum of DD.
I used to reassure myself that everyone that went on to have a healthy baby was 10, 11, 12 weeks pregnant at some stage. Sounds mental and probably doesn't make sense to anyone but everyone has to go through this - the stork doesn't really exist.

RGPargy Fri 29-Jun-07 13:47:43

Hi MrsPsquiggle

What you're experiencing seem to be very normal pregnancy symptons! I stopped feeling sick at 11 weeks and that's also when my boobs stopped feeling so sore too. Mine also haven't shrunk, but are still rather large. I think you have nothing to worry about at all, it sounds very normal.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Fri 29-Jun-07 13:50:22

MrsPs I remember at a couple of points in my early pregnancy wondering if I was still pregnant as I wasn't showing yet and the symptoms had gone. I think it's perfectly normal.

MrsPsquiggle Sat 30-Jun-07 15:24:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dinosaur Sat 30-Jun-07 15:31:29

I had this with DS2 and was beside myself with worry, especially as I'd had an early miscarriage after DS1. I remember DH cooking me a really nice roast duck dinner and I just wept uncontrollably into it! But everything was fine - DS2 is nearly 6 now!

30andready Thu 05-Jul-07 17:05:06

MrsP Squiggle - how did your scan go? I am just over 9 weeks and also a bit nervous as not feeling as sick!

MrsPsquiggle Thu 05-Jul-07 18:56:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dal21 Thu 05-Jul-07 19:53:37

Hi - Think the best thing is to try and stay as calm as poss. Every person and every pregnancy is different. The hormones in your body will start to drop off as the weeks go on and if you are one of the lucky ones - you will bloom as you enter 2nd trimester. One of the girls i work with was still being sick at 28 weeks!
I wasnt at all sick in first trimester and touchwood at 27+6 all is still well.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

MamaMaiasaura Fri 06-Jul-07 11:13:12

Understand the 'fear'. Sounds very normal to me. Am 14+4 and symptons have come and gone so far. Had a good scan so very reassuring. As your body gets used to hormones the symptons can improve. Also could you be further along?

Good luck for your scan tomorrow

MrsPsquiggle Sun 08-Jul-07 11:56:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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