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Are these stretching pains??

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bluebell82 Fri 29-Jun-07 08:14:30

Me again worrying! But last night I had a blazing row with my dh tears and everything over somethign silly now friends again so no worries there, I have never fought with as much since beign preg.. but had weird pulling pains in my lower stomach, do feel a bid windy but definitely not that because I always suffer with it.. feels like I have down about 300 stomach crunches woke up this mornign and my stomach has swelled loads.. is this normal??

Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:29:25

How many weeks are you?

bluebell82 Fri 29-Jun-07 08:38:12

10 weeks today.. I have a retroverted uterus and the mw said that I may have some discomfort when it lifts out my pelvic floor, but isn't it too early.. stomach is very apparent this morning i was boasting that I seemed to have lost weight yesterday I was flat as a pancake!

Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:45:50

I'm sure it is just stretching pains as you say
I didn't show with dd2 until i was 17 weeks and the bump literally just popped out overnight.

bluebell82 Fri 29-Jun-07 08:47:32

weird isn't it.. they have gone now, had them alot in early pregnancy and went to epu and felt a bit silly when they dismissed them as stretching pains, very good though and they were right as I am still pg! Just thoguht I would ask if any one had these as well!

bluebell82 Fri 29-Jun-07 09:13:41

bump- any other pain sufferers?

meemeee Fri 29-Jun-07 10:39:34

Hi bluebell just to let you know that every so often ill have a day with really bad pains and cramps and when I wake up the next morning my bump is always noticibly bigger! When pg with ds1 I once had them so bad that I ended up in A&E I was in agony and convinced something was happening but after checking everything they told me it was just my ligaments streching . And I have a very high pain threshold!

bluebell82 Fri 29-Jun-07 10:57:16

thats so good to hear, I feel quite calm now! I have grown over night which is strange but obviously exactly whats happened to you, I've had to pass it off as water retention at work!!!! Becuase I am usually wash board flat!

jules200 Sat 30-Jun-07 10:13:18

Hi Bluebell82 in the same situation 9 weeks pregnant and have bloated out really bad i have been told this is because this is my third that you do begin to show alot quicker with each preg. i am also suffering with pains in lower stomach i feel like i'm being stretched. I did have a different sort of stomach pain at 6 weeks and had a scan which was all ok but i just can't stop worrying as my twelve week scan seems so far away.

horsygirl Sun 01-Jul-07 20:42:30

Tell me about it. This is my second pg Im 10weeks today, and about 4 days ago my stomach became enormous and all along the sides of my usually muscular tummy is just one big ache. Even my back is aching its awful. I feel like crap. Its just like the worst bloating ever. The midwife said last week (before i was having this problem) that a proper bump just cannot be seen before 12 weeks because thats when the uterus raises up. Well you can imagine how thats made me feel. Like Im a bit, fat, bloater whos just had too much cake

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