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Am i loosing my baby?

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mother2b Thu 28-Jun-07 14:29:51

have had stomach cramps for last couple of days now and now getting a shooting pain running up inside me which really hurts and i cant afford to leave work today


am 15+2

littlelapin Thu 28-Jun-07 14:31:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wishingfourgotone Thu 28-Jun-07 14:33:25

tell them your pg think your losing baby can you be let out for hour or two will make up the time please call the EPU at the least better safe than sorry

bananabump Thu 28-Jun-07 14:33:34

Oh honey, is work really so important you have to let your health and that of your baby suffer? I'm sure they would understand if you told them you were pregnant and in pain. You should get it checked out.

Having said that, at about 16-20 weeks I got a lot of round ligament pains which felt crampy and stabby in my pelvic area. I was worried for a while but everything was fine.

Please get it checked out though, if only for peace of mind. Best of luck. x

lisad123 Thu 28-Jun-07 14:33:38

Leave work now and go and get yourself checked at local hospital!

doughnuts Thu 28-Jun-07 14:36:07

yes, agree with everyone here - get it checked out - best of luck !

mother2b Thu 28-Jun-07 14:38:11

i dont drive either, hospital is in town and i live 20 or so miles away and if i go to the hospital ill miss my lift and not be able to get home

littlelapin Thu 28-Jun-07 14:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wishingfourgotone Thu 28-Jun-07 14:39:20

please at least call them have you got your mw no so you can call her she might come out to you!

harleyd Thu 28-Jun-07 14:40:12

surely there is somebody that could take you or collect you? you really should go and get checked out. hope everything is ok x

bananabump Thu 28-Jun-07 14:51:37

Do you finish work at 5pm? if so get your lift home, then call the antenatal unit. If you can't get there they may be able to send someone to get you, or send a midwife out to check you.

You need to get checked out, we can't tell you everything's ok, they will probably need to examine you or at least listen to the baby's heartbeat etc

wishingfourgotone Thu 28-Jun-07 14:54:07

if you call antenatal now then they will be able to advise you dont forget to tell them you got no transport

twoplusone Thu 28-Jun-07 15:06:54

oh hUnny please go and get yourself checked out..xxxxx

VP Thu 28-Jun-07 15:39:27

Yes, agree with everyone please look after yourself and leave work

Mumpbump Thu 28-Jun-07 15:41:55

It might be a stomach bug/UTI or anything so don't panic, but DO go and get checked out. Either go to an EPU - think they'll still take you - or to an A&E. If you go to A&E, they will only scan you during the day if my local hospital is anything to go by, so make sure you get there asap.

Mumpbump Thu 28-Jun-07 15:43:18

Is there not anyone else who can come and get you from the hospital later?

Mumpbump Thu 28-Jun-07 16:17:35

Hope the silence means that you've taken yourself off to get checked out... Let us know how you get on.

littlelapin Fri 29-Jun-07 08:49:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harleyd Fri 29-Jun-07 10:33:00

hope things are well. thinking of you

bananabump Sat 30-Jun-07 14:48:44

How are you now, Mother2be? Hope you're feeling better and it was a false alarm.

loopyredangel Sat 30-Jun-07 22:33:39

mother2b - thinking of you, hope all is well. I ended up in hospital because I 2 had pains as you described and they told me mine were stretchnig pains. Hope yours is the same x

mother2b Tue 03-Jul-07 07:30:44

hi, thanks for your messages,i haven't had a chance to reply becasue i can only use the internet at work,
i got taken to hospital on thurs (by ambulance) my stomach pains were just too much, and they listened to the babys heartbeat but didnt know what the pains were, wasnt to do with baby though, and then on sat my parents took me to the hospital again because my stomach pains were unbearable alongside the worst head ache which i had ever had(which turned out to be a migraine) and even though we still dont know what the pains were they have pretty much gone now all except the odd twinge, which i can cope with.

thanks agian for your thoughts

lissie Tue 03-Jul-07 08:07:52

thats good news, i presume they tested for pre-eclampsia?

missyhols Tue 03-Jul-07 08:27:29

Glad your ok now. I was in hospital a few times with dd1 around same wks as you. Same happened this time but each time they looked at me like a weirdo as they couldn't work it out either. Lol. I found 4head really good when my headaches got bad as i tried avoiding the co codamol i was given.

twoplusone Tue 03-Jul-07 08:43:56

Glad you and the babs are ok now hun.

Just take care of yourself.x

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