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to all those who helped with my TOOTHACHE problem

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mad4girls Wed 27-Jun-07 17:25:49

hello ladies

this is for all the ppl who supported and encouraged me to go to the dentist when i had a bad tooth infection 2 weeks ago

many thanx to all those who gave advice and stories they all helped me to decide i would have the tooth out (under a local) even though im absolutely petrified of the dentist

i decided it would be best for bump(17wks) if i had the offendeing tooth out and stop over dosing my poor baby on pain killers for the next 6 mths

i had it out today and i did cry a little bit but dp held my hand as promised and was good support (he is also petrified) i was scared but what you all said was true, it wasnt so bad in the end more scary with the pushing pulling and cracking noises, anyway all out in one go and i told the dentist he should feel proud that he managed to get it done in one go, i really thought at one point i wouldt be able to do it, but they were very nice and i stopped for breathers every few minutes but it was very quick, and im so glad its gone even if i do have a gap i dont care


thanx again ladies your support really made a difference


BeachBunni Wed 27-Jun-07 20:55:10

Hey mad4girls. Meant to say a big well done on the Dec thread but forgot. Glad to hear you didn't wimp out.

Now I know who to come crying to for support when the dentist inevitably tells me I need my molar out

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