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Food restrictions whilst breastfeeding. Are there any?

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Princesspowersparkle Fri 29-Jun-07 08:04:00

Hi All- before I go mad after the birth and eat all the things that I haven't eaten in pregnancy, is there anything I need to avoid if breastfeeding? I understand that I need to be careful with Alcohol but what about things like pate, shellfish, rare steak etc?

PPS (37 weeks today) XXX

TrinityRhino Fri 29-Jun-07 08:06:58

no nothing at al
I was sooo pleased to fin this out so I could go and buy huge chunks of pate and danish blue

moopymoo Fri 29-Jun-07 08:10:26

all pate and stuff is fine coz the risk whilst preg is food poisioning when baby is here that just you! limit booze and caffine still, some babys do seem affected by certain stuff in mums diet, but this generally only needs looking at if baby is having probs.

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 29-Jun-07 08:14:11

I found that if I ate hot curry (I love really hot foot) that it gave ds1 a really bad tummy

My GP had to come out to see him as he was in such pain/distress. She is Indian, and said that she avoids curry when breastfeeding!

TrinityRhino Fri 29-Jun-07 08:16:13

ooops sorry
didn't even think of coffee cos I never drink it
and I always ate spicy stuff through pregnancy and bf without a problem

Princesspowersparkle Fri 29-Jun-07 08:16:44

I can live with avoiding curries (especially hot ones- more of a tikka masala girl myself)!
Thank goodness for that! I imagined being just about to bite into my pate on toast when the BF police came to take it away!
Thank you for cheering me up!

VP Fri 29-Jun-07 08:21:17

You have to be careful if there are allergies in your family especially with nuts eggs and seafood...

mymama Fri 29-Jun-07 08:25:37

I would avoid nuts to be on the safe side. I don't have any history of food allergies in my family and my ds2 is allergic to peanuts. He was exposed to the proteins through my breastmilk.

Princesspowersparkle Fri 29-Jun-07 08:27:46

I can avoid nuts too- not nuts about them to be honest.... groan at attempt of humour...

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